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Friday, 5 August 2011


Well first one for #fuckmefriday in a little while but managed one this week.  As usual read the rest of them here at Aisling Weaver's place

She hated wearing bras but her nipples were so large that they poked through anything she wore.  Along with the fact that they were also highly sensitive, meant that they would poke through whatever she wore and if she didn’t wear one to hide them they were constantly erect.

Pulling at the wire under her chest she sighed.  It had to be a man who had invented these contraptions of torture; surely a woman wouldn’t suggest pushing something so hard and ….sharp!  Yes the wire on her new bra had already poked through the material and was now digging into her ribs; she pulled at it trying to make it go back into the wire eventually feeling in pop back in.

She shifted uncomfortably on her seat and went back to staring out of the window thinking about the interview she was on her way to.  She had not been a PA before but had a lot of experience of similar tasks and was sure she could do this job and they must think so too or surely they wouldn’t be interviewing her.  As the countryside went by her at a blur she wondered about the man interviewing her.  Alex Reid was the person she was to ask for and looking at the company website she could find out nothing about him at all.  She found this slightly disconcerting as she liked to be prepared and armed with information about the person she was to be interviewed by.

Looking out of the window she suddenly realised that it was her station and jumped up just managing to get off in time before the train moved away again.  By the time she arrived at the building she was about driven up the wall with her bra.  Going to the ladies she made the decision to take it off as she just knew that it would distract her in the interview.  Besides which she had a suit jacket on so she knew she would not be as ‘exposed’ as much as if she just had a blouse on.

She had only just sat down when her name was called.  As she walked into the large office all she could see was the back of his head, short dark hair slightly longer on the right side.  As he turned around she jumped when she realised he was a she.

Flushing as Alex shook her hand; Alex laughed “let me guess you thought I was a man?”  As she flushed even more she laughed again “Alex was my father’s name, he died before I was born.  As I was so like him when I was born my Mother just had to name me after him.”

She felt the heat move downwards and Alex’s voice appeared to be far away, sweat began to bead on her back and she was aware of a drop of sweat running down the space in between her breasts.  Pouring a glass of water from the jug on her desk Alex got up and walked around the desk and held it out to her sitting back on the edge of her desk, she was stunning.

Her mind was racing as to why she was reacting like this but as she looked up from the glass and their eyes met she knew exactly why.  She couldn’t break her gaze and as the sweat began to run down her face she felt light headed and the last thing she saw was Alex coming towards her.

She came to lying on the floor with Alex sitting by her saying her name.   As she tried to get up Alex held her down by her shoulder shushing her.  “Stay where you are until you feel better Jane, if you get up too quickly you’ll only pass out again.”

As she lay there Alex smiled at her and with a start Jane realised she no longer had her jacket on and as soon as that thought passed through her mind, her nipples stood to attention.  Of course yet again her face flushed.

“Are you okay, you’ve gone very red again?”  Alex looked concerned.

“Yes, yes I just need to sit up now.”  Alex helped her sit up brushing against her left nipple as she did so.

“Oops I’m sorry!”  Then she laughed “actually I’m not sorry but it WAS an accident”.

Jane found herself unable to look away and felt as if she was drowning in Alex’s eyes as they moved even closer to hers.  She could feel her breath on her face smelling slightly minty.  She became fixated on her lips and sighed as Alex’s tongue tip came out and moistened them.  Time seemed to stand still as Alex’s lips moved to within millimetres of hers.

Jane felt as if everything had stopped especially her heart.  As their lips touched she thought she might pass out again.  A tingle passed through them all the way to her other lips which had swollen and had begun to throb.

As Alex breathed into her mouth she could hardly control herself.  Her mind raced thinking about the interview she was supposed to be having.  As she sank into her arms she felt Alex’s hand reach her waistband and undo the buttons and zip on her trousers.

Minutes later as Alex rubbed her thumb on her clitoris Jane felt her orgasm begin to build.  As she began to climax and groan out loud Alex covered her mouth with her other hand and plunged two fingers into her fucking her and keeping her orgasm going for what seemed like forever.

As her clenching began to subside Alex helped her to her feet and as she began to button up her trousers and sort herself “Now let’s see what you’re shorthand is like?” Alex said and handed her a notebook and pen.