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Friday, 29 April 2011

#Fuckmefriday - #Dusk by Denstar65

It's Friday and of course that means another chance to read or write some delicious smut for Aisling you can find them all here 

She walked the dog every day at dusk, never once detracting from her routine. She loved this time of day when there were few people around and no one saw her, she hated people to see her. This was the only time of day when she left the house at all even doing all her shopping online. As she walked through the park she was aware of someone walking beside her but on the grass and although she could not see them properly in the dim light she wasn't afraid as Kahn hadn't growled. He would always growl if she was in danger, just like he had before. She continued walking underneath the trees deep in her own thoughts having already forgotten about the person matching her every step. Kahn stopped dead and sat down beside her and realising that the person was now standing in front of her she gasped in surprise. "Hello" the woman said softly "you have a lovely dog what's his name"?
She stood trying to focus on her but in the dim light she couldn't quite see her properly. As she moved her head from side to side trying to see she replied "Kahn". The woman moved closer to her and still she couldn't see her but the accident had taken all her night vision and most of her day so she wasn't surprised. "Yes he is lovely now I must be getting on as it's getting dark and he needs his dinner". The woman did not move and she was about to walk around her when she put her hand on her arm. electricity surged through her at the touch which reached all the way to her clit. As she gasped again the woman's other hand starting fingering her nipple through her shirt. It was the first time she had been touched since ..........well she couldn't really remember as she had lost most of her recent memories in the accident. The woman moved nearer and placed her lips over hers and breathed out into her mouth in a long sigh. She found herself gasping trying to breathe her in, she didn't know her but found herself responding to her breath for breath. She let the dog's lead fall and put her arms around the woman's waist pulling her as close as she could. Her lips were like velvet and she couldn't help but to lick inside her welcoming mouth and nibble on her tongue.
The woman's hand had found her jeans buttons and was opening them slowly one by one as if unwrapping a special present which was beautifully wrapped. Her hand was ice cold as she slipped it into her knickers and starting rubbing her clit round and round before flicking her middle finger inside her. She was taking her breath away as she sucked on her face and squeezed her nipple hard. Within minutes she found herself starting to clench around the woman's finger as she rubbed and rubbed and then put all of her fingers apart from her thumb inside her and stopped. "Do you want to come with me"? the woman asked as she nodded furiously groaning at the tension she felt holding everything together. As the woman moved her fingers inside, her thumb was rubbing her clit and making her legs weak. It was the most delicious release she had ever felt as her cunt clenched around the woman's hand and she breathed out into the woman's mouth.

The dog began to howl as the two women walked away into the dusk together and he sat guarding his mistresses' empty body as it lay on the path.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

The Birthday Present

The wind blew in through the patio doors drying the beads of sweat on her naked body as she lay on the couch. It was too damned hot to go out or even to move for that matter. She thought about her slave and what she was going to do to her later and her hand drifted down her stomach lightly, her fingers twisting in the soft down between her legs. She really should get ready but her thoughts had already turned to sex and she wouldn't be able to get ready until she released some of the pressure on her clit. As she rubbed she thought of her slave and as the wind blew through the house it felt as if her slave's hands were running down her body to join her fingers with hers. As she climaxed she smiled and closed her eyes. She wakened with a jump to find it dark and realised she had nodded off earlier, she had no idea what time it was and jumped up and ran through to the bedroom to see the time on her bedside clock. "Shit, I am already late" she exclaimed grabbing her mobile and firing off a quick text to say she was going to be at least another hour. Jumping in the shower she was glad she had already ironed clothes to go out. As she washed she thought she heard the door but then nothing so carried on washing.
Just as she was about to turn the shower off the shower door opened as her heart jumped into her mouth but it was her slave standing naked apart from a grin on her face. "I knew that you would be late so I was already on my way here to pick you up and I booked the table for a couple of hours from now too". As she collapsed into her arms they kissed with a ferocity that would rival that of animals biting and grabbing at each others tits and ass. Pushing her slave against the shower wall she rammed her fingers into her cunt and starting fucking her hard as she grunted and stood there with her legs shaking. "What a great idea, wish I wasn't so predictable but I love that your are here, it was thinking of you that made me late. I fucked myself a couple of hours ago thinking about you and nodded off in the heat." She didn't give her a chance to answer as she covered her mouth with hers fucking her hard until only her thumb was outside of her. Bending down she picked up the baby oil and poured it over her hand and her slave's clit, throwing the bottle to the shower floor she rubbed the oil onto her hand and her slave's clit and pushed gently as her thumb started to also slip into her cunt. Her slave started to protest which felt lovely through her mouth but she pushed harder ignoring her, her cunt eventually opened wider and pulled her whole hand in. As her slave moaned into her mouth she almost came as it vibrated through her body.
Closing her hand into a fist she pushed in and out furiously knowing that it was almost too much to bear for her slave and bent down to bite her nipple as her slave came with a grunt and groaned for a time that seemed to last forever. Her hand felt as if the circulation had stopped as she tried to pull her fist out, opening her hand she was finally able to take it from her slave's cunt. Her slave stood there shaking and crying as she wrapped her arms around her and kissed her tears away "happy birthday slave, now get on your knees and let me come in your mouth".

#shield #wankwednesday

Another week of #Wankwednesday with the prompt of #shield read the other posts or have a go yourself here

Teams competed from all over the country every year for the shield. "I swear that it's ours this year Debs I swear!" Debs heard the same thing every year from John and every year they were beaten in the final by the same pair. Gary and Susi just seemed to have wings on their feet and managed to never miss the shuttlecock inevitably beating everyone they played. It was as if they had the luck of the gods on their side. "How John, how?" she asked him, she couldn't see how they possibly get past them. "I have a plan" John smirked "I have a plan!". "Meet me at the pub at 7pm and wear something sexy, and I mean sexy not just jeans and a t-shirt!"
As Debs got ready for the pub she wondered exactly what John had in mind and why she had to wear something sexy. As she stood under the hot shower she thought about Susi and the way she flicked her hair every time she was about to take a swipe at the shuttlecock. She had no eyes for anyone other than Gary though and Debs sighed as she slid her hand into her cunt and rubbed the shower gel into a lather all the while thinking of Susi. As she rubbed her clit grew hard and she moaned slightly through her gritted teeth as she brought herself to orgasm. "What I wouldn't give ......"
Arriving at the pub she knew she looked good with her hair hanging down instead of tied back into a tight ponytail and her legs looked good in the short light floaty dress that she wore with high heels accentuating her defined muscles in her calves. Her face was scrubbed clean and shining with just a light tinge of mascara to widen her eyes she was damn hot. As she walked in she could see Susi and Gary sitting with John and all of them laughing and joking. What the hell was going on here she thought. As she sat down she couldn't help but notice the hint of flesh from Susi's blouse which was very tight and fitting and showed off her chest to her advantage. "Hi guys" she said as she sat down. "Ah Debs at last what took you?" John laughed and gave her a look as if to say just play along. "Just couldn't pull myself out of the shower..." Debs laughed back.
As the evening wore on Susi began staring at Debs unashamedly. Debs didn't know what to make of it as Susi normally only had eyes for Gary but then Gary appeared to only have eyes for John at the moment. Debs didn't know much about either of them other than they were a couple but both of them were reportedly bi. Debs felt her chances improving more as the night went on and they left the pub to go on to the night club. As they spilled out of the pub Susi tripped and grabbed for a hold and catching onto Debs left breast. Debs laughed as she grabbed her stopping her from falling "not sure that's a good hand hold Susi". Susi laughed and held onto Debs hand pulling her towards her until they were almost touching. Debs could feel her hot breath on her lips as they stood there looking into one another's eyes. "Get a room you two" John yelled from up the street where him and Gary were standing they too holding hands. "That's not a bad idea Debs, do you really want to go to the club?" John we are going back to my place if that's alright with you two?" Both Gary and John nodded at each other without looking around at the girls.
As they got into the taxi and Debs gave her address neither of them said a word to one another or even touched both sitting at either end of the taxi seat as far away from one another as they could. The taxi soon stopped outside Debs' apartment and they got out only then touching hands both shivering at the electricity spark between them.
As they fell in the door of the apartment ripping at one anothers clothes they bit and kissed and pulled at one another like they had not had sex for years. Susi grabbed Debs and held her against the hallway wall fucking her hard and fast her hand caught in Debs' knickers and her other hand furiously trying to push her dress up further to catch a hold of her nipple. "Wait wait" gasped Debs as she lifter the dress over head and Susi pounced on her again catching her nipple between her teeth and biting and sucking with all her might. Debs soon gasped and came with a growl which stretched into a roar. As they both slid down the wall Debs grabbed a hold of Susi's shirt popping the buttons which were luckily studded. Her breasts came tumbling out with no bra to hold them in place and Debs grasped her right nipple in her nails and squeezed. "Why dont we take this into the bedroom where we will be more comfortable?"
They both stumbled to their feet and headed into the bedroom where Debs pushed Susi onto the bed and pulled her legs to the bottom of the bed raising her bottom as she did so and sinking her mouth onto Susi's clit and flicked her tongue backwards and forwards until she heard Susi groan and rise up off the bed. Debs silently counted to herself and then when she thought it was time shoved her tongue as much into Susi's cunt as she could feeling her come around her tongue and crushing her with waves that seemed not to want to recede.
When Debs saw her next they were facing one another across the badminton net and from what she had heard from John him and Gary had had an equally exciting night together. As they sweated and ran about the court they were matching each other point for point. Debs couldn't help but think of Susi coming in her mouth and she gasped as she took her serve her face flushing and eyes dilating. Susi watching her from across the net saw her and felt her cunt spasm until she missed the hit. "Match" the umpire cried as Susi moaned and felt her cunt let go. "Told you we would win the shield this year Debs!" John laughed.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Spent - Part 5

"Hey beautiful, breakfast is served". I jumped and nearly knocked the tray out of your hands and felt so scared and stupid all at once. I smiled at you and pulled myself up the headboard until I sat upright. You placed the tray on my legs and bent down and kissed me softly although it felt so hard given the state of my lips! "Thank you mistress...." I said hesitantly waiting for your approval. "Ah you remembered then!" you grinned at me and I felt my insides melt as I grinned back up at you. Stars were exploding in my view and I could barely see you for the explosionl You sat down on the edge of the bed and watched me as I looked at the tray you had given me, you certainly knew how to make a breakfast! There was toast, honey, raspberry jam, butter and bananas - it didn't escape me that all of these things would give me energy. There was also a pot of tea of which you had already poured a mug, as I went to put sugar in you smiled "black and two?" I nodded wondering how the hell you knew that!
You sat there watching me as I ate bananas and jam and toast and I watched back through my eyelashes. I drank the tea holding the mug in my two hands and looking into it as though it would give me the answers that I sought from you. As I finished the tea you took the mug from my hands put it on the tray and lifted the tray and placed it on the bedside table. My heart was thumping so loud I was sure that you could hear it, I certainly could! You took my hand and kissed the tips of each finger as I sat there not quite sure where this was going. I kissed back as you pulled the quilt back, and I felt the chill of the morning air wash me. Pulling me down by my legs you pushed my legs opened and kissed me on my lips. I bucked towards you as you took my clit in your mouth and bit down. I could hardly breathe and wondered how I was going to cope with someone who I wasn't sure were going to be soft or hard. I didn't know what I liked best but was beginning to think I liked you best.
As you bit you sucked and flicked your tongue against my clit as I pushed against your teeth. The combination of biting and sucking was driving me nuts and I just wanted to come in your mouth. But dare I? I wasn't sure you wanted me to and didn't dare risk your wrath in case I wasn't allowed to. "Please?" I moaned as you sunk your teeth into me even harder, I felt like you were inside me and part of me despite the fact that you hadn't once put your tongue inside me. "Now beautiful, I will count mentally to 5 and then I want you to come in my mouth and let me taste you properly". Just your words were driving me to the brink and I didn't know how I was going to last to 5. I slowly started counting 1, 2, 3, 4.............5. I came with an explosion into your mouth gushing for the first time ever as I bent my body towards the sky I was spent, sucked dry, nothing left to give before you let me fall back down to earth and the bed. "Ok beautiful time you had another sleep" at that you pulled the quilt over me and stroked my hair as I drifted off to sleep yet again.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Toast - Part 4

As I slowly wakened I stretched my legs and arms and opened my eyes jumping when I realised that I wasn't at home. I was in a large let me rephrase that, very large bed! Everything was pale blue or light brown, my favourite colours and I felt so at home without being home. I tried to rouse my brain to tell me where I was and then I winced and remembered exactly where I was! Every part of me ached as I shifted on to my elbows and looked around the room. There was nothing in it apart from the bed, bedside tables and a chair sitting in the corner. Absolutely nothing on the walls or any personal nic nacs apart from lamps on each bedside table. There was nothing to tell me who you were or what you were other than the welts I could feel on my back and ass. I slipped one hand down and gingerly touched my right cheek feeling again the most amazing feelings rushing to my head, my stomach flipping and making me feel lightheaded. As my eyes fluttered thinking of you the door opened and you were there smiling down at me. "Morning beautiful". You were the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, your eyes were like black coals which I appeared to disappear into and I said nothing as I lay there with my hand on my ass looking at you. You chuckled the most amazing sound I had ever heard it made me want to jump up and scream to the world how wonderful life was.
""Good morning Leo" I said lowering my eyes and watching you from through my eyelashes. You made me want to bow down and kiss your feet just deigning to look at me. You seemed to just glow, your hair shone and your eyes smiled and crinkled at the sides. My heart beat furiously as I waited for you to speak and tell me what to do I had fallen in love with you and already adored the ground that you walked on yet I knew nothing about you other than the mad night we had had last night. Never had I let anyone treat me the way you had last night since my first and since then I had been forever on top and never dreamed that it would ever be any different. Yet here you were turning my whole world upside down. "You were very good beautiful" you seemed to purr when you talked. "You are not going to need much training at all, you surprised me".
I knew what you meant I surprised myself! You sat on the side of the bed and leant over me crushing my lips with a kiss which took my breath away. My lips were bruised and I could taste the blood as you opened cuts from the night before. You sat back and looked at me and I felt so open that I lowered my eyes and coulnd't look at you. You leant back over and licked my lips as I gasped for a breath. I wanted to throw my arms around you but I knew I couldn't. I knew you wouldn't like it and at that moment I only wanted to please you like no one else ever had. At that moment you had me and I knew then that I would do anything you asked of me. "So beautiful, would you like some toast and tea you need something to bring your blood sugars back up, don't want you passing out on me!" I nodded frantically like an idiot realising how stupid I looked as I was mid nod and stopped and looked down and through my lashes at you knowing you would love the way I was looking at you. "Oh you do that look so well now don't you?" I allowed my lips to turn into a grin knowing that you didn't want my utmost obediance as where would be the fun in that! You and I were going to have some fun and it was about to start with toast!

Friday, 22 April 2011

#Fuckmefriday - The #Seat

I sat on the chair waiting for you, freshly washed and in a small white vest and shorts with my hair swept back I waited. You liked to keep me waiting and never arrived at the time you said you would. My head thumped and my right eye could barely open and I prayed that you wouldn't be long. You had gone to get me something for it and the pulse in my head beat louder and harder the longer you were away. The chair I sat on wasn't normally in the living room unless I needed punished although you knew that I loved it I am sure. The seat was v shaped and padded with red leather and there was a slot in the middle of where my clit sat which could be removed and another slotted in with a dildo attachment. Exactly the attachment I now sat on with my shorts slid aside to accomodate it waiting for you; I wasn't sure if you would be mad or enthralled at me. The arms of the chair came out straight and were also padded in red leather, I loved the smell of it and I especially loved the steel cuffs which clamped shut on my wrists when I pushed onto them.

I had never sat on the chair unless you had told me to and so I took a big chance by doing so now. I hoped that you would feel sorry for me with my headache and overlook the fact that I had disobeyed you by doing so. My clit was swollen with the amount of fucking that it had took last night and my cunt throbbed with the large dildo inside it now as I sat waiting for you. There was another trick to the chair in that the back was on a hinge and could be pushed backwards effectively leaving me wide open on my back and ready for you to fuck me. As I had clamped my wrists into the cuffs there was no way I could pull the pin that stopped the back from lying flat so I sat there with my legs wide open cunt holding the dildo tight biting my lower lip waiting for you to come through the door with every muscle on edge held in position with my arms wide open.

I heard the car drive into the driveway and held my breath waiting for you to come through the door. As I thought I was going to burst you walked through the door stopping in your tracks when you saw me and grinned. As you walked towards me I wasn't so sure that you found it amusing as the grin turned into something all together different. You bent towards me and sunk your teeth into my shoulder and the next second you had pulled the pin and I was on my back as the dildo tried to stay erect and hit my g spot making me come with a loud growl. As you unclipped the cuffs from my wrists you lifted me into your arms and held me tight. "Get it cleaned now" you whispered into my ear as I began to think that I wasn't to be punished for using the chair. You gently put me on the floor and held the back of neck pushing me towards the dildo which was dripping with my juices. I knew better than to disobey you as that was your signal for me to obey you and even without my collar I instinctively obeyed and started licking the dildo.

Once it was licked clean you told me to stand up and bend myself over one of the sides of the v. As I did so you walked out of the room and I wondered how long I would have to lie over the seat. Not long as you came back almost instantly and stood behind my back making no sound I looked at your feet standing behind me and wondered just what punishment you had for my disobediance. The first hit took me by surprise and I cried out despite not being allowed to make a sound and having been whipped several times for doing so. It was the whip I hated as it made me lose control quicker and more efficiently than any other thing that you used to punish me. I roared as you laid the whip across me several more times and then stopped. As I lay over the seat pad and panted with the exertion I felt you move towards me and your cool hands trail down through the welts rising on my behind you pulled me apart gently and inserted your cock that you had put on when you had gone for the whip. Your gentleness almost made me lose myself as you slowly fucked my arse moaning softly each time you pushed it in further. You soon came whispering in my ear that I could too and without hesitation I came too cum running down my legs to my ankles. As I lay there over the seat spent and exhausted with you still on my back you whispered I could use the seat anytime I wished and I sighed with delight that I had pleased you.

Thursday, 21 April 2011


Blood rushing to the surface
Swollen red
Beating pulsing
Drumming thunder
Exploding weeping
Breathing silence
Aware at rest

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

#Wankwednesday #Tilt - Part 3

As you led me up the stairs to the door of your apartment I dragged behind scared of what was ahead, the distance between us grew bigger as I let our arms stretch to full length. How did I end up here at your door having already had my shirt ripped open and fisted in your car at the side of a busy road. You looked beautiful though and I wondered where you had appeared from as I had never seen you around before. Your long hair fell in waves down your back and l just wanted to hold onto it and pull hard, it was normally me who was doing the leading. Not since my first girlfriend had I felt like this, I knew that you were about to ask me to give myself to you body and soul and I didn't even know your name. As you opened your door you pulled me towards you and kissed me so hard that my bottom lip bled, you already had my heart. You led me into the kitchen and sat me down in a chair, filled the kettle and swtiched it on busying yourself with making me tea. You asked my name "Jen, em my name is Jen". You told me yours was Leo not short for anything just Leo. You handed me a mug of tea, "So Jen are you ready to be mine?" I found myself unable to open my mouth my mind racing not sure what to say. How could I submit to someone I had only just met, yet my heart told me otherwise I knew that you were the one I had been waiting for. You walked towards me and grabbed a handful of hair pulling my face towards yours; "I don't like to be kept waiting". As I gasped out loud I said that I wasn't sure how I could when I didn't even know you. At that you took my tea from me and put it on the table and pulled me to my feet, "come with me and I will show you who I am".

As we walked down the hallway I could see nothing as all the doors were closed, at the end of these was an open door which you pulled me towards. You turned and switched the light on as we walked through the doorway. As the light came on I gasped out loud again, the room was still dark and each wall was covered in whips, paddles, canes of all types and a shelf full of dildos to the right. In the middle of the wall straight in front of us was a St Andrew's Cross....I had seen these in magazines before but never ever one up close. I could hardly hide my excitement at which you laughed and hugged me. It felt so good to have your arms around me and feel your warmth. "I knew you when I saw you in the mirror, do you want to play?" Looking at my feet knowing that we were about to begin I nodded. You gently pulled what was left of my shirt off of my shoulders and kissed me on the side of my neck so softly that I nearly cried. You then unclipped my bra and threw it aside and began unbuttoning my jeans for the second time that evening. As my jeans dropped to the floor I walked out of them and was about to bend to pick them up when you kicked them aside. "Leave them"! You took a hold of my knickers and pulled them until they were cutting into me, biting my lips you said "move". I didn't know what you meant but moved backwards hoping that was what you meant but hoping that it wasn't at the same time. As I walked backwards I tried to look around to see where we were going but you turned me back "trust me". "Trust has to be earned" I said as my heels came against the St Andrew's Cross and I nearly fell. You kissed me then and I felt lightheaded as you lifted my right arm above my head and pushed my wrist into the cuff attached to the cross and fastened it. The left was soon clasped firmly too and you bent to secure my ankles planting a light kiss on each one.

I could hear my heart beating in my ears as I watched you walk over to the wall to my right and walk up and down trying to decide which one to use, turning around to look at me you put your arm out and without looking took the nearest one off the wall, a light leather whip with several strips and knots at end of each strip. I swallowed as you walked towards me and smiled. You took my knickers in both hands and pulled until they ripped and then threw them aside. The first hit was soft almost a tickle as you grinned at me bringing your arm further back the second time this one stinging slightly I wondered when you were actually going to get going. I needn't have given it a second thought as the third stroke came down stinging me and starting that fire inside my cunt. You kept whipping until I was begging you to fuck me and I could barely breath. "Please?" I begged and begged. "Please what?". I had no idea what you wanted me to say so I said nothing but please yet again. As you pulled your arm back for another stroke you aimed for between my legs catching my clit and I felt skin breaking in the most delicious way, "I am your mistress and don't you ever forget it". "Please mistress" I said with a grin on my face knowing that you were about to fuck me if I got this right. I almost cried as you walked away at this but you walked towards the dildos on the shelf to the left of me and picked up the biggest one I had ever seen. You unzipped your jeans and dropped them to the floor and I saw that you already wore a harness. Kicking them off you walked towards me attaching the dildo to the harness. As you walked over to me on the cross you bent behind me and I heard you pull something as the whole cross began to tilt backwards putting me at an angle for you to be able to see my cunt open and wet and waiting for you. You walked past me to the right and picked up a silk tie and came over and covered my eyes. I strained my ears to try and hear where you were but I couldn't hear you moving at all. As I turned my head from side to side trying to catch a sound I felt you come towards me and felt the end of the cold dildo which reached me before you did. Before I even tried to guage how big it was you had it at my lips pushing against me. As I cried that it was too big you rammed harder feeling like you you were going to split me open and then I suddenly opened so wide that I felt it hit my cervix and I cried out loud. As you fucked me harder and harder I felt like I was going to burst and I couldn't breathe. As you fucked me though I became more and more aroused and as my climax grew the pain was so bad yet so good as there was just no room between me and the dildo and no space for my cunt to grasp being stretched to its limits. I came with a scream and passed out.

As I came to I was still on a tilt on the cross and you had removed the blindfold. You still had the dildo inside me! "I wanted you to be awake for this" you said as you slowly moved away from me pulling it out of me and watching my eyes intently. As my eyes fluttered shut you slapped my face "keep those eyes open now"! At that you pulled the dildo from me and I came yet again with an explosion that left my cum running down my legs. "Not bad for first time sweetie, wait until you see what I have for next time"!

#Fuckmefriday - The #Wind - Part 2

I stood outside humiliated trying to hold my shirt closed with my wrists still bound. The wind blew my hair like a curtain for my face and the tear streaming down it. The door opened in the club and the sound of music pumped out, I could hear footsteps over the howl of the wind and forced my head down to avoid anyone asking me if I was alright. That would be the undoing of me, you had awakened something in me which I thought had died. My heart thudded as the footsteps stopped in front of me, I couldn’t see the shoes for the tears which made the world look like a snow globe.

I was aware of a hand reaching out and lifting my chin to draw my face level to theirs. It was you! It was you! I tried not to let my heart sing, but how could I not when you were standing there in front of me holding my heart. "Ah good girl you haven’t taken my ties off, you are very surprising now follow me." I felt my feet move of their own volition and walk behind you, no longer holding my shirt closed it flapped in the wind and my hair blew behind me as if to say goodbye to another time. I stared at the back of your head begging silently for you to turn around, but you kept walking giving no indication that you even knew if I was following. You suddenly stopped at the side of a car and pulled keys from your pocket. Never once looking around, you grabbed me by the ties and pulling me towards you pushed me roughly against the back door and held me there lightly with a hand on my chest. Didn’t you know I was going nowhere?

You opened the passenger side and pushed me gently towards it covering the top of my head as I bent down to get inside. Slamming the door you walked slowly around the front of the car the whole time holding my gaze, saying nothing you got in and started the car. I felt as if time had stopped as I realised the state of my nakedness and tried yet again to hold my shirt closed with my hands bound. "Suck" you said as I turned and realised that your shirt was open and you held your breast towards me. I gasped and sat there staring not knowing what to do. You stopped the car and turned and fixed your eyes on me and I knew then I was gone I belonged to you and there was nothing I could do but your every bidding. As the realisation hit me I leant over and put my mouth to your breast, the electricity between us sparked and I heard you utter a soft moan which sent shivers down to my clit and brought it alive. The wind howled outside the car as you held me to your breast making soft groaning noises under your breath, as your breathing got heavier I moved my hand to your jeans and you grabbed my hand stopping me and pulling me from your breast. "Only what I say and when I say! Anything else and you will suffer, do you understand me?" I nodded too scared that you would go and leave me again like before as I was too far gone now to satisfy myself and didn’t want to either.

You moved your hand towards my jeans and opened the buttons and in one swift move you were in me poking and prodding and scratching with your long nails at the same time releasing the seat to fall back flat. I sighed as you touched me deep which brought a stab inside from one of your nails. "That is the last time I tell you!" My insides clenched as the tears came to my eyes and you held me whispering "it’s alright sweetie you’ll learn and I will teach and love you and in return you will worship me. Now do you understand this time?" As I pulled away from you firing the filthiest look I could summon, "NO". You laughed "that’s my girl and exactly what I expect, you will grow to love the lessons but for now come for me." At which you forced your whole hand inside of me and opened your fist "NOW". You didn’t have to say it as I felt my whole body shudder and come like I had never before as you pulled me towards you. I sat there in your arms with my body pulsing in waves and slowing relaxing to the point of sleep despite your fist still inside me; I heard the wind howl once more and knew that it was bringing things of which I hadn’t even dreamt of before.

#Wankwednesday #Bolt - Part 1

I saw you in the mirror manouvearing your way past the drunken women in the toilet pushing back your long black hair way from your face as you came towards me, I began to look back at my hands in the water when you saw me in the mirror and smiled. You held my gaze and I was unable to look away as I was captured by your eyes. I blinked and you were by my side saying hello. I swallowed and mumbled hello back looking down at my hands which were dripping on the floor and watched as you took one hand and placed it between your legs. I could feel the dampness there that matched my own, as I tried to pull my hand back you held tight and I could feel your pulse beat in your crotch as my heartbeat almost drowned out all the noise around us. I looked nervously around to make sure no one saw us. At that moment a woman came out of the toilet in front of us and you yanked me through the door. I almost fell over the toilet as you turned me around and pulled the bolt between us and the crowd. I could see my heart beating through my chest as you pulled me towards you and put my hand in your jeans that you had somehow opened as you bolted the door, "fuck me" you said.

I felt faint and couldn't hear a thing except for the sound of my heartbeat and was frozen to the spot unable to go, unable to stay. You opened my shirt and took my nipple between your nails and squeezed until I felt the tears coming to my eyes. "Fuck me! I wont tell you again" you whispered in my ear. Still I couldn't move and stayed exactly where I was staring into your dark brown eyes that seemed to go on forever. The next moment you were tying a leather thong around my wrists and I just couldnt figure out exactly where it had came from. As I looked at my hands you said that you never left home without it.

As you raised my tied hands above us it felt as though my head was about to explode with the sound of my heart beating. You pulled open my shirt and the buttons fell on the floor and seemed to echo through the noise despite the fact that the toilet was packed. As you placed your mouth around my nipple I gasped as the tingle went from my nipple to my clit and I felt like I had been stung. Your mouth was cold and I begged for your kiss me where I needed it. Your tongue ran from my nipple all the way to my belly button and my legs shook. Then you stopped..... "Please... dont leave me like this" I pleaded with my eyes closed trying not to drown. "I told you I wouldn't tell you again" you said and I heard the bolt being drawn back as you walked out of door leaving me tied and open and wet.

About me

Well thought it might be time I had my own page although I don't intend to write a blog just use it for #wankwednesday and #fuckmefriday so that they are all in the one place, plus anything else that might come to mind! Hope you enjoy my feeble efforts!

It goes without saying that I own the copyright to everything I have written so please don't steal but do enjoy!