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Monday, 25 April 2011

Toast - Part 4

As I slowly wakened I stretched my legs and arms and opened my eyes jumping when I realised that I wasn't at home. I was in a large let me rephrase that, very large bed! Everything was pale blue or light brown, my favourite colours and I felt so at home without being home. I tried to rouse my brain to tell me where I was and then I winced and remembered exactly where I was! Every part of me ached as I shifted on to my elbows and looked around the room. There was nothing in it apart from the bed, bedside tables and a chair sitting in the corner. Absolutely nothing on the walls or any personal nic nacs apart from lamps on each bedside table. There was nothing to tell me who you were or what you were other than the welts I could feel on my back and ass. I slipped one hand down and gingerly touched my right cheek feeling again the most amazing feelings rushing to my head, my stomach flipping and making me feel lightheaded. As my eyes fluttered thinking of you the door opened and you were there smiling down at me. "Morning beautiful". You were the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, your eyes were like black coals which I appeared to disappear into and I said nothing as I lay there with my hand on my ass looking at you. You chuckled the most amazing sound I had ever heard it made me want to jump up and scream to the world how wonderful life was.
""Good morning Leo" I said lowering my eyes and watching you from through my eyelashes. You made me want to bow down and kiss your feet just deigning to look at me. You seemed to just glow, your hair shone and your eyes smiled and crinkled at the sides. My heart beat furiously as I waited for you to speak and tell me what to do I had fallen in love with you and already adored the ground that you walked on yet I knew nothing about you other than the mad night we had had last night. Never had I let anyone treat me the way you had last night since my first and since then I had been forever on top and never dreamed that it would ever be any different. Yet here you were turning my whole world upside down. "You were very good beautiful" you seemed to purr when you talked. "You are not going to need much training at all, you surprised me".
I knew what you meant I surprised myself! You sat on the side of the bed and leant over me crushing my lips with a kiss which took my breath away. My lips were bruised and I could taste the blood as you opened cuts from the night before. You sat back and looked at me and I felt so open that I lowered my eyes and coulnd't look at you. You leant back over and licked my lips as I gasped for a breath. I wanted to throw my arms around you but I knew I couldn't. I knew you wouldn't like it and at that moment I only wanted to please you like no one else ever had. At that moment you had me and I knew then that I would do anything you asked of me. "So beautiful, would you like some toast and tea you need something to bring your blood sugars back up, don't want you passing out on me!" I nodded frantically like an idiot realising how stupid I looked as I was mid nod and stopped and looked down and through my lashes at you knowing you would love the way I was looking at you. "Oh you do that look so well now don't you?" I allowed my lips to turn into a grin knowing that you didn't want my utmost obediance as where would be the fun in that! You and I were going to have some fun and it was about to start with toast!

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