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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Spent - Part 5

"Hey beautiful, breakfast is served". I jumped and nearly knocked the tray out of your hands and felt so scared and stupid all at once. I smiled at you and pulled myself up the headboard until I sat upright. You placed the tray on my legs and bent down and kissed me softly although it felt so hard given the state of my lips! "Thank you mistress...." I said hesitantly waiting for your approval. "Ah you remembered then!" you grinned at me and I felt my insides melt as I grinned back up at you. Stars were exploding in my view and I could barely see you for the explosionl You sat down on the edge of the bed and watched me as I looked at the tray you had given me, you certainly knew how to make a breakfast! There was toast, honey, raspberry jam, butter and bananas - it didn't escape me that all of these things would give me energy. There was also a pot of tea of which you had already poured a mug, as I went to put sugar in you smiled "black and two?" I nodded wondering how the hell you knew that!
You sat there watching me as I ate bananas and jam and toast and I watched back through my eyelashes. I drank the tea holding the mug in my two hands and looking into it as though it would give me the answers that I sought from you. As I finished the tea you took the mug from my hands put it on the tray and lifted the tray and placed it on the bedside table. My heart was thumping so loud I was sure that you could hear it, I certainly could! You took my hand and kissed the tips of each finger as I sat there not quite sure where this was going. I kissed back as you pulled the quilt back, and I felt the chill of the morning air wash me. Pulling me down by my legs you pushed my legs opened and kissed me on my lips. I bucked towards you as you took my clit in your mouth and bit down. I could hardly breathe and wondered how I was going to cope with someone who I wasn't sure were going to be soft or hard. I didn't know what I liked best but was beginning to think I liked you best.
As you bit you sucked and flicked your tongue against my clit as I pushed against your teeth. The combination of biting and sucking was driving me nuts and I just wanted to come in your mouth. But dare I? I wasn't sure you wanted me to and didn't dare risk your wrath in case I wasn't allowed to. "Please?" I moaned as you sunk your teeth into me even harder, I felt like you were inside me and part of me despite the fact that you hadn't once put your tongue inside me. "Now beautiful, I will count mentally to 5 and then I want you to come in my mouth and let me taste you properly". Just your words were driving me to the brink and I didn't know how I was going to last to 5. I slowly started counting 1, 2, 3, 4.............5. I came with an explosion into your mouth gushing for the first time ever as I bent my body towards the sky I was spent, sucked dry, nothing left to give before you let me fall back down to earth and the bed. "Ok beautiful time you had another sleep" at that you pulled the quilt over me and stroked my hair as I drifted off to sleep yet again.

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