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Friday, 5 August 2011


Well first one for #fuckmefriday in a little while but managed one this week.  As usual read the rest of them here at Aisling Weaver's place

She hated wearing bras but her nipples were so large that they poked through anything she wore.  Along with the fact that they were also highly sensitive, meant that they would poke through whatever she wore and if she didn’t wear one to hide them they were constantly erect.

Pulling at the wire under her chest she sighed.  It had to be a man who had invented these contraptions of torture; surely a woman wouldn’t suggest pushing something so hard and ….sharp!  Yes the wire on her new bra had already poked through the material and was now digging into her ribs; she pulled at it trying to make it go back into the wire eventually feeling in pop back in.

She shifted uncomfortably on her seat and went back to staring out of the window thinking about the interview she was on her way to.  She had not been a PA before but had a lot of experience of similar tasks and was sure she could do this job and they must think so too or surely they wouldn’t be interviewing her.  As the countryside went by her at a blur she wondered about the man interviewing her.  Alex Reid was the person she was to ask for and looking at the company website she could find out nothing about him at all.  She found this slightly disconcerting as she liked to be prepared and armed with information about the person she was to be interviewed by.

Looking out of the window she suddenly realised that it was her station and jumped up just managing to get off in time before the train moved away again.  By the time she arrived at the building she was about driven up the wall with her bra.  Going to the ladies she made the decision to take it off as she just knew that it would distract her in the interview.  Besides which she had a suit jacket on so she knew she would not be as ‘exposed’ as much as if she just had a blouse on.

She had only just sat down when her name was called.  As she walked into the large office all she could see was the back of his head, short dark hair slightly longer on the right side.  As he turned around she jumped when she realised he was a she.

Flushing as Alex shook her hand; Alex laughed “let me guess you thought I was a man?”  As she flushed even more she laughed again “Alex was my father’s name, he died before I was born.  As I was so like him when I was born my Mother just had to name me after him.”

She felt the heat move downwards and Alex’s voice appeared to be far away, sweat began to bead on her back and she was aware of a drop of sweat running down the space in between her breasts.  Pouring a glass of water from the jug on her desk Alex got up and walked around the desk and held it out to her sitting back on the edge of her desk, she was stunning.

Her mind was racing as to why she was reacting like this but as she looked up from the glass and their eyes met she knew exactly why.  She couldn’t break her gaze and as the sweat began to run down her face she felt light headed and the last thing she saw was Alex coming towards her.

She came to lying on the floor with Alex sitting by her saying her name.   As she tried to get up Alex held her down by her shoulder shushing her.  “Stay where you are until you feel better Jane, if you get up too quickly you’ll only pass out again.”

As she lay there Alex smiled at her and with a start Jane realised she no longer had her jacket on and as soon as that thought passed through her mind, her nipples stood to attention.  Of course yet again her face flushed.

“Are you okay, you’ve gone very red again?”  Alex looked concerned.

“Yes, yes I just need to sit up now.”  Alex helped her sit up brushing against her left nipple as she did so.

“Oops I’m sorry!”  Then she laughed “actually I’m not sorry but it WAS an accident”.

Jane found herself unable to look away and felt as if she was drowning in Alex’s eyes as they moved even closer to hers.  She could feel her breath on her face smelling slightly minty.  She became fixated on her lips and sighed as Alex’s tongue tip came out and moistened them.  Time seemed to stand still as Alex’s lips moved to within millimetres of hers.

Jane felt as if everything had stopped especially her heart.  As their lips touched she thought she might pass out again.  A tingle passed through them all the way to her other lips which had swollen and had begun to throb.

As Alex breathed into her mouth she could hardly control herself.  Her mind raced thinking about the interview she was supposed to be having.  As she sank into her arms she felt Alex’s hand reach her waistband and undo the buttons and zip on her trousers.

Minutes later as Alex rubbed her thumb on her clitoris Jane felt her orgasm begin to build.  As she began to climax and groan out loud Alex covered her mouth with her other hand and plunged two fingers into her fucking her and keeping her orgasm going for what seemed like forever.

As her clenching began to subside Alex helped her to her feet and as she began to button up her trousers and sort herself “Now let’s see what you’re shorthand is like?” Alex said and handed her a notebook and pen.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

The #Box

Well another Wednesday and a chance to make Ruby at @eroticnotebook blush with her prompt of #box

This is the next part of my ongoing piece Once Upon a Time which you can find to the right of this post.

Read all the rest at Ruby's page here

But yet again I get ahead of myself and still haven’t told the story.  How did we begin this relationship that we now have since this is not the way we started?  Of course the first time was that day at the beach when I knelt and made her come in my mouth, but that was far from the true beginning of my ownership.

That day started off like any other, I was yet again at Fiona’s after all her house was much nicer than mine, it was a house for starters whereas my flat was so small it made you feel claustrophobic.  I wakened, rose and was standing as usual in the kitchen naked making her a coffee to waken her with.  I liked to get up and do this every morning and she liked it too despite her never telling or me ever asking.  It just evolved and became normal for my day and hers. 

We had been seeing one another for months now and there was still so much I didn’t know about her. One day out of every month I wasn’t to call her or come over no matter what, it was always the same date of every month the 21st and it didn’t matter what day it was she didn’t work that day.  Even her business was a bit of a mystery to me at that point all I knew was that she owned a nightclub.  I hadn’t even gone there or even at that point knew its name.  It wasn’t that she was secretive; it just didn’t really come up in conversation ever and we had gone other places on dates.  She said that she didn’t want to go out in her place of work and that made total sense to me.  In fact looking back she asked me lots of questions about me and always turned the conversation back to me, my hopes and dreams and all the things I knew and wanted to know.

It was flattering and made me love her even more that she listened to me as though I was the most important person in the world.  I quickly fell into her life and seemed to make her happy by doing things like standing there naked making coffee.  She liked me naked and kept the heat high on the central heating so that I was never cold. I didn’t mind as my body was becoming more and more toned as each day went by and I had never felt or looked better in my life so it was quite nice to walk about and show myself off to someone who really appreciated me.

And she really appreciated me, when I was at hers she could never keep her hands off me, pulling, stroking and grabbing.  She constantly had me wet by grabbing my cunt and pulling me towards her to squeeze my nipples.  After a few months of this my nipples could withstand a lot of pain and I was beginning to love the intensity of it and was begging for more.  She had made me come alive like no one else had ever done before.
Wakening her that day there was something different about her she seemed to be alive and totally in control without saying a word to me just smiling and saying good morning.  It was weird and I felt excited there seemed to be electricity in the room.  She told me that we were to go to her club today that she had a present for me there.  She had already bought me presents before like underwear and earrings, but I could tell that this was different as she told me to wear no knickers.

Arriving at the club I looked up and it had the plainest sign above the door which in small writing just said one word “Tied”.  Thinking that it was a strange name for a club I waited while Fiona opened the door and switched the alarm off.  Going inside it was like a cavern with small booths all around the outside of the room.  The stage was split into 3 areas with large wooden partitions; in the middle one was what looked like a horse from a gym, the right one a large x shaped piece of wood that had an oblong shape of wood on the other side so that it sat there like an upturned v and the other had what looked like a large throne but had what looked like moving bits for the legs.

Turning around to look at Fiona I wasn’t sure what exactly this place was.  Seeing my confusion she laughed “you are an innocent aren’t you?”  Sitting on the table at the booth nearest to the door we had just come in was a large leather box.  Sitting me down at that booth she went off to the bar and came back with fruit juice for us both.  I was totally intrigued and couldn’t keep my eyes off the stage wondered what these all were but my eyes kept coming back to the box.  Could this be my present and what was in there?

Sitting beside me she stared at me for what seemed forever, by now I was already used to this and looked back at her without flinching.  Her eyes smiled and crinkled slightly at the sides as she looked at me; eventually the smile reached her mouth as she lifted the lid of the box and then looked back at me.  I wasn’t sure what to do so just continued to sit there and didn’t move.  Putting her hand into the box she lifted them out and put the most beautiful leather cuffs I had ever seen in front of me.  They were black leather and the buckles looked like they were made of silver, I smiled as we had used silk scarves and had discussed getting cuffs.  I lifted them and went to put them on first looking to her for approval which gained a smile from one side of her mouth and a nod to go ahead.

They felt snug on my wrists and made me feel instantly safe. Fiona grinned at me as she put her hands back into the box and pulled out a leather flogger.  It was a short one and as I reached over to touch it a spark of electricity flashed between our hands and I shivered while she laughed out loud.  It was soft and I could just imagine how that would feel on my skin.  Again her hands were dipping into the box this time bringing out matching ankle cuffs which were just as beautiful as the wrist ones. I again touched them and felt how soft they felt yet they looked as though they would stand up to a lot.

I was beginning to feel incredibly turned on and lowered my eyes feeling suddenly embarrassed.   I could see her hands going into the box again this time coming out with a paddle.  My heart had started to thump so loudly I was sure she could hear it.  Next came a vibrator which was a triangle type shape but softer.  Next came a glass dildo which had a twirled pattern around the outside and I felt my face burn as I imagined how that would feel being rammed into me.  I didn’t want her to do it softly I wanted it as hard as she could. 

She laughed at me then as if she could hear my thoughts and then took a blindfold out of the box which matched the cuffs.  She opened it and placed it on my head securing the buckle at the back and I could see nothing.  Hearing her moving I turned my head trying to figure out where she was going but didn’t have to wonder long as she gently took my hands and pulled me to my feet.  I knew from the direction she was pulling me in that we were heading to the stage.  “Step” she said as we reached it and I immediately lifted my foot and stepped up.  Turning me around I felt her unbutton my shirt and remove it softly and then undo my bra and take that off too. 

Turning me back around she led me to what I realised as we reached it was the horse like piece of furniture that was in the middle.  Bending me over it I felt her attach my wrists to something on each side of it leaving me hanging over it.  Unbuttoning my skirt I felt her bend to pick it up and I lifted my foot so she could pick it up.  I had no knickers on that day as she had asked me and I knew that I was already wet and it was seeping out onto my legs.   Laughing she smacked my arse and I heard her walk back to where we had sat.  Coming back she then put the cuffs on my ankles and I gasped as she pulled my legs apart and clipped them to the base of the horse. 

I knew that I must be a sight bent over open and wet like this.  As I was thinking that I felt the flogger hit my arse again and again and again.  I could feel my arse warming and the juices which were just at the start of my cunt feel beginning to run down my legs.  I gasped as the flogger hit the outside lips of my cunt and I could feel the throb begin to get deeper and deeper as I gasped out that I was going to come.  Bending over me she grabbed my tits and whispered “don’t you dare come yet!”  With everything in me I held on trying not to come.  Hearing her walk away I groaned but just as quickly she was back and from the feel of what she had at the lips of my cunt it was the glass dildo.

She rammed it into me just like I had hoped for and pulled it in and out fiercely until I was again on the verge of an orgasm and it became more difficult for her to pull it in and out as my cunt held on.  Pulling it out I couldn’t hear her walk away, but I could hear what I thought was her putting on a dildo and I silently prayed that it was.  I gasped as I could feel the head of the dildo ram into me from behind this was a new one I hadn’t felt before and a lot larger than I was used to but it didn’t hurt in a way that wasn’t a turn on and I heard myself begin to moan as yet again she brought me to the edge of orgasm.

As she held me there she whispered, “I want to own you and look after you”.  I wanted to come so badly but my body wasn’t giving in either and it held me there on the edge obeying her even if I didn’t want to.  She kept fucking me from behind hard and I could feel the thud every time the dildo hit my cervix.  Eventually she whispered “come” as I exploded and the juices ran down both my legs.  Holding me and laying over me she again whispered, “Well? Can you give yourself to me and let me own you?”  I started to realise what she meant exactly and that it wasn’t just something said in the heat of the moment.

Unclipping me from the horse she helped me dress again and told me she wanted me to think about what it would mean and what commitment we would be giving to one another.  My mind was racing I had never known of anything like this before and I wasn’t sure that I wanted to give myself to another person body and soul. 

That was then though and it didn’t take me long to decide that I could and get to now. 

Saturday, 30 July 2011


Well missed #wankwednesday for which the prompt was #journal but I finished this so decided to post anyway. As usual make a point of visiting Ruby's site and read the rest here.

(This is an ongoing story the last part of which you can read here. The first part is here and the second part here.  I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I am writing it).

As I sit here writing my journal I hear her in the kitchen rattling about.  I have no concept of what time it is or how long since she left me and went into the kitchen.  All I have are the marks of her love that warm me and a vague sense of time having passed.

I love her I write, I love her I write again.  I can’t seem to find the words of what has just passed yet I know I must or I will not be taken to that place that I love so much.  For her to treat me so is to teach, if I cannot then write of the lesson I have learned, then I cannot have another lesson.   I need to have written my lesson, yet still the words won’t come.

I jump as I hear a clatter come from the kitchen.   A pot the culprit, bouncing off the floor.  I turn to the page again and put pen to paper where it seeps into a large blot which I turn into a spider.  Still the words won’t come.   How do I write how she has just made me feel?  The aching and burning, becoming a faint reminder.  I shift on my knees which are beginning to ache with being bent for so long, as I do the backs of my legs sting. 
I smile as the warmth comes rushing back, today I have again learned patience.  I can wait for anything knowing that it will come now; I just have to wait and be patient.  She made me wait for a long time today of that I am sure.  There is no clock in the room so that I do not count; she removed all of them when I moved in so that I would not count.  I never know what time it is ever; just whether it is day or night.

I realise at once my lesson today; love, love is the lesson today.  She loves me, I am suddenly sure of that as I remember, I watched her in the mirror take the paddle and heard the sound of her exertion as she swung back and hit.  That grunt she made with the force of the hit each one compounded her love for me, proving how much we both need this.

I write; “love was the lesson mistress, I learned how much you love me.  I saw the love in your eyes as you strapped on the dildo and fucked me hard.  I watched you clench your fingers into my arse which you had so recently tanned with the paddle and I felt the love of what you give for me.  You let me count them as you hit, you know that I need to count.  I saw the love in your eyes as you screwed the nipple clamps on and the love shine there as you pulled the chains making the pain so exquisite.  Again as you forced my head down to watch as you fucked me with the handle of the whip.  That whip you know I hate, yet now love for the joy and the pain that the handle will come to represent and not the knotted strips which I hate.  And last the love for allowing me to come and then come again as you fucked me hard with the dildo while pulling my chains.  Today the lesson was your love.”

I sigh as I put down the pen and bend over ready for when she will come again into the room.  I do not have long to wait as I hear the door open and her breath behind me as she reads.  I know she is pleased as I feel her hand run down my back and grasp my cheek still tender digging her nails in.  With her other hand she pulls me up by the hair and whispers into my ear “I love you”.

Friday, 22 July 2011


Well another Friday and another chance to impress  @ailsingweaver with her prompt this week of #peek
As usual make sure you read the rest here

Just a glance was all it took
To win my heart over
A little look was all it took
To make my blood flow stronger
That little glimpse beneath your skirt
A small preview of later
That partial peek inside your shirt
Made my heart beat deeper
I saw you peep above the seat
Giving me a gander
A little gaze said “hello sweet”
As I walked myself towards you
Now eye to eye we look us two
No longer furtive glances
I see you and you see me
We found what we were after

Thursday, 21 July 2011


Well another late #wankwednesday this week for the wonderful Queen of Smut @eroticnotebook the prompt #cloud Remember and read the rest here

This is also the next part of Once Upon a Time the third part Absorb and if you want to read where it all began the prequel was Watch

I hear the car driving up the drive as I think back to when we began.  She will be a short while yet as she will do several things before she enters the room where I wait.  She will first eat the meal which is waiting for her; chicken and salad with a light dressing.  Then she will undress and shower and then after sitting for exactly a half hour, she will dress in her white leather harness and white leather corset and then come into the room.  She likes routine and everything to be just the same way.  It suits me too as I know what will happen and when, until that moment she comes through the door, then I have no idea what will come next.
My mind drifts back to that day when I became me thus becoming hers.  It was a day just like the day we first met with rain pouring from the heavens.  We were going on a picnic that day to a secluded beach nearby, it was lovely and we had been there a couple of times in the first few months alone.   It’s strange I had lived there all my life yet never knew it even existed. We went there that day with the sun shining with our basket of nibbles and our bottle of wine.  We could actually walk from my flat which was amazing.
 I loved to walk down the street with her and watch people look after her, she was an imposing sight with her long blond hair, tall and toned but not muscular.  I am wet waiting for her, thinking about how beautiful she is and the way her hair on her body seems to glisten it being so fair.  Me?  I am small with dirty blond hair; I don’t stand out when I am with her.  In fact I could almost not be there as she just appears to glow.
I hear her sitting down the chair squeaks slightly as it always does and my heart beats faster knowing it won’t be long.

That day we got to the beach and it was still warm off to the end of the beach was grass surrounded by trees that led straight onto the sand.  We laid out our blanket there and lay down with a glass of wine looking up at the sky.  We lay there and watched a cloud pass overhead not speaking just content to be with one another in the warmth of the sun.  Passing her a chicken leg I watched the way she nibbled on it delicately as I almost inhaled mine.  She lay back down pulling me with her and we kissed until I felt the rain beginning to fall onto us.  Laughing we both jumped up and grabbed all the picnic things, shoving them into the basket and running under the trees where we were sheltered from most of the rain.

We were both wet and she could see my nipples through my shirt and reached over and pulled on them hard, harder than she ever had before all the while looking at me to see my reaction.  I breathed in and held my breath as she squeezed them even harder and tilted her head to the side with a slight smile on the left side of her face.  As she let go I breathed out and felt all the blood rushing to the surface in the most exquisite way.  She held my gaze and softly whispered “kneel”.

Still watching her I knelt at her feet and then not knowing why I bowed my head to look at her feet.  She placed her hand on my head and said softly “make me come”.  Opening her jeans I lowered them to her knees and then slowly lowered her knickers and brought my head up to start licking her clit and lips.  Holding onto her arse I pulled her closer to me and inserted my tongue inside her and felt her excitement building she had never been this near so quickly.  As I sucked I felt her insides begin to tremble as she came with a rush filling my mouth with her juices and pulling me almost inside her.

When she subsided and let me go I sat back on my knees and kept my head bowed.  There was something about this that was turning me on and it wasn’t the fact that we were outside and could be caught at any moment.  This was something different I didn’t know what it was but whatever it was I liked it.  I could see her pull her jeans up and then she bent back down and tilted my head up by putting her fingers under my chin.  As our eyes locked she laughed “I just knew it, I just knew it!  We are going to have lots of fun you and me just you wait and see.”

Helping me to my feet she took my hand and we walked home holding hands.  I lost myself that day and she found me.  As I smile I hear the bedroom door open, it is time.

Friday, 15 July 2011


Well it's friday today (thank fuck) and another #fuckmefriday for @Aislingweaver with the prompt this week of #ABSORB (the next part of Once Upon A Time from #Wankwednesday)
Read the rest of #fuckmefriday HERE

She didn’t leave me for very long in those first few months.  She seemed to be as taken with me as I with her.  She would spend hours watching me as I pottered about the flat chattering to her about nothing.  It was almost as if she was trying to absorb me with her eyes.

Never saying much she would just sit there and watch me, occasionally closing her eyes, I fancied that she could still see me behind her eyelids my image tattooed there with looking at me constantly.  She would nod and smile at my chattering, now and then uttering the odd word or two.  But I’m getting ahead of myself yet again; let me go back to the day after the crash.

Wakening suddenly I saw her back disappear out of the door.  I didn’t know whether to run after her or not.  She’d turned my life upside down in just one day, instead I watched her from my bedroom window as she got into a cab without looking up.  I thought then that I would never see her again and lying down fell back asleep almost as soon as my head touched the pillow.

I wakened later and it was daylight and I felt something was different or wrong.  Not quite wrong but definitely different but I couldn’t figure out what.  My head ached from the crash and I lay there trying to relax hoping that I wouldn’t have to get up for pills and hoped that if I just lay there and relaxed it would be fine.  As I was about to turn over the bedroom door opened startling me into jumping out of bed and onto my feet ready for whoever was coming through it.

It was her with fresh clothes on and an amused smile on her face.  I sat down on the bed my heart racing holding my head which had started throbbing.  She stood in front of me and knelt down taking my hand from my head, handed me pills in one hand and a glass of water in the other. I swallowed the pills and placed the glass on my bedside table as she lifted both my legs and swung me back around into bed and covered me.  She then closed the curtains and kissed me on my forehead.

Years later kneeling here I can still feel her kiss as if she had burnt it there; so soft yet so hard.  I can also feel the fibres of the carpet make their mark on my knees as I think about that day.   That was the day I fell in love with her.

Later I wakened stretching to find her sitting in my chair watching me through the bedroom door and despite myself jumped again.  She just smiled but still not a word, it drove me nuts then, now I love how she can say nothing but I hear every word.  She got up and disappeared into the kitchen and I could hear her boiling the kettle.  Minutes later she stood at the door with a tray of breakfast things.  She must have gone out as my cupboards were almost bare, hence needing that job.

Placing the tray on my bedside table she hooked her arm underneath my arm and pulled me sitting at the same time placing my pillows behind me to support me.  Then she placed the tray on my lap and sat down and started spreading butter on the toast that she had made. After she was sure I had my fill she took the tray back through and then seconds later came back, pushing me slightly over she sat back down on the bed leant over and kissed me.

Every hair on my body stood on end as her hands ran down my arms so lightly making me shiver into her open mouth.  Pulling the quilt back she pulled me down by the legs until I was again lying flat and then took my pyjama bottoms from the bottom and pulled them until they were off.  I put my hand over trying to cover myself I felt embarrassed and my face flushed. I had only ever been with two men and she was the first woman even to see me naked.  She laughed as she moved my hand off and straddled my legs pinning me to the bed.  As I tried to sit up she held onto my wrists holding me there while she started to lick my clit making the blood rush to it and it to swell immediately.  Up on my elbows I watched her head as she licked and sucked at me until I could no longer see clearly and had to lie back down.  I felt her push her tongue inside me and it explore me, I could hardly breath with the force that my heart was beating with.

I felt myself begin to clench as she pushed her tongue in and out of me and it felt like nothing else I had ever experienced. At that moment she chose to stop and gently pushed one, then another, then another finger into me and slowly started to fuck me bringing me back to the edge.  Keeping her fingers where they were she moved up the bed and kissed me and I could taste myself on her lips and found myself licking her face hungrily for more as I clenched and clenched around her hand.  Laughing she brought her hand up for me to lick and suck until she was clean.  Taking my face in her hands she kissed me again with a kiss that went on forever and left me breathless again.

“I love you” I told her.  Then I blushed as how could I possible love someone who I had just met and had told me nothing about herself. She looked seriously at me then and said “I think I love you too Megan”. Putting her arms around me she held me and we lay there until I fell asleep.  This was just the day after the crash and already she was in my heart and I in hers.  I shiver thinking about that day and of the times since then as I wait, still, not moving.  I look over at the clock to see it is nearly time for her to come home, and I smile.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Once upon a time

Well another Wednesday and that can only mean one thing another opportunity to impress the queen of smut herself @eroticnotebook for #wankwednesday the prompt this week #once.  Why not read the rest HERE or have a go yourself? (this is the first of a series read the first part (which is actually the last part) : here

Once my life was boring, I was dead inside, and then she came along.  Now I have purpose where once I had chaos, and love where once was hurt and emptiness.  I kneel here waiting for her to return, I have waited for a long time, but I have patience since she found me, and can wait knowing that she will come.

I remember every second of that day years later, and will forever.  That day it rained like the heavens had opened. It was the worst, and the best day ever. I had an interview for a job that day which I seriously needed, but it must have been meant that I be on that particular street at that particular time on that particular day so I never made it to the interview, but let me start at the beginning.

I wakened late that day and with my alarm not going off I was already running about a half hour late.  Looking out of the door I could see how heavy the rain was and went to hunt for an umbrella before I went out as I would be soaked through by the time I made it to the car without one.  As is normal when those type of days start, fate was against me, I couldn’t find an umbrella anywhere despite owning one in about every colour of the rainbow. 

Giving up I grabbed a plastic bag and held it over my head and ran for the car.  By the time I got the door open my jacket was already wet and my hair was beginning to curl at the sides.  I sat in the driver’s seat looking at what was a good look until I went out into the rain.  I just hoped that I would have time to try and rescue myself when I got there.

Driving the hour to get there I couldn’t have hit any more red lights than I did it seemed that the heavens were conspiring against me to stop me getting there.  Thinking that I could take a short cut I took a left down a side street only to find road works at the end of it with a man standing there with a stop sign for what seemed like an eternity before he turned it to go.  As I released the handbrake and drove forward another car from the other side of the road works hit me head on.  I sat there not knowing what to do for a minute; I looked in my rear mirror to see blood trickling from a small cut on my forehead and it struck me as to how white I had gone.

I sat staring at myself until I could hear knocking and then became confused as I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. Looking around there was someone standing in the rain knocking on my window.  It was her I didn’t know it then but she was going to be mine and I hers.  I wound down my window and felt the blood mix with the rain and run down my face going from red to pink and then washing away to nothing all in the blink of an eye.  She uttered two words – “Oh shit!”

She insisted I be checked over at the hospital and arranged a tow for both our cars and reported it to the police all in the time I waited for an x-ray after seeing the triage nurse.  Waiting for the doctor I was eventually seen and given the all clear and then she insisted she take me home.  Getting out of the taxi at my house I realised I had missed the interview and hung my head as I opened the door to my building.  Following me in and up the stairs to my flat I wasn’t even aware of her, thinking only of how I could get them to give me another interview and knowing that I had lost my chance.

As I turned to close the door of my flat she was there behind me closing it and I realised that she had barely spoken a word since the two she had uttered when she had seen the blood on my forehead.  I had heard her speak into her phone as she organised everything with the skills of an army general organising a mission but she hadn’t spoken to me.  She seemed confident and it sounded as if people just did her bidding without too much of a resistance by the speed with which she managed it all.  It would have taken me days to just arrange a tow never mind everything else.  I went into the bedroom and shut the door behind me and sat on the bed for a bit not sure what to do.  As I sat there the door opened and she came in.  Going into the bathroom she went in and I could hear her running a bath.  Coming back into my room she started to take my clothes off as I sat there and let her.

There was a part of me aware that this was a complete and utter stranger undressing me but I didn’t seem to mind, she made me feel safe. Pulling me to my feet she pulled my panties down to my ankles and gently tapped each foot which I lifted.  Standing up and taking my shoulders in her hands, she directed me to the bathroom and helped me into the bath where she gently washed the blood stains from my face while I watched her from a distance.  It was as if this was happening to someone else and I was watching from the sidelines.

She sat down on the chair at the side of the bath and watched me sitting there as I watched her sitting there.  After a few moments she got up and went back into my bedroom and I could hear her make a couple of calls but not hear what she was saying.  Coming back into the room she smiled softly at me, and then knelt at the side of the bath and picked up the soap and sponge and looked at me questioningly.  Not knowing what else to do I nodded and she began to wash me from my toes to the top of my legs, and then from my shoulders to my hips, then my arms all the way to the tips of my fingers one by one.  Looking at me she put the sponge down and used just her hand and the soap to wash between my legs softly rubbing my clit and lips of my vagina all the while staring at me.

Before long had passed I felt the trembling of the beginnings of an orgasm as she continued with her slow stroking and rubbing.  As I began to come I licked my lips and opened my mouth slightly which she took as an invitation and lent over and kissed me with her mouth open catching my breath as I gasped out an orgasm.  Afterwards I heard the doorbell ring and she got up and went to the intercom to answer it.  Muffled voices came from the door as I lay there in the bath and I could smell delicious smells coming from that direction.

Coming back she held a towel out and I got up, wrapping it around me and then slowly rubbed me dry and handed me my dressing gown.  Taking my hand she led me back into my living room and sat me down before the coffee table which was spread with just about every dish from the local Chinese takeaway.  Eating in silence I peeked at her from under my hair, I had never been with a woman before and I had no idea why I had let her do all she had done so far or why I felt so safe with her.

After eating I just sat there not needing to speak or do anything, just staring into space and still in shock at the day I had just had.  Sitting opposite me on the floor she stared at me until I could almost scream as I was about to say something she got up and sat beside me and took my hand and placed it on her breast which was bare under her blouse.  I could feel her heart beating fast as I slowly rubbed my hand over her nipple barely touching her and feeling it almost jump to reach my hand.

Taking my other hand she placed it between her legs under her skirt where I could feel she wore stockings and a belt.  It was unlike any belt I had ever seen as I gingerly felt my way around it and her flat stomach I could feel her soft down through her lacy pants and I wanted more than anything to plunge my fingers into her and the wetness I hoped was there.  As I was about to ease my fingers into her pants she stopped me and pulled my hand out. Still saying not a word she eased my dressing gown down over my shoulders and bent to take my nipple into her mouth it springing to attention under the light flicking of her tongue.  As I sighed she brought her mouth up to kiss mine the heat of which made me gasp.

Standing up she undid her blouse slowly releasing her chest from its confines and then slowly unbuttoning the back of her skirt and letting it fall to the floor.  I could see now that the belt was leather and didn’t actually hold her stockings up at all.  Taking a hold of the elastic which held her hair back she released it to fall on her shoulders a long blond mane of curls.  She was stunning and I was surprised at myself that I wanted to take her in my mouth and make her come.  Never had I felt attracted to a woman before, yet here was a naked one standing in my living room and we were about to fuck.

Turning around she went into her bag and when she turned around she had a dildo attached to it.  I didn’t know why I hadn’t realised that was what it was.  She walked towards me and I felt my mouth go dry and my other lips begin to moisten. Reaching the couch she took a hold of my hips and lifted me so that my arse touched the edge of it and then knelt down in the small space left and pushed the dildo into me.

Gasping as she threw her arms around me I could feel the chill of it inside me as I pulled her face down so that I could kiss her.  She slowly fucked me bringing each orgasm from me slowly throughout the rest of the afternoon again and again and again.  I had never gone so long or wanted to and she still had barely uttered a word.  Lying there as the light darkened I lay in her arms and I said even less.

That was the beginning for me, life before then no longer existed even at that point and that was before I began to know her.  Her name was Fiona and she was here for me.

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Sunday, 10 July 2011


Well its late but this is my entry for @aislingweaver #fuckmefriday the prompt this week is #Watch read the rest HERE

She shook her head and kept her eyes clenched shut refusing to watch what was going on in front of her.  She could hear them and found herself opening her eyes to watch despite everything in her saying not to.  She knew she would be lost if she looked, yet she couldn’t help herself, oh how she wanted to look.

Her girlfriend stood in front of the bed with a white bodice on that brought her waist in just enough to make it so slim she knew that she could put both her hands around it.  Straps coming down from the front and back held up her white stockings on her slim long legs and her breasts sat pert atop of the bodice held up by the bones in it.  Her long blond hair was up on top of her head but hanging in parts and she looked stunning.  She held on to that thought as her eyes travelled downwards and watched the woman there licking her girlfriend’s cunt.

She knelt at her feet dressed in black leather her short black hair all tousled with the blindfold she wore.  Megan knew she also had earplugs in which blocked out all sound so she couldn’t hear what they were saying.  She watched her girlfriend’s face start to take on that grimace that meant she was near to climaxing.  She found herself starting to throb too; it was amazing to see her girlfriend from this angle and to be able to concentrate on her reactions without being involved.

She pulled against her bonds which kept her spreadeagled on the bed as she watched her girlfriend arch her back and sigh softly.  She loved how she managed to keep the climax within her only letting it out a bit at a time and experiencing it in her whole body. She knew she was dripping but she could do nothing to help herself and Fiona would make her wait even if she could tell her how much she needed fucked.

The girl stood up, Megan didn’t know her or what her name was all she knew was that Fiona owned her too.  She would visit her one day a month as she lived a few hours away, Megan was not allowed to ask about her and had to go out the days that she came.  This was the first time they had been together in the house let alone in the same room.  She was stunning and looked almost like a pixie.  She looked so delicate and slim and Megan found herself wanting her tongue on her and inside her and found herself drooling as she looked at this beautiful woman standing there with her senses taken away and only her tongue free. 

As she turned towards Fiona, Megan could see that her arms were bound behind her back in a black leather sleeve and felt her cunt lurch at the sight of her standing next to Fiona her head bowed.  She saw Fiona touch her on the shoulder gently turning her around towards the bed and Megan lying there. As her legs touched the bed she sat down and pushed herself back until she was level with Megan’s cunt and then dove down and grabbed a hold of her mound with her teeth.  With a combination of sucking, biting and flicking her tongue backwards and forwards across her clit Megan came very quickly making a grunting noise behind the ball gag she had in her mouth.

She looked up and saw her girlfriend watching her and felt herself flush at coming so quickly with someone else.  Fiona looked pleased though and was standing putting on a white leather harness.  That could only mean one thing.  Fiona walked over to the bed and unclipped both her arms and legs and made a twirling motion in the air with her finger.  Megan turned and lay face down already panting with what she knew was coming next.

She felt the bed dip as someone lay beside her she tried to turn her head and felt it held down as at the same time she felt lube being rubbed into her arsehole.  At that she felt someone pull her arse cheeks apart and the tip of the dildo push its way into her sliding easily with the lube.  She sighed behind her gag and pushed towards it trying to get it deeper and harder.  Fiona fucked her arse harder and harder until Megan thought she might do some damage until she felt her cunt clench and come with a scream which due to the gag sounded like a squeak.

At that she felt Fiona arch and come, still having the dildo in her arse and jerking it in deeper with each clench of her cunt.  Pulling out of her Megan felt the paddle hit her hard on her right cheek with a thud.  She liked the sound that she made around the ball gag as each thud hit.  Very quickly she felt herself starting to come again but as she turned she could see Fiona watching her from the chair at the side of the bed. If Fiona was there….. She turned slightly and could see the other woman paddling her, the arm sleeve now removed but her blindfold still in place.

She turned to look at Fiona again who was sitting cross legged on the chair her cunt glistening and wide open and she felt a twinge inside as she stood up and walked towards the bed.  Removing the ball gag Fiona bent down and wiped her hand across her face and then took her chin in her hand and bent and kissed her.  Megan sighed as Fiona knelt on the bed and moved to the top so that she could reach her cunt with her mouth.

As she licked and sucked Fiona the other woman continued to paddle Megan’s arse which made her bite down on Fiona’s cunt every time the paddle thudded down on her.  Very quickly Fiona started to clench and then abruptly pulled away from Megan.  “Now darling watch this.”  As Fiona rubbed her own clit Megan could see her begin to clench and tremble and then start to ejaculate her juices hitting Megan’s face and run down into her mouth which she drank hungrily.  Megan rubbed until the stream stopped pumping, “Now remember the next time darling it’s good to watch, now cunt keep thumping that bitch until she has learnt her lesson.”  At that Fiona got up and left the room and Megan heard the thud of the door over the thud of the paddle.

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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

My Humble Opinion

Well it's #wankwednesday time and another chance to write for Ruby's challenge with the prompt this week of #shine and as I missed #fuckmefriday for Aisling also that prompt of #view

Read #Wankwednesday HERE or #Fuckmefriday HERE

In my very humble opinion

It’s the twinkle in your eye

As you view my naked body

And assess me as I lie

That makes my heart start beating

As you watch me lying there

That makes my juices glisten

And hairs all stand on end

It’s the shine on all the leather

That’s holds me to the bed

That makes you love me only

As you whip me til I’m red

As my face turns sparkly

With all the tears I cry

You kiss and suck my love dry

And bring me back into my head

So in my humble opinion

We two are meant to be

Both slave and mistress together

Bound forever eternally

Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Well it's Wednesday once more and a chance to make the Queen of Smut blush for #Wankwednesday the prompt this week being #captain.  Read the rest HERE.


It wasn’t the most inventive of passwords but it would do, she couldn’t have him seeing anything on her computer.  As the time grew near she felt her cunt dampen, she loved this time just before the hour when she became someone else that deep secret person she hid from everyone.  This had been her life for months now and he was too blind to even notice what was going on right in her room.  He spent all the time in his den and this was hers.

It was time, she smiled as she clicked on the link that would connect her to her site and logged on.  

“C.. A.. P.. T.. A.. I.. N.”  she slowly said out loud.  She hated thinking up passwords she always forgot them and had to have her passwords reset on a daily basis, but this one she remembered.  This meant something to her; the meaning behind it filled her every day just waiting for this time to become the person she really was.  She was a slut, a whore someone who could be bought, sold and told what to do.

She lay there on the bed and started to play with herself she couldn’t help it after all she was a slut.  She waited and saw him log on, she felt herself drip at the thought of his large cock in her mouth, in her cunt being used while he had his pleasure.  The words came up “dirty slut you’ve started without me”.  She looked girlish as she bit her bottom lip and bowed her head slightly looking at the laptop camera through her long fringe.  She took her hand away from her cunt and slipped her digit finger in her mouth and sucked the juices already there.  Typing with her other hand she wrote “sorry Sir I wanted to be ready for you”.

As it came up on the screen she blushed “suck this then tart!” his cock was beautiful, long and thin and the end seemed to shine a lovely blush colour the more he was aroused.  She longed for him to fuck her throat with it; she yearned to gag while he used her.  He was the other side of a computer screen though and she couldn’t even see what he looked like as the feed was one way and he only had the ability to send pictures and had never yet sent his face.  “Rub your clit cunt and squeeze your nipples real hard”. 

She did as she was told dying to see his reaction to her and whether he looked as good as his cock which he had just sent yet another picture of standing erect and pre cum glistening on the tip. “Did you get those clamps I told you to buy?” She typed yes one handed again as she couldn’t move her hand away from her clit it was too much to stop.  “Put them on then tart what are you waiting for?”

She stopped rubbing her clit long enough to open the drawer at the side of the bed and pull them out.  She didn’t really like this kind they hurt more than she thought she could handle.  They screwed on and only tightly there seemed to be no middle ground with them and she gasped as she put on first one then the other.  As she finished tightening the screws he told her to put her cuffs on.  She put them on slowly showing her wrists to the screen so that he could see them properly. She continued to rub at her clit her eyes starting to glaze.  “No coming now prick tease!” She gasped out loud dying to come yet knowing she couldn’t he was paying for his time and he would leave her if she came.

“Don’t move now just sit there for a moment and think about what a slut you are”.  She sat there the clamps so tight she felt as if there was a wire connecting her clit and her nipples and a current running along it.  “Okay put the headphones on now”.  He had told her to have these ready last week and to install text to speech so she could hear his words.  She plugged them in and switched on the text to speech. “Now put on the blindfold”, she put it on waiting for the next robotic words to come through the headphones.  It was strange she felt so cut off but so connected at the same time.  “Now clip your cuffs together and lie back and rub your clit making sure that your cunt is facing the laptop, careful now slut”.  She lay back and rubbed her clit hearing the robotic voice telling her to insert 2 fingers into her cunt and pull the juices out to soak her clit.  She did as she was told and was now starting to pant.  The only other sound she could hear was her heart beating; she hoped that he didn’t come in now as she wouldn’t hear him.

“Put one of your fingers in your arse now and start fucking it.”  She pushed her digit finger which was now soaking and dripping with her juices into her arse and pushed hard pulling it out and pushing it in again and again.  “Are you wet slut, are you ready to be fucked in your Cunt, your Arse?  Well Prick Tease nod for me?”  She nodded immediately and had the distinct feeling that someone was there and turned her head to the side to listen.  She could still hear nothing and carried on fucking herself.   “On your knees now cunt make sure your arse is facing me I want to see your juices drip.”  She got on her knees on the bed in front of the laptop sitting on the table knowing that her arse was right in the camera’s view and that he would be able to see her drip.  As she was about to start fucking herself again she stopped.   “Don’t stop now slut, stay right where you are and open your mouth.”

As she opened her mouth she felt someone in front of her and before she could move a cock forced itself into her mouth and half way down her throat.  She gagged and tried to scream as hands grabbed the back of her head and began to fuck her face.  The robotic voice was silent and she could see nothing.  Struggling to get her hands up she realised that she couldn’t as the locked cuffs were stopping her from bringing them up anywhere near her head.  Strangely she wasn’t scared she was even more turned on and although she was gagging she was enjoying every minute of it. 

As she felt his balls become hard she sucked hard and felt him start to come with a flood down her throat she was dying to taste him but it was at the back of her tongue and he held her head firmly.  As she began to think she was going to pass out he pulled out of her mouth already semi hard and turned her around holding onto her hair so that she was on her knees with her back to him.  As she tried to get her arms up he smacked her arse so hard she felt tears spring to her eyes and run down her cheeks and out of the blindfold.   She was about to scream when she had a ball pushed into her mouth and the strap around it tied tight around the back of her head. 

She started to panic as he smacked the other side of her arse and then took the headphones off of her head.  He said nothing but she could hear a strange noise coming from her own throat and the sound of a rubber being put on.  She then felt her arse being held wide open as he forced his cock into her tight arse and started to fuck her hard.  She wasn’t ready for this and tried to cry out past the ball gag but couldn’t do anything other than drool.  The only noise was his heavy breathing and the noise his balls made as they slapped on her arse as he fucked her harder and harder.

Strangely she felt her cunt clench as she became more and more turned on and her clit become so hard it felt like it was going to burst out of her skin. The nipple clamps swung backwards and forwards as he carried on fucking her arse and she fell into the rhythm which he had set.  Trying to hang onto the bed with her cuffed hands she fell forward pushing her arse further up into the air and making him fall forward deep into her arse forcing an orgasm from her that threatened to burst every blood vessel in her head.

Before she had stopped he had pulled out and the rubber was dumped on her back wet and sticky.  She felt him rub her arse softly where he had earlier slapped her so hard he had no doubt left marks.  She felt the tears begin to fall out from the blindfold and soak her face.  She was trying to get a big breath past the ball gag when she felt him force himself into her cunt at this angle banging against her g spot like a piston.  She heard animalistic noises which she realised with a start were actually coming from her mouth before she again came in a rush. 

He didn’t stop this time and kept banging away eliciting loud grunts from her at each bang against her g spot until she could feel him tense and begin to shake as he came hard his come flowing with her juices and running from her and down her legs with the pressure of him ramming in and out of her cunt.  He eventually withdrew and pushed her face down on the bed trapping her with her cuffed hands beneath her since she had no energy to move anywhere.

She felt him walk around the other side of the bed and pull the blindfold off her face as she looked up at her husband standing there he said “ ‘Cunt Arse Prick Tease Always In Need’ you really must get a better password!”

Friday, 24 June 2011

Can you #feel this? #fuckmefriday

Well another Friday and another #fuckmefriday for @aislingweaver the prompt this week #feel.  Find the rest HERE

“I can’t, I promise you I can’t”!  She took no notice of her cries, she had heard them all before and they meant nothing, absolutely nothing.  Walking across the room she lifted up a slim knife and dragged it down her arm watching how it sliced off her hair.  As she walked towards her lying there bound and trussed like an animal she thought about how beautiful she looked.  It was the vulnerability that was the main thing.  Her eyes said everything without her mouth opening.  As she thought that thought she about turned and picked up a ball gag before returning to her side.

Rubbing her hands down her body and stopping at each piece of rope pulling it tighter and watching the white marks appear on her red skin that was freshly whipped she thought again of how beautiful she was and how lucky she was to find her. Lying face down with her arms and legs tied behind her in a hog tie, she bent over to listen to her mumble.  “I can’t I just can’t”.

“You can’t what beautiful?” She lay and said nothing as the gag was put on her.  She actually looked exhausted.  “Do you want me to stop?” she asked and she tried to shake her head as she tightened the strap of the gag.  She was already drooling which made her look even more beautiful.  As she dragged the tip of the knife down her body slowly she left a light red line in between the rope. She could hear her sharp intake of breath and knew that she was enjoying the feeling.  She dragged it down the other side of her body leaving another red line and felt her insides flip over as she caught sight of her cunt glistening and a drop falling to the table she lay face down on.

She dragged the knife down the middle of her back stopping at each piece of rope and waiting for a few seconds that must feel like hours before going in between the next piece of rope.  “Tell me how you feel cunt?”  She could hear her mumble behind the ball but it didn’t matter that she couldn’t hear her she knew that she could feel now no matter what she said.  She laid the knife down next to her face on the table and grabbed her cunt with her hand she was wet, wetter than she had ever seen her this was going to be quick.

She held her, waiting and waiting she could tell she was holding her breath and waited and waited, eventually she gasped for a breath and at that moment she forced her whole hand into her and felt her come instantly. Oh yes she felt that she really felt that.

Friday, 17 June 2011

#Smell #Fuckmefriday

Well its Friday and another day of glorious smut for the delightful @aislingweaver 's #fuckmefriday the prompt this week of #smell. Post your own or read the rest HERE

Showered and hair washed

Yet still I smell you

Your sex lingers on my hands

Nothing removes the smell of you

Shampoo and shower gel you withstand

I sit at my desk

The smell wafts to my nose

Memories of the night before

Keep me going till I’m home at last

To renew the smell I love the most

Thursday, 16 June 2011

#Practice #Wankwednesday

Well it was Wednesday yesterday and another chance to make you blush with #wankwednesday the prompt this week #practice.  Read the rest here
The whole place smelled old and musty, it was dark and the wood panelling on the walls helped to make it darker than the day already was.  She looked like she had been dragged through a hedge backwards and felt like it despite it only being 9am.  As she sat there waiting for the partner to call for her she sighed and thought about how good she had looked before leaving the house.  She’d been up from 5am getting ready to ensure that she made a good impression on her first day.  Her new suit just looked wrinkled and was damp and her hair was already starting to frizz as it dried.  As she sighed yet again the door opened and the partner was standing there looking at her or rather looking down at her over his glasses.  “Hmmm right miss em em Stuart?”  “Yes sir” she said as she got up and followed him into his room.  It was a huge office and the walls were lined with books and nothing else apart from the door.

“Miss Stuart, welcome to the practice I would like you to just settle yourself in today and find your way around, after all you are looking a bit ruffled.”  She blushed as he said this knowing that she must look terrible she hadn’t had time to even comb her hair before getting there.  She couldn’t believe the catalogue of disasters that had already happened to her prior to arriving here and she wasn’t holding out much hope for the rest of the day.  Her first impression which she had hoped would be good was far from it.

As she walked along the corridor looking at all the pictures hanging there of the famous lawyers and judges who had once worked here,  she giggled as she thought of herself appearing on a wall here just the way she looked today!  Trying to change a tyre in your suit was never a good idea and especially not on your first day of a new job at the start of your career.  She had worked hard at university graduating 1st in her class and had in fact gained full marks for all but one exam.  She had been guaranteed a position in most law practices anywhere in the country with mark like those but she had chosen here an old firm where she would have to work hard to gain partner before she was fifty.  Looking down and rubbing furiously she could see that she was very wrinkled but at least there were no oily marks and only a slight loss through it all.

Arriving at the door of the trainee office she ran her fingers through her hair and tossed it back hoping that her hair and face would detract from her suit and lack of stockings.  As she opened the door the chatting that had been taking place went quiet as the others in the room turned around to look at her.  After the round of introductions to Thomas, Elizabeth and Karen she sat at her new desk which was already covered in cases all tied up in pink ribbon.  It’s what attracted her to law if truth be told.  She had once had a tour of the high court when she was at college and it stuck with her all of these pink ribbons.  It was from long ago when they used coloured tape to denote the type of cases.

She wasn’t quite sure where to begin so she lifted the top one and placed it in front of her on the very little space that she could see on her desk and sighed.  As she was about to untie the ribbon Elizabeth came over from her desk opposite.  “Why don’t I show you around and introduce you to the most important people in the building?”  These were people such as Mike the maintenance man who could fix most things and arrange for all sorts from desks to a light bulb and to all of the other type of admin staff who she would need to know. Arriving back at their office Elizabeth asked her if she wanted a cup of tea or coffee and having said yes they went into the kitchen that was adjacent to their office.  The connecting door was closed but she could hear moaning noises coming from the other side. 

“That will be Karen and Thomas; they go at it every time they have the office to themselves.” Elizabeth said as she went about making tea for them both. 

Dawn flushed as she realised exactly what they were doing.  “But doesn’t anyone ever catch them or ….or…”

 Elizabeth laughed “you’ll soon learn that no one ever comes into the trainee’s room apart from us! And you do know you look very cute when your face reddens?”  Dawn flushed even more at that she wasn’t used to anyone being so direct with her.

“So what happened to you this morning then you are looking a bit wrinkled and I’m sure that’s not the way you left the house this morning?” Elizabeth stared at her as she handed over the mug of tea.  And she felt the flush starting again from her neck upwards and strangely between her legs too the more she thought about this the warmer her face got. 

“I had a puncture and had to change the tyre! It was a nightmare already when the rain started!” 

“Ah I see” said Elizabeth “I have a spare suit here if you would like to change as it can’t be comfortable in that damp suit?”

“It’s alright I will be fine once I have had this tea”. 

“Ah c’mon it’ll fit” and at that she opened the door of the office and pushed her through it gently.  Thomas and Karen were nowhere to be seen.  “They’ve gone to lunch now they always take the early one at 12.”  Dawn turned around to see her locking the connecting door and then walk to the other door and lock that too.

As she walked towards her Dawn could feel every part of her flush as her hand reached out and undid the buttons on her jacket.  Walking around her she slowly she slid it off her shoulders leaving her standing there shivering.  Elizabeth laughed as she walked in front of her and saw that her nipples were erect. Trailing her hand over her nipple all of Dawn’s hairs stood on end and she inhaled sharply making a noise as she did so.  Elizabeth walked around her slowly trailing her hand around Dawn’s waist until she had reached the button and zip at the back of her skirt.  Undoing the button and then slowly bit by bit the zip, Dawn could feel Elizabeth’s  breath on the back of her neck making all her hairs stand on end again.

As her skirt fell to the ground she remembered that she had on no knickers on having used them to strengthen her grip on the tyre iron and then wipe her hands.   As she was about to move her hands to cover herself Elizabeth grabbed her hands and kissed her with such force that she nearly knocked her over.  Grabbing her Elizabeth’s fingers instantly were enveloped by her cunt as she was so wet.  Dawn gasped out with the force of them banging against her cervix.  Elizabeth fucked her harder and harder grunting as she did so and each grunt into Dawn’s mouth making her feel like she was being fucked in her mouth too.  Moments later it was all over and as she stood there with Elizabeth handing her suit to her “welcome to the Practice Dawn.”

Friday, 10 June 2011

#Fuckmefriday #listen

Well it's Friday and that means one thing #fuckmefriday and the prompt this week is #listen - post yours HERE or just have a fab read

Listen, just fucking listen

Don’t talk, just bloody listen

I want you

Listen, can you hear me

Not a word, just bloody listen

I need you

Listen, to the words I whisper

No sound, just bloody listen

I love you

Listen, to your heart beating

Shut up, and just listen

Please take me

Listen, can you hear the silence

No sound, just you listening