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Monday, 9 May 2011

#default #wankwednesday

Well it's another week and another #wankwednesday challenge from Ruby and what a challenge this week! The prompt is #default and if you want to have a go or read the other writers go HERE

Joan hated this job it had to be the worst she had ever had she saw people at their worst and gave them the worst. She knocked on the door and waited, eventually hearing footsteps walking down a wooden floor towards the door. As the door opened there stood a young woman with long brown curly hair tied loosely on the top of her head with dark framed glasses on, she wore a white vest and faded pale blue jeans and very high heels which was just as well as she would've been tiny otherwise. As it was she only came to Joan's shoulders. "Hi, are you Miss Clark?" Joan asked her looking at her clipboard and flicking through the sheets held there. "Yes I am what can I do for you?" she said as she removed her glasses to reveal the most beautiful hazel eyes.

Joan flashed her identity card at the woman. "I am from Sure Finance and your car loan is in default. I have come to repossess your car." Joan looked down at the young woman and saw how tidy she was, her breasts were just perfect and she could see that the woman did not wear a bra. The woman smiled despite what Joan had just said as she was watching Joan looking at her breasts. "Shit I thought that he sorted that out before he left bloody family!" I can't be without my car is there anything I can pay you now to stop the repossession?" "Joan looked at her sheets to see if she could accept a payment as often when a loan was in default she could accept a payment to stop the repossession. "Mmmh if you gave me $250 then I could halt it for a week then you have another $2,000 outstanding which you really should get cleared as soon as you can.

"Shit not sure if I have that much in my purse, would you come in while I look?" Joan nodded and followed her down the hall into a large room where another woman lay on a chaise longue naked apart from a silk sheet draped over her hips. "Ahem perhaps I could come back later" Joan said as she saw her but then the women both laughed and Joan realised that she was modelling for the small woman who was painting her. "It's a pretty good likeness" Joan said as she wandered over to the easel and looked at the painting. "Mmmh I don't quite have enough in my purse....." "Afraid I can't take any less than that today to stop the repossession." Joan apologised, she hated this bit.

"Could you possibly wait until I run around to the cashpoint just around the corner? I can be just 10 minutes at most?" Joan wasn't sure what to say but she really didn't want to take the woman's car from her she seemed nice. "Ok if you make me a cup of tea I will wait, could murder one." "In that case one cup of tea coming up and my name is Lynn" Joan stood in the middle of the room not quite sure where to look and there being nowhere to sit apart from the chaise where the other woman lay looking up at her. "Why don't you come and sit on the end of here" said the other woman as she patted the end of the chaise. "It's alright I am fine here" Joan said her face flushing slightly. "I insist you sit down Lynn will take ages to make tea as she takes it very seriously, it's her thing!" Joan shrugged and went and sat on the edge of the chaise. "What's your name?" said the naked woman. "I'm Joan and you are?" "Sally" "Pleased to meet you Sally" Joan laughed at the absurdity of introducing herself to a naked woman like this.

Sally put her hand out and sat up right next to Joan waiting for her to take it. Joan looked at it for a second before putting her hand in Sally's and shaking it. Sally laughed and lay back down again realising that she was making Joan uncomfortable sitting so close and so naked. At that Lynn came back in with a tray laden with tea paraphanalia. "Ok tea is on the brew and I will be back before it needs poured. Thank you very much for doing this for me I will be as quick as I can. Make yourself at home with Sally." At that Lynn headed off and banged the door on her way out making Joan jump. Sally laughed and sat up putting a hand on Joan's back which she didn't move and when she did she was running it down to the small of her back where she left it lingering before slipping her hand into the back of Joan's jeans. Joan went to stand and Sally held onto her jeans pulling her back down. "Don't tell me you're not interested, because I saw the way you looked at me when you came in."

In response Joan turned towards her and pulled her towards her and kissed her hard and as she lay down beside Sally she kicked her shoes off. She ran her hand up and down Sally feeling how soft her skin was she started to alternately kiss and nibble her all the way down from her neck to her stomach eventually arriving at the silk sheet covering her. As she moved the silk sheet it appeared to run off her like it was made of water. Joan swallowed as she made her way further down Sally to her soft downy mound and took her clit into her mouth. Sally sighed out loud and arched her body towards Joan as she sucked and bit on her clit she didn't hear the door opening or Lynn coming into the room. As she bit and sucked Sally's clit into her mouth she felt hands coming around her back and pulling at her nipples through her shirt and moaned into Sally's down making her gasp out at the heat she felt.

She turned slightly and saw Lynn who pulled her round and towards her and started unbuttoning Joan's shirt. As she did Sally sat up and pulled her shirt down around her shoulders leaving her shirt around her wrists effectively keeping her arms there. Sally rose and gently pushed Joan down onto her back where she was then lying on her arms pinning her to the chaise unable to get up. Lynn then opened her buttons and unzipped her jeans and pulled at them as Sally joined in laughing and pulling at the legs of her jeans. Joan lay there looking at the two of them as they pulled them off both collapsing on the floor giggling. Lynn then took her pants off and bent over and kissed her on her fluffy mound. Sally helped Lynn out of her clothes and they both stood naked in front of the chaise staring down at her. As they helped her sit up Lynn undid her bra and pulled her shirt fully off taking her bra at the same time. She lay down behind her as Sally pushed her slowly down so that she was lying on Lynn who had her arms around her and softly took her nipples in her small hands which were stained with paint and smelt of turps and started softly rubbing them. As she tweaked her nipples she kissed the back of Joan's neck making all the hairs on her back stand on edge and making her arch slightly. At that point Sally who had been planting small kisses on her ankles made her way up to her clit and took a hold of it between her teeth and teased it as Joan arched further.

Sally stopped at this point and bent down towards the floor feeling about for something under the chaise. As she lifted it Joan could see it was a harness and dildo and felt herself quiver and her stomach flip. Sally put it on and moved up towards Joan who was still lying on her back on top of Lynn who was pulling her nipples between her nails and nibbling on the back of her neck. Sally crouched between her legs and kissed her hard as she played the dildo across her other lips which were already wet and dripping pushing in and out before eventually pushing all the way in and making Joan cry out. As Sally moved in and out of her cunt she felt like she was going to explode with the combination of Lynn pulling her nipples making an electric current pass between them and her clit. Lynn grabbed her hips as she began to moan and Sally continued riding her and biting her mouth softly. Joan felt the blood rushing to her clit and heard the pounding in her ears. She could feel Lynn rubbing against her arse and could feel her pulse beating behind her. As she arched further desperate to have Sally pound into her harder she could feel them both matching her pace. As they moved together Joan could feel Lynn begin to come behind her and Sally come at the front of her which almost felt like she was inside her. At that moment as they both cried out Joan also came and they all collapsed together spent and satisfied.

As Joan was leaving with the payment to stop the repossession Lynn leant up and kissed her, "I will try and not miss a payment again I wouldn't want a default processor to come around again." Joan smiled as she knew she would see them both again very soon.


Aussiescribbler said...

Delicious. So soft and sweet and sexy. :o)

Anonymous said...

Very hot story

Molly said...

Is this a version of payment in kind.....great story


Denstar65 said...

Thanks very much for all your comments they are very much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Reason enough to skip a payment or two anytime. Great story.

Anonymous said...

Very hot setup, such sexy ladies you create. Love it!

Denstar65 said...

Thanks Princesscat and anglachel27 - am so pleased you like my stories the ones I have written here are the first I have ever written ever so your comments are very welcome. Dx

Ruby said...

Hi Denstar, sweet sexy story, thanks for joining in Wank Wednesday this week


Denstar65 said...

Cheers Ruby was fun again!