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The Hitch

“There’s a slight hitch” she said.  I sighed because I knew exactly what that hitch would be.  “Annette?” I asked.  “Yes” she sighed.
We’d been planning this trip for months now and had been looking forward to getting away into the middle of nowhere and being naked.  “I can’t leave her Mandy” she whispered into the phone, “she’s devastated”.

“I know we can’t leave her but…..”  I left the words unspoken.  Lou knew what we had planned, it was hard getting away without the kids and I knew she wouldn’t do this if she didn’t feel she had to.
We hardly spoke that night as we dropped the kids off at Lou’s mums.  I could tell she was disappointed too but I couldn’t bring myself out of the mood I had gotten into to cheer her up.  I was such a selfish cunt at times; I had no idea why she was still with me after all these years.  As we got in the phone was ringing and as she answered it I knew immediately who it was.

 “Darling it’s alright we don’t mind, really we don’t.  We wouldn’t leave you on your own at a time like this.  No, Mandy doesn’t mind.”  At which I made a face at her and she picked up a book and threw it at me.  “See you at 8am sharp”.  As she hung up I put my arms around her waist and nuzzled into the back of her ear, “let’s make the best of tonight then shall we?”
“Sweetheart, you know I have tons to do I haven’t even packed yet as I had the kids’ stuff to pack, you have no idea how much they actually ‘need’ with them” as she gestured in the air to emphasise their voices.  If only I had arrived home earlier then I could’ve helped her but as usual she ended up doing everything as I was still at work.  I went into the kitchen and put the kettle on the least I could do was to make her a cup of tea.  Later I packed throwing some t-shirts, jumpers, trousers and underwear into a bag and hiking boots and trainers.  All I needed was toiletries and Lou would see to them.

She lay with her back to me in my arms that night and instantly fell asleep as I lay there thinking about the holiday that we could’ve had.  Oh well at least we could get some walking in as there was plenty places to go round about the cottage.  And perhaps we could sneak some quality time like we had to with the kids, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad I thought as I drifted off to sleep.
8am and no sign of Annette, “ok she’s not coming let’s go” which warranted a thump from Lou.  As she looked anxiously up the road a taxi drew up with Annette.  “My car wouldn’t start “she said as she jumped out of the taxi all bags and frazzled.  Lou sat with her in the back while I watched them in the mirror.  She still made my heart flip over after 14 years just her smile was enough to do it.  When I saw her coming towards me it made me grin like an idiot.  I looked at Annette; she had something about her I suppose.  She had just been royally dumped by her girlfriend of 4 years who had been screwing about that whole time too.  She had gone into the club to meet a mate and had bumped straight into her girlfriend mouth around another woman.  What was worse was that she treated Annette like she had done something wrong and stomped out and when she had got home all her things were gone.  Just like that gone and over and on to the next.  A mutual friend told me she had moved in with this other woman already. 

I could see the tears flowing down her cheeks and could see why Lou needed to be with her, they had been friends for years and despite the holiday plans being thrown up in the air I did understand.  They cried and talked and hugged and laughed and then cried all over again all the way to the cottage.  By the time we arrived the two of them looked exhausted as I carried all the bags in and they ran through the rooms checking them out.  “Check out the back” I shouted as they went from room to room and I heard them shout out when they found the hot tub out the back.

As I tried to get the fire to light which had already been laid (I loved that you laid a fire) and chuckled away to myself thinking about I heard Lou in the kitchen putting on the kettle.  It was her answer for everything a cup of tea and a biscuit. And to be honest I was getting to be a bit of a tea aficionado myself now after all this time together.   I went out and switched on the hot tub so it would be nice and warm later if we fancied jumping in.

The three of us sat on the couch a little while later hands around hot mugs of tea with legs stretched out and three pairs of feet in socks toasting themselves in front of the roaring fire.  “Ah this is the life eh?” Lou said sipping away at her tea.  I had to agree with her there was nothing like it apart from the fact that Annette sat between us.  I tried not to be annoyed it must’ve been dreadful to have been treated like that!  “Tell you what?” I announced “I’ll go and get some wine and we can relax with a film maybe?”  Both nodded and I went to the winery which was about a half hour up the road and the only place nearby.  When I got back with the wine and some nibbles they were both still on the couch but Annette was again crying.  Saying nothing I went and opened the wine and poured us all a large glass which put paid to the first bottle.  I was glad I had bought a case of 12.  Handing out the wine Annette seemed to cheer up a bit and I suggested that we watch something funny.  There was only The Hangover in amongst the DVDs that wasn’t a chick flick romantic film so I shoved that on. 

After about half hour I was bored I had seen this movie several times and not one of us was laughing.  We had already finished the second bottle of wine and the fire was dying down.  Going outside I grabbed some more coal and wood and brought it in and stacked the fire up again which meant it instantly went a bit colder in the room.  “Shit its cold I think I may get in the hot tub for a bit.”  “Ok sweetheart, give me a shout if you need anything.” Lou said over her shoulder.  I grabbed a robe off the back of the door which led out onto the decking where the hot tub sat.  Pulling off my clothes I threw them on the back of a chair just inside the door and dropped the robe at the side of the tub and got in still holding onto my glass of wine.  I was glad I had put it on earlier otherwise I would have had to wait and it looked like they needed to talk.

As I lay in the water looking up at the stars sipping my wine the only thing missing was Lou.  I had dreamt about us being here but not like this.  I realised that I had forgotten to top up my wine and so shouted to Lou for a bottle.  As she came out, Annette came with her “Do you mind if we come in too?” “No but I’m naked…..”  The next minute they were both naked beside me one on each side.

Lou on my left filled up my glass and giggled.  As she did I felt my insides twinge, she only ever giggled when we were about to fuck and only for that short second before we started.  I took a large gulp of my wine; Lou looked like she had drunk quite a few more glasses than when I had came out here and turning around to look at Annette and desperately trying not to look below her chin she looked well on too.  As I turned back to Lou she flung her arm around me and kissed me deeply and with such passion that I felt my lip split.

As she pulled away I took another gulp from my wine glass, we had had a threesome when we had first being going out together and it was just terrible.  It was all just cringe worthy now thinking about it and I dreaded the thought that this was what was about to happen now.  Taking another gulp from my glass I breathed out when I realised I hadn’t been breathing for a second.  As I did that I felt Annette pull me towards her and as I turned she kissed me as passionately as Lou had opening the split in my lip.  Wow I thought when she pulled back laughing, I turned around to look at Lou and she was giggling still so I knew she was aware that was about to happen.  She laughed as she topped up my glass which I hadn’t realised I had emptied again.

As she leant over and put the now empty bottle down at the side of the tub I tapped her backside and she giggled again as she fell back into the water splashing us both.  As she went under the water she grabbed my leg almost pulling me over and then she was up in front of Annette and I putting her arms around us both and pulling us towards her so that she could kiss us both at the same time.  Lou then put her hands on both our necks pushing us towards one another until we kissed.  I was a bit drunk by now and thought what the hell.  As I kissed her I slipped my tongue into her mouth she tasted faintly of blackcurrants and I almost giggled myself thinking of those wine snobs at the winery who had been prattling on about blackcurrants and musk.

Lou’s hand was rubbing up and down the side of my hip and I knew that she was turned on as she loved to watch.  As I stopped and turned towards her she grabbed a quick kiss and pushed my head back towards Annette.  I shrugged slightly and began to kiss her again I could feel Lou’s hand working its way down my arse until she grabbed me with her finger held in the crack and pressed on my sensitive bit of skin between my arse and cunt.  I bent slightly and took Annette’s right nipple in my mouth it was freezing and the heat from my mouth brought it to a peak quickly.  I heard her gasp as her body arched towards me.  At that moment I felt Lou put her finger into my cunt and push which made me exhale hard and bite down hard on Annette’s nipple.

“Fuuucckk she exhaled and grabbed my hair pulling me closer to her.  As she did I grabbed her arse and pulled her until she touched me all the way down and her feet were standing on mine.  I put my middle finger into her and it slid in easily and not just from the water in the hot tub.  She clenched slightly around my fingers as I pushed in the other three and started to fuck her.  Lou started a movement all of her own and started fucking my arse as I in turn fucked Annette.  She started biting the back of my neck small nibbling bites and with her left hand pierced my nipple with her nails.  As I moved my hand in and out of Annette I felt my body start to shudder as Lou brought her other hand down and pressed her finger on my clit hard until I could hold it in no longer.  As I came I pushed hard on Annette’s g spot until I felt her start to come and she screamed silently into my mouth as she clung onto my shoulders.  Lou was clinging onto my back and I could feel her mound ride the top of my arse until we were all clinging onto one another exhausted and spent.

What a first night of a holiday and we still had another 4 nights to go.

Day 2

The next morning I wakened and opened my eyes slowly my head was beating a little tune all of its own and I felt like I had concrete in my stomach.  Stretching over I ran my hand down Lou’s back where she lay at the side of me.  As I went to get up to get water and pills I came face to face with Annette who kissed me “Good morning”. “Ah good morning” I replied. “Let me guess?”  She said “Water and pills and food in that order?” I nodded closing my eyes with the pain of moving.  I felt her get up and heard her going into the kitchen.  I must’ve nodded off because the next moment I wakened and she was there with a tray still naked.  “Sit up” I did and she placed the tray down beside me lifted two pills and handed them and a glass of water.   I took the pills and went to hand the water back. “Drink it all; you’re dehydrated.”  She wandered around the bed and shook Lou gently “C’mon sweetie breakfast is served”.   Lou wakened and reached over me and grabbed a slice of toast. “Yum” as she chewed she pecked me on the cheek, “morning beautiful” and then she turned and pulled Annette on to the bed “and good morning to you too” and at that she kissed her hard.  I could see that this was going to be some holiday.

We all sat cross legged on the bed naked eating breakfast of toast and bananas and not saying a word just smiling at one another.  As the last mouthful was chewed we all seemed to know what was about to happen.  Lou lifted the tray and placed it on the floor at the side of the bed.  She lay down and looked at us and we both made a dive for her at the same time laughing.  I reached her first and kissed her sucking at her lips and pulling on her nipples until they were both hard and full.  I could feel her moans start as I caught Annette from the side of my eye placing her head in between Lou’s legs.  Lou pulled away from my kiss “sit on me I want to taste you”.    As I went to facing towards her she said “no I want you to watch her as I come in her mouth!”  I sat on her mouth and groaned arching back at which she bit and I could hear her mumbling.  Automatically knowing what she meant I sat straight and she started to suck and flick her tongue at my now swollen clit as I watched Annette doing the same to her.  It was a strange feeling as every lick was almost in unison so much so that I wasn’t sure whose mouth was on my cunt.  I could feel Lou’s bites getting harder as she sucked my clit into her mouth like it was a cock.  It felt like it too she sucked so hard, I watched Annette’s face as she looked at me while she ate my girlfriend.  She actually looked amazing and I could hardly believe that I hadn’t seen her before.  As I started to come I felt Lou going quicker and Annette matching her speed as we both came together with a rush and a cry. 
We all lay on the bed together this time with Annette in the middle gasping and trying to get our breath back.  Once I had my breath back I traced my hand down her side and curled my fingers in her soft pubes.  Lou grinned at me from the other side of her and bent over and put her mouth around her tit sucking it all almost into her mouth as she watched me I moved down the bed until I had reached the top of her legs and then moved over her leg and blew on her light hair spreading her wide in doing so.  Flicking my tongue she started to move about the bed so I held both her legs down as I sucked and licked every bit of her cunt and clit until she could take no more and was begging for me to fuck her.   As I slid two fingers into her I felt Lou sliding two fingers into her arse and could feel her fingers rub against mine as we fucked her from both sides both watching her face as we took her to places she had never been before.  She cried as she came eventually sobbing as we both moved to the top of the bed and held her in our arms until we all fell asleep.

Day 2 evening

I awoke shivering and realising we were all lying there with no cover pulled the quilt up to cover Lou and Annette.  I needed a pee so had no choice but to get up.  I picked up my watch as I ran into the loos.  It was freezing in here, that was the only drawback to an old place like this, lack of heating apart from in the main living areas.

Sitting there freezing in the dark I tried to look at the time.  I had left the light off in the vain hope that I could stay half asleep so that I could go back to bed and nod off straight away but that was obviously pointless.  I pulled on a robe and tiptoed through the bedroom and into the kitchen and was shocked to see it was past 5pm.  I could hardly believe that we had slept so long but then we had been at it all last night and this morning.

Looking into the fridge there wasn’t much there as we had only brought the bare essentials intending to go shopping at the market today.  I slipped back into the bedroom and pulled on some track pants and a sweatshirt and watched the two of them lying there; soft snoring sounds coming from them both, very cute.

I tiptoed back out and picking up my wallet and car keys went off in search of food.  I knew that the winery was the first place to the right so I went left; after driving for about 15 minutes I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a small shop.

Stopping the car I could see it was open; surely I could get enough to keep us going until tomorrow?  “Eggs, beans, bread, cheese, crisps milk, think that will do” I said out loud looking at the things in the basket.  “Oh and do you have any bacon and onions?”  She pointed in the general direction without even looking up from her magazine.

“Now all I need are some beers and I will be happy” I said.  The woman still said nothing but began ringing up the things.  As I was paying “there’s a bottle shop around the corner at the back of here”.  Thanking her I jumped back in the car and drove around to the offie.  Going back with beers the girls were up sitting out on the deck with cups of tea and all wrapped up in scarves and hats.  That evening we ate, laughed and drank beer and were friends for the evening.
During that night we spooned together naked and comfortable with one another I lay in the middle part of me in shock that this would be happening yet the other part not shocked at all.

Day 3

The next morning I wakened in the throw of an orgasm; Annette had her arm around me and had me cupped in her hand three fingers inside me moving ever so slowly in and out I was soaking and could feel my juices running down my legs.  On realising I was awake she kissed me on the back of my neck and wrapped herself around me until I came softly; moaning and arching my back against her.    I turned around and kissed her running my hand lightly up and down her back she grabbed my hand and pushed it down to her cunt forcing my hand in between her legs which was hot and wet and waiting.  I slipped a couple of fingers into her wetness and sighed into her mouth as I slowly fucked my girlfriend’s best friend to orgasm.  As she came she cried and I held her tightly until the crying stopped. 

Annette got up and went to the toilet and I turned around and cuddled into Lou rubbing gently onto her clit and kissing her softly on the back of her neck until she wakened up and turned around to kiss me.  She loved to be wakened like this and was now incredibly turned on as I fucked her slowly kissing her all over her face at the same time.  Annette came back from the toilet and I could feel her watching us before eventually coming and lying at the back of Lou and running her hand down her ass.  Eventually I could feel her fingers inside her and rubbing against mine in her cunt.  It was the most amazing feeling to feel someone else inside her and the same time as me and I felt my own cunt clench in response.  As Lou came she crushed my fingers against Annette’s and I leant over to kiss her as I could see her in the middle of an orgasm.  As Lou stopped clenching I felt myself begin to orgasm and Lou’s fingers slip into me as I came; growling loudly like an animal.
We never moved far from the bed that day fucking each other alternately and never seeming to tire of each other.

Day 4

The next morning I again wakened early and started breakfast for us all, boiled eggs, toast and steaming hot tea.  As I was just putting the toast onto the kitchen table Lou and Annette came in naked and sat down at the table.

“Aren’t you two freezing?” I asked laughing that they would sit there naked spreading toast. “No!” they chorused. They both sat on their chairs with one foot up and looked like bookends sitting there chewing on toast. Except they look opposites with Lou being auburn and Annette being blond. I could also see both their cunts wide open and glistening. Looking at Lou I wished we had brought our strap on with us I would’ve like to have fucked her there and then. Having an idea I rifled through the utensil drawer and pulled out a few things.
They both inhaled sharply as they saw what I had taken out of the drawer and had laid on the table shoving the breakfast plates out of the way. Lifting the rolling pin I swung it between my hands wondering who to fuck with it. Lou looked positively ready to burst and did everything but scream out “pick me pick me”. Turning to my right instead I stopped in front of Annette and walked towards her. Her right leg was still up on the chair and she was wide open. Her eyes were slightly closed as she sat there completely tense waiting for me to fuck her. The rolling pin had a long smooth handle made of rubber and apart from the end was just the same as one of our strap-ons. As I walked up to her I could hear her sigh as the handle touched her lips. I pushed lightly and it went sliding in and I could see her juices already running down the handle. “Please?” she whispered “Please fuck me hard” every hair on my body stood on end as I felt my own cunt clench in response. I looked around at Lou who winked and licked her lips enjoying the show. Beckoning to Lou I slowly moved the rolling pin in and out of her cunt the slightly fatter middle bit pulling her lips backwards and forwards with it like a tide.  Lou came around her right side and took over the rhythm with the rolling pin and Annette didn’t notice at all with her eyes shut. I lifted the next utensil on the table and it was a perfect thing just for fitting right here on her nipple. As I put the bag clamp on her nipple she opened her eyes and realised that we were both in front of her and she put her left hand on Lou’s head and sighed as she knelt down and held her head against her knee all the while fucking her slowly with the rolling pin. As she began to protest I put my finger up to my lips and whispered “shhhh” and smoothed her hair down on her left side as she began to relax into the intenseness of the clamp. Taking the next implement off the table I leant over and bit Annette’s lips and she kissed me forcefully back. I had picked up a lemon squeezer which made her eyes widen slightly for a second, before half closing them again in the rise to her orgasm. The lemon squeezer was one of those wooden ones with a long handle and the grooved bell end and would fit somewhere just nicely I thought as I dipped it into the jam and turned coating it with jam.  As I pushed it into her lips Lou gently pulled the rolling pin out making it even harder to push it in until she had gone past the wider part of the handle. Looking at Lou I winked and kissed her as we knelt there at Annette’s feet. Nodding we both pushed at once, pushing harder we both entered her at the same time as her eyes shot open and she came with a scream.

This was our second last night here and if I was asked I didn’t want it to end but I could hardly tell my partner of 14 years that I wanted another woman to stay with us as I loved fucking her.  I busied myself tidying up the breakfast dishes as they went to get washed and dressed.  We were going to go for a walk down to the shore as it had its own private beach.  As we put on our coats later we were all still very quiet and there was none of the laughing and joking that had been going on for the rest of the week.  As we left the cottage and walked down the path to the front room Lou took my right hand and I felt my heart jump in guilt as I had been thinking about Annette. On my left Annette took my hand and squeezed, why couldn’t I just have them both I thought sighing knowing that it could never happen?

As we arrived at the beach I picked up a flat stone and skimmed it across the water, “wow a four!” Lou laughed and skimmed one too “shit only a 3!”

“What the hell are you two doing?” Annette asked in confusion.  We both turned and looked at her in shock.  “Don’t tell me you’ve never played at skimming?”  As she shook her head I looked around for a flat stone and went over to her and held her from behind.  “Ok here’s your skimmer” as she took it in her hand I pulled her hand back “now just throw it sideways at the water so that it skims along the top, the winner is the one whose stone hits the water the most times.”  I could feel myself breathing heavier as I held her and as she threw the stone as we counted Lou stepped in front of us both.  “I can’t not do this every day” she said

I wasn’t sure quite what I was hearing, “what?” 

“I said that I have to do this every day for the rest of my life” Lou looked at us both with such determination in her eyes. As I was about to say something Annette said “me neither I don’t know how it happened or how we can but I don’t want this to end either!”

As she finished her last word she turned to look at me and they both stood there waiting for a response from me.  I saw Lou take Annette’s hand “please answer Mand I don’t want to lose you but I want to keep her please?”

I shook my head not really believing what I was hearing, “what you mean just like the last five days?” They both nodded both biting their lips again looking like bookends or opposite sides of the same woman almost.  “I don’t know what to say” I stuttered. “Say yes” they cried in unison.  “Yes, yes, yes!” I shouted as I grabbed the two of them and pulled them towards me.  I wasn’t sure how this was going to work at all but it was a start to admit we all wanted to try.  We walked back up the path to the cottage none of us uttering a sound as we went through the door and walked straight to the bedroom.

As I took Lou in my arms I felt Annette put her arms around me from behind and I could feel her nipples hard against my back and Lou’s hard against my front.  As I moved them towards the bed and we lay down I how we were going to make a living if we couldn’t stay out of bed.
Day 5
After dinner the night before we had hardly said a word all lost in our own thoughts and comfortable in the silence.  We had gone to bed and just held one another and everytime I wakened I was in a different place I had started in the middle and ended up on the right side by this morning.  Funny how I always ended up on this side as the morning came every day we had been there.  Smirking to myself I got up and headed to the kitchen for breakfast prep again.  This was our last breakfast and our last day at the cottage and we had to pick the kids up first thing the next day so it meant us going home that day.  That would be interesting I thought to myself although the kids would think nothing of Annette as they had known her all their lives.  As I walked back through with the breakfast on a tray Lou and Annette were fucking furiously.  Annette had her whole fist inside Lou and was ramming her so hard that she was hitting the headboard.  I put the tray down and lay beside them watching Lou in ecstasy.  I ran my hand down Annettes back stopping on her arse which she raised as my hand reached it.  I knew better than to refuse an invitation like that as I slipped my thumb inside her and started fucking her arse slipping my fingers into her cunt and taking hold of her totally as I felt her continue to fuck Lou who was now growling in a way I had never heard.  As I pushed against Annette's g spot everything seemed to freeze as I heard Lou scream and at the same moment Annette clenched around my hand and I couldn't feel a thing as the intenseness of her orgasm almost stopepd the circulation in my hand.  they both lay not moving as I lay there listening to them both trying to get their breath back.
Almost in unison they both said "your turn!".  As Lou kissed me and Annette rubbed my clit I wondered yet again how we were ever going to make a living if we couldn't stop fucking one another.