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The Club

Part 1
She hadn’t been out since her master had her out last. “I must stop thinking of him as that now’ she thought to herself. She thought it would work without sex and that submitting to him would be enough but it wasn’t and he was wise enough to know that. The pain she felt being alone and having no one to serve was unbearable but her friend who was owned by a friend of the master, correction John had persuaded her to come with her. Her owner insisted that June came here every second month to serve. June wouldn’t tell her what happened here though other than to tell her to be well shaven, clean and no underwear on.

Arriving at the club the bouncer took one look at her and stood aside to let her in without saying a word. The slight drizzle in the air had made her feel damp all over and the darkness in the club when she went in did nothing to dispel the cold she was now feeling. There were 5 other women there already including her friend June who she went to stand by just as a man entered and said “Welcome to Taste ladies. Now for those of you who have never been here before you are in for the treat of a lifetime and one you may be given only at such times as your owners see fit.”

Karen looked at June with excitement in her eyes and June’s eyes twinkled back. “What the hell was this place?”

“Now ladies please strip and put these on.” He handed out corsets to everyone and as Karen placed her clothes carefully on the nearest chair she looked round at June who had already stripped and was pulling on the corset. Turning to her “well at least help tie me up then” she laughed. Karen did and then turned and let June help her into her corset. She looked down as June pulled tight on the ties and as her breasts came up to meet her. She looked lovely in a corset but hadn’t ever worn one before. She felt excited and could hear her own heart beating with the uncertainty at what was about to happen. She suddenly felt anxious as she realised that there may be men involved.

“Right ladies now just drop your things in this box and sit right up there on the stage.” She looked around and there was a light suddenly on the stage and there was a long seat or she thought it was a seat anyway as it looked more like a seat for a carnival ride. They all went up onto the stage and sat in the seats with great difficulty since there wasn’t much to sit on. He came over and pulled down the shoulder pads on each of them which also brought a clamp across their stomachs. When he had down this for everyone one of the 6 ladies he shouted “now.” At that they were pulled into the air and hung suspended from this contraption. At that another man came onto the stage with his hands full of spreader bars and started clamping them onto each of them.

Hanging there Karen looked at June but knew better to say anything out loud as she had not been given permission and she was right in thinking that she needed it. As her legs were spread and the spreader bar clamped to her ankles she wondered what the hell was about to happen. “Well ladies not long now and you’ll be in heaven” and at that patted the arse of the one nearest to him and went down off the stage. She swung her head around to look at June again who only just grinned and as she was about to ask what was about to happen a crowd of men and women started to come into the club. Karen felt her face redden but no one would see it anyway as the light had switched to below their waists. As she was looking around her the same man who had put the spreader bars on came in with chains which he clipped on to each bar in the middle and then attached to a hook that she hadn’t noticed on the front of the corsets. Once he had done this to every woman he raised his arm and Karen felt them all moving until they were just over the end of the stage. With the chains it made them fully accessible to whoever was standing at the front of the stage and there was already a group of people waiting there.

Karen thought she was going to die with shame as she felt teeth clamp onto her clit and suck hard. Oh my god she muttered which the response from June was a very hard pinch and a “shhhh”. The man who was sucking on June looked up from what he was doing and stared up at June for a second before continuing with what he was doing. Karen was in ecstasy as she felt herself beginning to climax. As she felt herself begin to tremble she didn’t know if she was allowed to come and as she looked at June in panic she nodded at her knowing exactly what she was thinking. Karen came several times until she heard a bell ring and then the woman moved up to the woman hanging next to her. The man who had been only seconds before been clamped around June’s cunt was now on hers and she sighed as he blew hard on her opening her lips. She felt herself clam up but that just made him suck even harder stabbing his finger in her arse as his tongue penetrated her cunt. As his prickly face moved up and down and fucked her she felt herself relax and give in to the feeling and try and not be aware that it was a man coming as strong as with the woman before him.

As the night wore on her legs ached with the pain of being spread for so long and her cunt felt bruised and swollen. He arse did not feel any better and she felt shock and embarrassment at how good it felt for someone and by that she meant anyone fucked her up the arse when they were sucking on her cunt. The night went on and she felt that she could not come any more when she felt such soft lips on her lips that she thought she might cry. She peered down at a woman with dark brown hair who was looking up at her as she licked her cunt all around flicking the tip of her tongue at Karen’s clit. As Karen went to look away the woman stopped and said “look at me as I taste you slave”. Karen’s whole body tingled at her words as she stared into the woman’s eyes. “Do not look away and I want you to come whenever you are ready but don’t wait too long.” At that she sucked hard and rammed two fingers into Karen's arse making her come again and again until she thought she might pass out. The whole time the woman still sucked and sucked and fucked her arse never detracting from the rhythm she had set.

The bell rang and the woman did not move staying with Karen until the next bell rang. Karen wanted to scream “don’t leave me I need you” as the woman walked away but then realised that there was no one on stage apart from them and the club was emptying. As they dressed after being released from the spreader bars and the seating one of the men handed Karen a card. "She would like you to call her, she liked your taste."