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Monday, 30 May 2011

I Need You

Your skin glistens
In the pale light
A thin line of sweat
Runs down the dip
In your back

Your skin taut
As you tense for me
Red ribbons cross
Until there's no white
You can see

I love you
I tell you in whispers
You can't hear
I need you to want me
As wicked as I can be

Friday, 27 May 2011

Hitch - Part 3

I awoke shivering and realising we were all lying there with no cover pulled the quilt up to cover Lou and Annette.  I needed a pee so had no choice but to get up.  I picked up my watch as I ran into the loos.  It was freezing in here, that was the only drawback to an old place like this, lack of heating apart from in the main living areas.

Sitting there freezing in the dark I tried to look at the time.  I had left the light off in the vain hope that I could stay half asleep so that I could go back to bed and nod off straight away but that was obviously pointless.  I pulled on a robe and tiptoed through the bedroom and into the kitchen and was shocked to see it was past 5pm.  I could hardly believe that we had slept so long but then we had been at it all last night and this morning.

Looking into the fridge there wasn’t much there as we had only brought the bare essentials intending to go shopping at the market today.  I slipped back into the bedroom and pulled on some track pants and a sweatshirt and watched the two of them lying there; soft snoring sounds coming from them both, very cute.

I tiptoed back out and picking up my wallet and car keys went off in search of food.  I knew that the winery was the first place to the right so I went left; after driving for about 15 minutes I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a small shop.

Stopping the car I could see it was open; surely I could get enough to keep us going until tomorrow?  “Eggs, beans, bread, cheese, crisps milk, think that will do” I said out loud looking at the things in the basket.  “Oh and do you have any bacon and onions?”  She pointed in the general direction without even looking up from her magazine.

“Now all I need are some beers and I will be happy” I said.  The woman still said nothing but began ringing up the things.  As I was paying “there’s a bottle shop around the corner at the back of here”.  Thanking her I jumped back in the car and drove around to the offie.  Going back with beers the girls were up sitting out on the deck with cups of tea and all wrapped up in scarves and hats.  That night we ate, laughed and drank beer and were friends for the evening.

That night we spooned together naked and comfortable with one another. I lay in the middle, part of me in shock that this would be happening yet the other part not shocked at all.

The next morning I wakened in the throw of an orgasm; Annette had her arm around me and had me cupped in her hand three fingers inside me moving ever so slowly in and out. I was soaking and could feel my juices running down my legs.  On realising I was awake she kissed me on the back of my neck and wrapped herself around me until I came softly; moaning and arching my back against her.    I turned around and kissed her, running my hand lightly up and down her back. She grabbed my hand and pushed it down to her cunt forcing my hand in between her legs which was hot and wet and waiting.  I slipped a couple of fingers into her wetness and sighed into her mouth as I slowly fucked my girlfriend’s best friend to orgasm.  As she came she cried and I held her tightly until the crying stopped. 
Annette got up and went to the toilet and I turned around and cuddled into Lou rubbing gently onto her clit and kissing her softly on the back of her neck until she wakened up and turned around to kiss me.  She loved to be wakened like this and was now incredibly turned on as I fucked her slowly kissing her all over her face at the same time.  Annette came back from the toilet and I could feel her watching us before eventually coming and lying at the back of Lou and running her hand down her ass.  Eventually I could feel her fingers inside her and rubbing against mine in her cunt.  It was the most amazing feeling to feel someone else inside her at the same time as me and I felt my own cunt clench in response.  As Lou came she crushed my fingers against Annette’s and I leant over to kiss her as I could see her in the middle of an orgasm.  As Lou stopped clenching I felt myself begin to orgasm and Lou’s fingers slip into me as I came; growling loudly like an animal.


Meaning #fuckmefriday #fawn

Well it's another Friday and that means only one thing! #fuckmefriday the prompt this week being #fawn. Have a read of the rest HERE or write something yourself!

You suit silk I think
As you grovel at my feet
The taupe stripes
Contrast with your paleness
As you creep and kiss my feet

I grab you by your brown hair
Until you’re on your feet
Your eyes they still look downward
Your heart begins the beat

I turn you to face the wall now
I hear the sigh you make
I lift the silk that holds you
And fasten it to the stake

You hang suspended waiting
For the tan I’m about to make
You look like you’ve stopped breathing
As I bring the whip to break

Your skin so white and tender
Mushrooms to bloody red
You cry and beg and plead
Please mistress give me less

As I bring my hand down again
I watch the pale buff suede
Make such pretty red colours
In amongst the beige silk

I hit and hit until you slump
I stop and hold you close
I love my little fawn with her doe eyes
That’s why I punish her the most

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Hitch - Part 2

The next morning I wakened and opened my eyes slowly my head was beating a little tune all of its own and I felt like I had concrete in my stomach.  Stretching over I ran my hand down Lou’s back where she lay at the side of me.  As I went to get up to get water and pills I came face to face with Annette who kissed me “Good morning”. “Ah good morning” I replied. “Let me guess?”  She said “Water and pills and food in that order?” I nodded closing my eyes with the pain of moving.  I felt her get up and heard her going into the kitchen.  I must’ve nodded off because the next moment I wakened and she was there with a tray still naked.  “Sit up” I did and she placed the tray down beside me lifted two pills and handed them and a glass of water.   I took the pills and went to hand the water back. “Drink it all; you’re dehydrated.”  She wandered around the bed and shook Lou gently “C’mon sweetie breakfast is served”.   Lou wakened and reached over me and grabbed a slice of toast. “Yum” as she chewed she pecked me on the cheek, “morning beautiful” and then she turned and pulled Annette on to the bed “and good morning to you too” and at that she kissed her hard.  I could see that this was going to be some holiday.

We all sat cross legged on the bed naked eating breakfast of toast and bananas and not saying a word just smiling at one another.  As the last mouthful was chewed we all seemed to know what was about to happen.  Lou lifted the tray and placed it on the floor at the side of the bed.  She lay down and looked at us and we both made a dive for her at the same time laughing.  I reached her first and kissed her sucking at her lips and pulling on her nipples until they were both hard and full.  I could feel her moans start as I caught Annette from the side of my eye placing her head in between Lou’s legs.  Lou pulled away from my kiss “sit on me I want to taste you”.    As I went to she said “no I want you to watch her as I come in her mouth!”  I sat on her mouth and groaned arching back at which she bit and I could hear her mumbling.  Automatically knowing what she meant I sat straight and she started to suck and flick her tongue at my now swollen clit as I watched Annette doing the same to her.  It was a strange feeling as every lick was almost in unison so much so that I wasn’t sure whose mouth was on my cunt.  I could feel Lou’s bites getting harder as she sucked my clit into her mouth like it was a cock.  It felt like it too she sucked so hard, I watched Annette’s face as she looked at me while she ate my girlfriend.  She actually looked amazing and I could hardly believe that I hadn’t seen her before.  As I started to come I felt Lou going quicker and Annette matching her speed as we both came together with a rush and a cry. 

We all lay on the bed together this time with Annette in the middle gasping and trying to get our breath back.  Once I had my breath back I traced my hand down her side and curled my fingers in her soft pubes.  Lou grinned at me from the other side of her and bent over and put her mouth around her tit sucking it all almost into her mouth as she watched me I moved down the bed until I had reached the top of her legs and then moved over her leg and blew on her light hair spreading her wide in doing so.  Flicking my tongue she started to move about the bed so I held both her legs down as I sucked and licked every bit of her cunt and clit until she could take no more and was begging for me to fuck her.   As I slid two fingers into her I felt Lou sliding two fingers into her arse and could feel her fingers rub against mine as we fucked her from both sides both watching her face as we took her to places she had never been before.  She cried as she came eventually sobbing as we both moved to the top of the bed and held her in our arms until we all fell asleep.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

#Hitch #Wankwednesday - Part 1

Another Wednesday and another chance to read and write for Ruby for #Wankwednesday this week the prompt is #Hitch read the rest HERE or have a go yourself

“There’s a slight hitch” she said.  I sighed because I knew exactly what that hitch would be.  “Annette?” I asked.  “Yes” she sighed.

We’d been planning this trip for months now and had been looking forward to getting away into the middle of nowhere and being naked.  “I can’t leave her Mandy” she whispered into the phone, “she’s devastated”.

“I know we can’t leave her but…..”  I left the words unspoken.  Lou knew what we had planned, it was hard getting away without the kids and I knew she wouldn’t do this if she didn’t feel she had to.

We hardly spoke that night as we dropped the kids off at Lou’s mums.  I could tell she was disappointed too but I couldn’t bring myself out of the mood I had gotten into to cheer her up.  I was such a selfish cunt at times; I had no idea why she was still with me after all these years.  As we got in the phone was ringing and as she answered it I knew immediately who it was.

“Darling it’s alright we don’t mind, really we don’t.  We wouldn’t leave you on your own at a time like this.  No, Mandy doesn’t mind.”  At which I made a face at her and she picked up a book and threw it at me.  “See you at 8am sharp”.  As she hung up I put my arms around her waist and nuzzled into the back of her ear, “let’s make the best of tonight then shall we?”

“Sweetheart, you know I have tons to do I haven’t even packed yet as I had the kids’ stuff to pack, you have no idea how much they actually ‘need’ with them” as she gestured in the air to emphasise their voices.  If only I had arrived home earlier then I could’ve helped her but as usual she ended up doing everything as I was still at work.  I went into the kitchen and put the kettle on the least I could do was to make her a cup of tea.  Later I packed throwing some t-shirts, jumpers, trousers and underwear into a bag and hiking boots and trainers.  All I needed was toiletries and Lou would see to them.

She lay with her back to me in my arms that night and instantly fell asleep as I lay there thinking about the holiday that we could’ve had.  Oh well at least we could get some walking in as there was plenty places to go round about the cottage.  And perhaps we could sneak some quality time like we had to with the kids, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad I thought as I drifted off to sleep.

8am and no sign of Annette, “ok she’s not coming let’s go” which warranted a thump from Lou.  As she looked anxiously up the road a taxi drew up with Annette.  “My car wouldn’t start “she said as she jumped out of the taxi all bags and frazzled.  Lou sat with her in the back while I watched them in the mirror.  She still made my heart flip over after 14 years just her smile was enough to do it.  When I saw her coming towards me it made me grin like an idiot.  I looked at Annette; she had something about her I suppose.  She had just been royally dumped by her girlfriend of 4 years who had been screwing about that whole time too.  She had gone into the club to meet a mate and had bumped straight into her girlfriend mouth around another woman.  What was worse was that she treated Annette like she had done something wrong and stomped out and when she had got home all her things were gone.  Just like that gone and over and on to the next.  A mutual friend told me she had moved in with this other woman already. 

I could see the tears flowing down her cheeks and could see why Lou needed to be with her, they had been friends for years and despite the holiday plans being thrown up in the air I did understand.  They cried and talked and hugged and laughed and then cried all over again all the way to the cottage.  By the time we arrived the two of them looked exhausted as I carried all the bags in and they ran through the rooms checking them out.  “Check out the back” I shouted as they went from room to room and I heard them shout out when they found the hot tub out the back.
As I tried to get the fire to light which had already been laid (I loved that you laid a fire) and chuckled away to myself thinking about I heard Lou in the kitchen putting on the kettle.  It was her answer for everything a cup of tea and a biscuit. And to be honest I was getting to be a bit of a tea aficionado myself now after all this time together.   I went out and switched on the hot tub so it would be nice and warm later if we fancied jumping in.
The three of us sat on the couch a little while later hands around hot mugs of tea with legs stretched out and three pairs of feet in socks toasting themselves in front of the roaring fire.  “Ah this is the life eh?” Lou said sipping away at her tea.  I had to agree with her there was nothing like it apart from the fact that Annette sat between us.  I tried not to be annoyed it must’ve been dreadful to have been treated like that!  “Tell you what?” I announced “I’ll go and get some wine and we can relax with a film maybe?”  Both nodded and I went to the winery which was about a half hour up the road and the only place nearby.  When I got back with the wine and some nibbles they were both still on the couch but Annette was again crying.  Saying nothing I went and opened the wine and poured us all a large glass which put paid to the first bottle.  I was glad I had bought a case of 12.  Handing out the wine Annette seemed to cheer up a bit and I suggested that we watch something funny.  There was only The Hangover in amongst the DVDs that wasn’t a chick flick romantic film so I shoved that on. 
After about half hour I was bored I had seen this movie several times and not one of us was laughing.  We had already finished the second bottle of wine and the fire was dying down.  Going outside I grabbed some more coal and wood and brought it in and stacked the fire up again which meant it instantly went a bit colder in the room.  “Shit its cold I think I may get in the hot tub for a bit.”  “Ok sweetheart, give me a shout if you need anything.” Lou said over her shoulder.  I grabbed a robe off the back of the door which led out onto the decking where the hot tub sat.  Pulling off my clothes I threw them on the back of a chair just inside the door and dropped the robe at the side of the tub and got in still holding onto my glass of wine.  I was glad I had put it on earlier otherwise I would have had to wait and it looked like they needed to talk.
As I lay in the water looking up at the stars sipping my wine the only thing missing was Lou.  I had dreamt about us being here but not like this.  I realised that I had forgotten to top up my wine and so shouted to Lou for a bottle.  As she came out, Annette came with her “Do you mind if we come in too?” “No but I’m naked…..”  The next minute they were both naked beside me one on each side.
Lou on my left filled up my glass and giggled.  As she did I felt my insides twinge, she only ever giggled when we were about to fuck and only for that short second before we started.  I took a large gulp of my wine; Lou looked like she had drunk quite a few more glasses when I had come out here and turning around to look at Annette and desperately trying not to look below her chin she looked well on too.  As I turned back to Lou she flung her arm around me and kissed me deeply and with such passion that I felt my lip split.

As she pulled away I took another gulp from my wine glass, we had had a threesome when we had first being going out together and it was just terrible.  It was all just cringe worthy now thinking about it and I dreaded the thought that this was what was about to happen now.  Taking another gulp from my glass I breathed out when I realised I hadn’t been breathing for a second.  As I did that I felt Annette pull me towards her and as I turned she kissed me as passionately as Lou had opening the split in my lip.  Wow I thought when she pulled back laughing, I turned around to look at Lou and she was giggling still so I knew she was aware that was about to happen.  She laughed as she topped up my glass which I hadn’t realised I had emptied again.

As she leant over and put the now empty bottle down at the side of the tub I tapped her backside and she giggled again as she fell back into the water splashing us both.  As she went under the water she grabbed my leg almost pulling me over and then she was up in front of Annette and I putting her arms around us both and pulling us towards her so that she could kiss us both at the same time.  Lou then put her hands on both our necks pushing us towards one another until we kissed.  I was a bit drunk by now and thought what the hell.  As I kissed her I slipped my tongue into her mouth she tasted faintly of blackcurrants and I almost giggled myself thinking of those wine snobs at the winery who had been prattling on about blackcurrants and musk.
Lou’s hand was rubbing up and down the side of my hip I knew that she was turned on as she loved to watch.  As I stopped and turned towards her she grabbed a quick kiss and pushed my head back towards Annette.  I shrugged slightly and began to kiss her again I could feel Lou’s hand working it’s way down my arse until she grabbed me with her finger held in the crack and pressed on my sensitive bit of skin between my arse and cunt.  I bent slightly and took Annette’s right nipple in my mouth it was freezing and the heat from my mouth brought it to a peak quickly.  I heard her gasp as her body arched towards me.  At that moment I felt Lou put her finger into my cunt and push which made me exhale hard and bite down hard on Annette’s nipple.

“Fuuucckk she exhaled and grabbed my hair pulling me closer to her.  As she did I grabbed her arse and pulled her until she touched me all the way down and her feet were standing on mine.  I put my middle finger into her and it slid in easily and not just from the water in the hot tub.  She clenched slightly around my fingers as I pushed in the other three and started to fuck her.  Lou started a movement all of her own and started fucking my arse as I in turn fucked Annette.  She started biting the back of my neck small nibbling bites and with her left hand pierced my nipple with her nails.  As I moved my hand in and out of Annette I felt my body start to shudder as Lou brought her other hand down and pressed her finger on my clit hard until I could hold it in no longer.  As I came I pushed hard on Annette’s g spot until I felt her start to come and she screamed silently into my mouth as she clung onto my shoulders.  Lou was clinging onto my back and I could feel her mound ride the top of my arse until we were all clinging onto one another exhausted and spent.

What a first night of a holiday and we still had another 4 nights to go. ..... to be continued

Sunday, 22 May 2011

#Cream #Fuckmefriday

Its Friday again (well it's Sunday here as not been up to it until today) and another chance to write for Aisling's #Fuckmefriday the prompt this week being #cream  Read the others here or write your own take on the prompt here

Ice cream she said I want real ice cream, none of that synthetic crap.  She was such a pain when she was like this which was most of the time recently.  As I drove to the shops to get some I wondered where I would find open at this time of the night.  All of the main shops would have closed by now.  As I drove around in the rain the sound of the wipers almost lulled me to a sleep, blinking I stopped at the end of the street I was on to try and waken before I killed myself or someone else.   I got out in the drizzle and as I stood looking around me I realised that I had no idea where I was.  I walked a few steps to the corner and looked down the side street, still not knowing where I was at least I could see a small café that still had its lights on, hoping that it sold proper ice cream I ran to the door as the rain got heavier.  I was already drenched to the skin by the time I opened the door and threw myself through it the bell on the door clanging loudly when I slammed it shut behind me.

There was a young woman behind the counter propping her head up in her hands, elbows on the counter looking intently at a magazine.  As I got nearer I could see it was full of pictures of naked women and I felt my face redden as she looked up at me and stared into my eyes.  She didn’t say a word just stayed in the same position staring at me.  “Please tell me you sell real ice cream?” She still stared at me and said nothing I was becoming a bit unnerved when she asked “What flavour?”  Shit I hadn’t even asked her and if I went back with the wrong kind she would surely throw another strop.  “What kind do you have, am not sure?”

She gestured her head up to the sign at the back of her that had the whole menu and I could see that they had all the traditional ones like vanilla, strawberry, chocolate and others such as banana and coconut.  She looked back down at her magazine and turned the page where there was a picture of a woman going down on another one their faces looked in bliss.  I couldn’t remember the last time we had made love; since Alice had her accident there had been nothing and who could blame her when she couldn’t feel anything below her waist.  I loved her and would never leave her but this was torture for both of us.  We had screwed every night for the last 15 years never missing a night apart from twice when she had to go away on business and even then we had phone sex which was a good substitute for not being together.

As I thought about the phone sex I mused over the flavours of the ice cream eventually settling on a mixture of flavours so that she would be happy hopefully with at least one of them.  As I left the café back out into the rain I was still thinking of that phone sex.  Maybe… just maybe ……  As I clicked the number on speed dial my heart thudded worrying that she wasn’t ready yet and that the lack of feeling would make her realise how much she had lost in the accident.  The doctors said that she could get her feeling back at any time as there had been no permanent damage to her spine just bruising although they had no idea how long it would take.  “What?” She snapped as she answered on the 5th ring.  “I’m wet.”  I couldn’t think of anything else to say and was hoping that would do it like it had always done before.  I heard her breath in sharply knowing that I meant more than from the rain I was standing in.  This was a good sign “how wet?” she asked.  My heart flipped she was responding the way she used to when I said that I was wet. "Very"!
“Get home now” and with that she hung up.  I stood in the rain smiling to myself before realising I had no idea where I was and how to get back home!  Shit!  I ran back down to the café as the girl was closing up and asked for directions, turns out I was just off our road and all I had to do was drive to the other end of the street and turn left and I would be on our road.

As I ran up the stairs to her with the ice cream I wondered how she would be.  As I opened the door she was lying on the bed naked.  I put the ice cream down on the bedside table and kissed her hard pulling on her hair at the same time.  She pulled away from me and said huskily “cream, give me the ice cream”.  I turned and lifted the tub which she after opening tipped half of it on her mound “eat” she said looking at me the way she used to.  I needed no second telling as I dived in with my tongue forcing it through the ice cream to find her clit which was hard. As I started to sit up to say so she pushed my head back down.  “Feelings have been coming back for the last week and I didn’t want to tell you until I was alright again but you telling me you were wet seemed to just bring me alive; now make me come I am so horny.” I licked and sucked until I could feel her whole body shivering and then as she came in my mouth in a rainbow of flavours and colours I congratulated myself on getting so many different kinds.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

#Slice #wankwednesday

Well it's Wednesday again and another chance to try and write something hot and smutty for Ruby - read the others or post your own HERE

"I love them darling" she had gone on about them for long enough there was no way I wouldn't have bought them for her! You would think she would want a present that didn't relate to work but Joyce was never off duty, even at home she would prepare exotic meals when sometimes all I wanted was something plain like chicken, chips and gravy. As I walked out of the kitchen she started pulling things out of the fridge and throwing them onto the counter to try them out.
I sat down and switched on the tv sighing she would be in there for hours chopping and slicing away. As soon as that thought went through my mind I could hear her slice, slice, chop, chop. Turning the tv up louder I sighed again and wished that she loved me as much as she loved cooking. I nodded off to the gentle sound of the knives going up and down in the kitchen and the dull roar of the tv almost blocking the sound of them out. The next thing I knew Joyce was straddling me and kissing my mouth still tasting of the strawberry she had obviously just been eating. I laughed "I love you too sweetie" She kept kissing me and pushed harder with each kiss her tongue probing my mouth and licking leaving the faint taste of strawberries in a trail behind her.
Just as I was getting to the point of throwing her onto the couch she jumped up "don't move a muscle". I was intrigued to say the least and looking at my watch she had only been in the kitchen for about an hour. So it wasn't some exotic banquet at least, my waistband was getting a bit too snug for these amazing feasts everyday. Joyce walked over with a tray covered with a tea towel and straddled me again putting the tray to the side of us. "I. Love. You." she said punctuating each word with a kiss. "Ceramic is definitely the best". At that she pressed her lips hard against mine banging my lip against my teeth and drawing blood. I could feel her pulling at my belt until she got it open and then struggling with my buttons, as I went to give her a hand she pushed me away and carried on fumbling with them with one hand. The other was to the right of us at the tray but at the angle I was sitting I couldn't see what she was doing. Closing my eyes I gave in to her attentions enjoying the roughness of her kisses and feeling my tensions sliding away.
Joyce pushed me over on the couch and pulled my jeans from me leaving me with nothing else on, "oh so no knickers you dirty little girl" she laughed. I often liked to wear nothing under my jeans so she wasn't really surprised in fact she looked absolutely delighted. As she bent over to the tray I got a glimpse of orange under the tea towel. What she had in her hand was however not orange! It was a cucumber or rather it used to be a cucumber, now it was carved into a twirling tower that looked like a screw. Joyce laughed as she almost read my mind about it being a screw "yes exactly what I had in mind for it too" and she grinned and headed towards the very wet patch developing on the couch below me. She pushed it through my curls already damp due to her kisses and pushed gently, turning as she pushed. Yes it was definitely a screw I thought as I moaned out loud as the cucumber disappeared into me. I came almost immediately as the coolness touched me in a way that surprised me, as it grew softer; my contractions and come making it turn to mush in places Joyce pulled it out and discarded it on the tray.
I lay there gasping and trying to get my breath back as she laughed and removed something else from the tray this time it was orange! This looked like it was never a carrot Joyce having carved it into a cock with veins and all! Who knew she was such a talented carver I thought as she held it up to her mouth and gave it a kiss on it's perfect tip! Running it down between my breasts she almost slipped it in straight away due to the wetness that was now pouring out of me. "Oh no not that quickly!" she laughed as she ran it back up my body and neck and to my mouth. "Show me how you would give me head if I was a guy she murmured". I could see she was extremely turned on and she gazed at me holding the carrot to my mouth and waiting for me to start. I wrapped my lips around it slipping all the way down to the base and her hand backwards and forwards as she straddled me panting. I looked at her as she watched me giving the carrot the blowjob of its life and knew that she was nearing the edge, she pulled the carrot from my mouth and rammed it into me with no softness ramming it again and again until I thought I was going to explode. Watching her closely I held on waiting and gasping until we both came with Joyce on top of me and the carrot between us.
After we had calmed down we lay on the couch and I laughed at how good a carver she was. "I practised for hours on radishes years ago you have no idea!" At that she lifted the tea towel and underneath were another 2 carrots and cucumbers perfectly carved waiting to be cooked by us. As I looked at her I smiled "For once my darling I love the birthday present I bought you!"

Saturday, 14 May 2011

#Blue #fuckmefriday - Part 6

Well its Friday again thankfully and another chance to have fun with Aisling's #fuckmefriday challenge the prompt this week being #blue.  Have a go or have a read of the others HERE

I waited for what seemed forever I had never felt so blue in my life. Still you didn't come back and I couldn't even hear you walking about the house either. I wasn't sure what to do, should I get up and look for you or should I stay here. I frantically searched my mind for everything you had said in the last 24 hours but there was nothing that said I had to stay here once you had put me here. But there was just one thing stopping me; I was still cuffed to the bed and despite pulling on them I could see that there was no way of unbuckling them the way you had me strapped to the bed. What if you never came back, no one knew I was here! I lay there crying unable to think straight and cursing myself for closng my eyes against your orders and not of not comng here at all.
I had no idea how much time had passed as I lay there with my face wet and salty and the end of my hair around my face damp. The tears just did not seem to want to stop and were flowing freely from my eyes. I was exhausted and closed my eyes listening to the sound of nothing and trying to relax against the cuffs which held me to my limits. as I felt myself drifting off into a doze the sound of a chair scraping across the floor; making me jump. The cuffs dug into my skin to the point where I eventually gave in and relaxed into them as much as they would let me.
I strained my ears but there was still no sound silence... then I jumped you were there at my feet starting to undo my ankle cuffs. "I'm sorry mistress" I said but I didn't sound sorry even to myself. You said nothing the silence was deafening as you carried on uncuffing me. First my ankles then my wrists. Taking my hand you pulled me sitting up. Still you said nothing while you stared into my eyes bending over me. I had never been looked at so deeply and everything in me was screaming to be allowed to look away. I didn't dare! As my eyes started to burn with trying not to blink you stood up straight and pulled my head towards your body holding me there. I could hear your sigh I could smell you as you held me to you still naked and obviously not done with me yet.
You bent down again and kissed me on the head and taking my hands gently pulled me to my feet. "Make me come" you whispered in my ear as you wrapped yourself around me. I needed no second telling as I dropped to my knees and put my mouth around your mound kissing it all over and taking in your smell before gently moving your lips aside with my tongue until I found your clit already hard. Your aroma was musky yet you tasted so sweet almost fruity yet not. I couldn't get enough you tasted amazing and nothing like anyone before. I felt my tongue over every part of your lips and clit trying to memorise each bit in case this was the first and last time I would do this. AS I licked, sucked and nibbled all over you I could hear you sighing. I looked up and you were looking down at me with dazed eyes. Unable and unwilling to now look away I watched you as I licked my tongue against you sweeping up all the wetness there. Your eyes fluttered but stayed open as I pushed my tongue all the way inside you they grew wider and then fluttered again. You had such control as I adored you from my knees, lapping and nibbling your clit and dipping my tongue in and out of you I could eventually feel you gripping my tongue as you started to climax. You felt amazing and all the while our eyes were locked barely blinking.
As you came your eyes dilated even further until the hazel brown was replaced with black. You made no sound apart from the sound of your hands clenching and unclenching which I could see from the corner of my vision. As I started to sit back on my legs, "clean". I licked you until there were no juices left and sat back on my legs head bowed and heart pounding. I felt you bend and lift my chin gently encouraging me to my feet. I still kept my eyes lowered totally in awe of your beauty and control. You took my hand and gently led me though the the first room in the corridor and opened the door.
It was your room, it looked like it was lived in and had pictures on the walls and a watch lying on the dresser. It was green all over I had never seen so many different shades it was like walking into a forest with the only thing missing the smell of nature. The carpet was thick and warm under my feet as you walked me towards the bed. I glanced at your back quickly and saw white scars stretching across your back. As you turned around I lowered my eyes again and could feel you looking at me as you pulled back the duvet and got in. You lifted the duvet at the other side of the bed and motioned to me to get in. As I walked round you snapped "quicker". Jumping in quickly you pulled the duvet over me and pulled me into your arms.
As you held me I could feel our hearts starting to beat almost in time as we both fell asleep.

Monday, 9 May 2011

#default #wankwednesday

Well it's another week and another #wankwednesday challenge from Ruby and what a challenge this week! The prompt is #default and if you want to have a go or read the other writers go HERE

Joan hated this job it had to be the worst she had ever had she saw people at their worst and gave them the worst. She knocked on the door and waited, eventually hearing footsteps walking down a wooden floor towards the door. As the door opened there stood a young woman with long brown curly hair tied loosely on the top of her head with dark framed glasses on, she wore a white vest and faded pale blue jeans and very high heels which was just as well as she would've been tiny otherwise. As it was she only came to Joan's shoulders. "Hi, are you Miss Clark?" Joan asked her looking at her clipboard and flicking through the sheets held there. "Yes I am what can I do for you?" she said as she removed her glasses to reveal the most beautiful hazel eyes.

Joan flashed her identity card at the woman. "I am from Sure Finance and your car loan is in default. I have come to repossess your car." Joan looked down at the young woman and saw how tidy she was, her breasts were just perfect and she could see that the woman did not wear a bra. The woman smiled despite what Joan had just said as she was watching Joan looking at her breasts. "Shit I thought that he sorted that out before he left bloody family!" I can't be without my car is there anything I can pay you now to stop the repossession?" "Joan looked at her sheets to see if she could accept a payment as often when a loan was in default she could accept a payment to stop the repossession. "Mmmh if you gave me $250 then I could halt it for a week then you have another $2,000 outstanding which you really should get cleared as soon as you can.

"Shit not sure if I have that much in my purse, would you come in while I look?" Joan nodded and followed her down the hall into a large room where another woman lay on a chaise longue naked apart from a silk sheet draped over her hips. "Ahem perhaps I could come back later" Joan said as she saw her but then the women both laughed and Joan realised that she was modelling for the small woman who was painting her. "It's a pretty good likeness" Joan said as she wandered over to the easel and looked at the painting. "Mmmh I don't quite have enough in my purse....." "Afraid I can't take any less than that today to stop the repossession." Joan apologised, she hated this bit.

"Could you possibly wait until I run around to the cashpoint just around the corner? I can be just 10 minutes at most?" Joan wasn't sure what to say but she really didn't want to take the woman's car from her she seemed nice. "Ok if you make me a cup of tea I will wait, could murder one." "In that case one cup of tea coming up and my name is Lynn" Joan stood in the middle of the room not quite sure where to look and there being nowhere to sit apart from the chaise where the other woman lay looking up at her. "Why don't you come and sit on the end of here" said the other woman as she patted the end of the chaise. "It's alright I am fine here" Joan said her face flushing slightly. "I insist you sit down Lynn will take ages to make tea as she takes it very seriously, it's her thing!" Joan shrugged and went and sat on the edge of the chaise. "What's your name?" said the naked woman. "I'm Joan and you are?" "Sally" "Pleased to meet you Sally" Joan laughed at the absurdity of introducing herself to a naked woman like this.

Sally put her hand out and sat up right next to Joan waiting for her to take it. Joan looked at it for a second before putting her hand in Sally's and shaking it. Sally laughed and lay back down again realising that she was making Joan uncomfortable sitting so close and so naked. At that Lynn came back in with a tray laden with tea paraphanalia. "Ok tea is on the brew and I will be back before it needs poured. Thank you very much for doing this for me I will be as quick as I can. Make yourself at home with Sally." At that Lynn headed off and banged the door on her way out making Joan jump. Sally laughed and sat up putting a hand on Joan's back which she didn't move and when she did she was running it down to the small of her back where she left it lingering before slipping her hand into the back of Joan's jeans. Joan went to stand and Sally held onto her jeans pulling her back down. "Don't tell me you're not interested, because I saw the way you looked at me when you came in."

In response Joan turned towards her and pulled her towards her and kissed her hard and as she lay down beside Sally she kicked her shoes off. She ran her hand up and down Sally feeling how soft her skin was she started to alternately kiss and nibble her all the way down from her neck to her stomach eventually arriving at the silk sheet covering her. As she moved the silk sheet it appeared to run off her like it was made of water. Joan swallowed as she made her way further down Sally to her soft downy mound and took her clit into her mouth. Sally sighed out loud and arched her body towards Joan as she sucked and bit on her clit she didn't hear the door opening or Lynn coming into the room. As she bit and sucked Sally's clit into her mouth she felt hands coming around her back and pulling at her nipples through her shirt and moaned into Sally's down making her gasp out at the heat she felt.

She turned slightly and saw Lynn who pulled her round and towards her and started unbuttoning Joan's shirt. As she did Sally sat up and pulled her shirt down around her shoulders leaving her shirt around her wrists effectively keeping her arms there. Sally rose and gently pushed Joan down onto her back where she was then lying on her arms pinning her to the chaise unable to get up. Lynn then opened her buttons and unzipped her jeans and pulled at them as Sally joined in laughing and pulling at the legs of her jeans. Joan lay there looking at the two of them as they pulled them off both collapsing on the floor giggling. Lynn then took her pants off and bent over and kissed her on her fluffy mound. Sally helped Lynn out of her clothes and they both stood naked in front of the chaise staring down at her. As they helped her sit up Lynn undid her bra and pulled her shirt fully off taking her bra at the same time. She lay down behind her as Sally pushed her slowly down so that she was lying on Lynn who had her arms around her and softly took her nipples in her small hands which were stained with paint and smelt of turps and started softly rubbing them. As she tweaked her nipples she kissed the back of Joan's neck making all the hairs on her back stand on edge and making her arch slightly. At that point Sally who had been planting small kisses on her ankles made her way up to her clit and took a hold of it between her teeth and teased it as Joan arched further.

Sally stopped at this point and bent down towards the floor feeling about for something under the chaise. As she lifted it Joan could see it was a harness and dildo and felt herself quiver and her stomach flip. Sally put it on and moved up towards Joan who was still lying on her back on top of Lynn who was pulling her nipples between her nails and nibbling on the back of her neck. Sally crouched between her legs and kissed her hard as she played the dildo across her other lips which were already wet and dripping pushing in and out before eventually pushing all the way in and making Joan cry out. As Sally moved in and out of her cunt she felt like she was going to explode with the combination of Lynn pulling her nipples making an electric current pass between them and her clit. Lynn grabbed her hips as she began to moan and Sally continued riding her and biting her mouth softly. Joan felt the blood rushing to her clit and heard the pounding in her ears. She could feel Lynn rubbing against her arse and could feel her pulse beating behind her. As she arched further desperate to have Sally pound into her harder she could feel them both matching her pace. As they moved together Joan could feel Lynn begin to come behind her and Sally come at the front of her which almost felt like she was inside her. At that moment as they both cried out Joan also came and they all collapsed together spent and satisfied.

As Joan was leaving with the payment to stop the repossession Lynn leant up and kissed her, "I will try and not miss a payment again I wouldn't want a default processor to come around again." Joan smiled as she knew she would see them both again very soon.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Lessons - part 6

I felt you before I was even awake properly, your hand cupped my mound and held me as I began to throb. I moved and mumbled pretending that I was still asleep so you would carry on doing what you were doing. You chuckled as you grabbed my hair and hauled me from the bed wakening me fully in an instant with pain that shot through my head. "Don't pretend you're sleeping when I have wakened you and demanded your presence!" You pulled me to my knees as I cried out with the pain, this was not what I expected after the way you had treated me earlier. "Ok beautiful, here's how it goes. I will teach you several things and we shall see how you perform and if you perform well you will come and live with me. Do you agree?"
I knelt at your feet and nodded as best I could as you held my head where it was still holding as tightly as you had when you pulled me from the bed. I only knew your name but I knew that I wanted to stay with you forever. "When I ask you a question directly I expect you to answer" you said as you pulled me to the floor by my hair while I screamed in pain. "Yes mistress" I cried out as you pulled my hair even tighter around your hand. "Ok better, now you have already been taught the first few lessons; but I will remind you so that you don't forget. First when I tell you to do something you do it immediately and without question. Second you come only when I tell you to and at no other time ever. And of course third lesson, don't ever lie to me. And in case you are in any doubt when you pretended to be still asleep you were lying to me!" I shivered as I lay on the floor with your hand around my hair and pulling tighter to emphasise every word.
You pulled me to a sitting position as I felt like my head was on fire. I looked up at you and realised you were naked and my heart beat hard at how beautiful you looked from this viewpoint. You smiled and I wondered how you could look so innocent when you weren't. "Ok so are you going to walk or do I have to drag you?" I jumped to my feet and stood before you with your hand still in my hair waiting for my next direction. "Very well done" you smiled letting go of my hair "now move it". As I walked out of the bedroom that would soon be mine I stopped as I did not know which direction to go in. "Left" you shouted as I faltered as I walked left the next door was opened and I knew that was where I should go.
There was a round bed in the middle of the room with black silk sheets as I walked nearer I could see leather cuffs resting in a square on the bed and I sighed quietly hoping that you would not hear me. "Ah so you like then little one, I knew when I saw you in the mirror last night." I couldn't believe that it was just last night when I saw you in the mirror, a million years appeared to have passed since then. "Ok so you know the score then?" you said as I drew level with the bed. Turning around to look at you I sat on the bed and pulled myself backwards until my shoulders and ankles were level with the cufffs. "Very good beautiful" you said as you took my ankles and gently put the cuffs on. You trailed your hand up my side and then took my hands very gently and pulled them above my head. You cuffed them and at that moment I had never felt safer or more loved ever in my life.
You walked around the bed looking at me from all angles as I lay there my cunt already glistening in anticipation of what was about to happen. I had no idea but I was sure that it wasn't punishment as I could see nothing other than the bed in the room. As you walked down to the base of the bed you turned around and opened the wardrobe that seemed to hide in the wall which was pale blue and looked like a morning sky. "Mmmh what shall we used then beautiful?" I was hoping that this wasn't something you expected me to answer as I lay there heart thudding. As you turned around you had a large vibrator in your hand which I knew was called a wand but I hadn't ever used or had used on me. "Today you are going to come for me several times beautiful and by the end of it you are going to start to learn to control it and not come until I tell you to."
As you walked towards me I shivered as you switched it on and knelt at my ankles on the bed. You smiled at me and looked into my eyes as you placed the vibrator onto my clit and increased the speed within a few seconds. "I will warn you now I need to see your eyes and I will not be happy if you close them. Do I make myself clear?". "Yes mistress" I whispered, the vibrations were already getting to me and I just wanted to close my eyes and lose myself in the feelings you were making me feel. As I lay there my whole body apparently beating in time to the speed of the vibrator you stared into my eyes and I could see see that yours were dark hazel with flecks of green. I could feel my whole body responding to you as I tried to arch my hips towards you. The cuffs dug in as I tried to keep both my eyes open and not come, I felt as if I was about to pass out. Your eyes smiled as you told me I could come and I did immediately. "Well done beautiful, now let's see you do it again". Your words awakened something in me as I arched again and fought against the cuffs coming as you had commanded me to. As soon as my throbs began to subside they started again and I felt like every capillary was going to explode. The cuffs on my wrist held me so tight and those on my ankles cut in and almost made me come just feeling them.
"Ok beautiful once more and we will call it a day" you said as you increased the intensity on the vibrator again. "Come now little one" and I did yet again but this time closing my eyes. As soon as they closed I knew I was in trouble, you had given my a direct order and I had disobeyed you. I was devastated that I had not been able to do your bidding and felt ashamed as I looked into your eyes and saw the disappointment there, "I am so sorry mistress I did not mean to disobey you." I cried as your eyes changed and you got up and walked out of the room.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

#pin #fuckmefriday

Well its Friday and you know what that means!  #fuckmefriday and another day of smut from @aislingweaver prompt this week of #pin.  Read the rest HERE or have a go yourself

"Ouch watch where you stick that pin! You are going to get blood on it and it will ruin it"! Jill sighed as Jacky stood there on the stool and she tried to pin up the hem on her wedding dress. They had been best friends since pre-school and she had always bullied her and told her what to do. Oh for two pins she thought. "It will be fine Jacky just relax I can't do this while you fidget". She had no idea how she had managed to talk her into this she hated working with people she knew, it made her feel uncomfortable and always ended up with her being bullied. She had no idea why she let her friends do that to her she wasn't like that with people she had just met. She was calm confident and never stuttered.
The pinning was finished and Jacky hauled the dress off threw it at Jill and stormed out of the room. Jill knew that brides were stressed and that it was a long hard struggle to plan a wedding but there was no need for rudeness, thank goodness she was only making the bride's dress and not the whole carnival that was going to be this wedding.
The day of the wedding arrived and Jill knew that she wouldn't be able to enjoy the wedding she would spend her day attending to the dress and making sure that it sat perfectly all day. Sure enough before Jacky even came up the aisle Jill was called out to sort the veil. There was nothing wrong with it but she pretended to fix it anyway. As Jacky walked down the aisle Jill stood at the side of the church unable to even get back to her seat. As she stood there she watched the bridesmaid following Jacky down the aisle. Nice ass she thought at which point the bridesmaid actually turned around and stared straight at her. She grinned at her and the bridesmaid grinned back and then turned around and walked down the aisle swinging her ass even more than she had been.
Jill laughed to herself thinking about her turning around at just that exact moment, this wedding may just be fun after all she thought. As the day went on Jill didn't get any time to enjoy the day spending most of the time by Jacky's side to sort the dress which of course was perfect and didn't need anything corrected but Jill played along and pretending to sort all the while gawping at the bridesmaid. Finally all the photographs were taken and the wedding proper began. At last she thought I can now have a drink and forget about that bloody dress.
She decided to go out and have a cigarette while the speeches were on after all she had been to so many weddings that nothing was new, entertaining or funny. "So I saw you looking at my girlfriends ass". Jill about jumped as she turned around and there was a slim woman standing there in a black tuxedo with short black hair which made her look like a young Elvis. Jill grinned "well she does have a nice ass", she was taking a chance as she really didn't want a black eye just for looking at her ass. "She does indeed doesn't she, but then so do you and I do like a good arse." Jill flushed, dropped her cigarette in the ashtray and went to walk back in. "I'll see you later?" the girl said by way of a question.
"Yes" Jill said already dismissing her as she walked past her back into the wedding. Jill had a decent enough time during the evening dancing with a few blokes and a particularly nice one who was a good friend of the groom. As she was about to head upstairs to the room in the hotel to freshen up (she was so glad she booked rather than trying to find a taxi so early on a Sunday morning) she saw the bridesmaid just ahead of her on the stairs swinging that lovely ass side to side as the silk on her dress slowly flowed in the movement of her hips going from side to side. At that she turned around again and grinned, what was it about her that made her know when Jill was perving behind her. "Hello again, my name is Kelly I went to University with Jacky you must be Jill". Jill nodded "So is it your real name"? "I'm not quite sure what you mean"? Jill said stopping dead on the stairs. "Well you know, Jack and Jill went up the hill" Kelly laughed. Jill laughed and walked past her and along the corridor but before she even got to her room a door opened and she was pulled inside with Kelly coming in at the back of her.
"So, Jill would you like to look at my girlfriends arse properly"? Jill not sure what was happening nodded and Kelly slammed the door shut and at the same time opened the one button on her dress letting it fall to the floor she had no bra or pants on and was cleanly shaved. Jill had the urge to drop to her knees in front of her and make her dance until she came in her mouth but resisted the urge and stood where she was. "So it's like this, I love my girlfriend's arse but I love it when I see someone else loving her arse. Do you want her?" Jill said yes and turned back towards Kelly, she wasn't adverse to someone watching it was a turn on. As she was about to put her arms around Kelly she felt her hand being taken and pulled further into the room. "My name is Sam by the way, have you ever used a strap on?" "Oh yes indeed I have" Jill chuckled as Sam came towards her with the standard black leather harness and a long slim dildo and put it on her reaching between her legs to adjust the straps and trailing her hand through Jill's slickness as she finished. As she stood up she whispered in Jill's ear "she likes it up the arse" and helped her out of her dress. As she looked around Kelly was lying face down on the bed with her arms and legs stretched out and Sam started to tie each with a silk scarf laid at each corner of the bed. Jill walked over to the bed and knelt down beside Kelly kissing her on the lips and lifting her hair back and tucking it behind her ear.
She felt her lips and they were wet and her body was shaking slightly waiting for Jill to begin. Jill pushed her fingers deeper into her slowly and started moving them in and out as Kelly made soft moaning sounds at every movement. Jill straddled her kissing her from the neck all the way down to the base of her spine Kelly rising up to meet her kisses and groaning louder. "Fuck me please" she said as Jill moved further up and started teasing the dildo from her lips to her arse and back again making her wetter and wetter. Sam joined them on the bed and started kissing her girlfriend who Jill could now hear moaning. As Kelly sighed once more Jill gently pushed the dildo into her arse and held it there. After a couple of minutes of kissing her on the base of her neck she started moving her body and the dildo attached to her in and out of Kelly's arse. Jill had never been so turned on as she felt Sam's hand hold her arse and then slowly drift down and grasp her mound and the wetness there. Jill felt herself buck towards Kelly in response to Sam's hand. She pulled Sam towards them with one hand as she continued slowly moving in and out of Kelly's arse and noticed that Sam also had a dildo on.
She wondered if she intended fucking Kelly from the front but then realised that she couldn't as she was still tied to the bed. As Sam moved to her back she realised and tried to turn around too late as she pinned her to Kelly's back and moved the dildo towards her back passage. As she started to protest Sam put her hand on her mouth and gently kissed her on the back of her neck sending shivers up and down her spine making her push further into Kelly who groaned loudly with delight. "Shhhh" Sam whispered into Jill's ear as she slowly moved her dildo in between her legs and covered it in her silky cum that was running down her legs. She bent down with her other hand and gently guided it towards its target and where Jill was a virgin. As she began to push Jill tightened up apprehensive of what was about to happen. Sam bit her on the back of the neck and pushed hard it finding its target this time and pushing further than Sam meant on the first thrust. As she pushed again Jill couldn't help it and came with a loud cry forcing her own dildo hard into Kelly's arse making her come too.
Sam continued fucking for a short while after they both came before they both felt her shudder and sigh softly. As Sam pulled slowly out of her Jill came again and found herself fucking hard against Kelly's back in a wild way that she never had before while Sam climbed up the bed and lay beside the two of them staring intently at them as the both came again with Kelly crying her name. Jill pulled herself away and lay on the bed at the side of the two of them she had had threesomes before but this was definitely the best and she was even actually looking forward to the next wedding.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

#skate #wankwednesday

Well it's Wednesday again and another chance to read or write for Ruby in #Wankwednesday.  HERE
#skate is the prompt this week so here's my feeble effort

Susan felt the sun shine on her body as she lay on deck, she hated fishing and objected to even being on a boat. It wasn't natural and what if something happened and they were stuck in the middle of water, there were sharks here! As she felt her temper rising she breathed in and out slowly trying desperately to keep calm and trying to bring her meditation skills into play. Ah what was the use she thought as she sat up and looked around at her husband and another couple of men also fishing. Even the guys who were crewing the boat weren't worth amusing herself with. And even if she had he would never notice anyway, not when he was fishing.
She got up and went down into the galley to get a drink oh yes that was another thing, no alcohol on board! What a stupid rule that was, she would've at least been able to get mellow with a small glass of wine or two. As she put the kettle on and watched it move backwards and forwards with the movement of the boat she became calmer and tried to think of it as an adventure. That lasted for all of two minutes as she heard his master's voice bawling out that he had caught a skate and it was huge. She knew she should go and look and make encouraging noises but she just couldn't be bothered, why make out she was interested when she wasn't
As she began to turn around she nearly knocked someone over, as she apologised and moved backwards she banged straight back into the cooker. The woman looking at her was almost surreal looking she had never seen such skin. "Hi" she chuckled. "I was just about to make one myself. Get bored did you?" Susan nodded just because she was taken so unawares. This didn't happen often and Susan was very rarely quiet, hence the meditation classes trying to find some inner peace. The woman moved closer as Susan's face got redder until she was standing so close that Susan could feel her breathe on her face. "So.....are you going to let me at that kettle or not"? she asked. Susan laughed moving out of the way when she realised that she was just in the way. As she was about to leave the woman said "if you're bored why dont you just stay down here and we can play a game of cards."?
Susan thought about it and turned around "that would be nice but I'm not very good at many games". She laughed "neither am I, my name is Lynn". As Susan sat down at the small table her leg touched Lynn's. "Sorry there isn't much room". Lynn said nothing and just smiled at her holding her gaze. Susan felt as though she were being undressed, she had never had a woman look at her the way Lynn was now. She wondered if she was gay and smiled, she didn't know anyone who was gay she had only ever read about it. "So you still haven't told me your name"? As Susan told her she started dealing the cards, "So shall we play strip poker then to start off with"? Susan about spluttered her tea all over the table before looking at Lynn to see she was just joking.
As they sat playing Susan felt her leg resting on Lynn's and stopped even trying not too, she was lovely and attentive very unlike 'his master'. Lynn put her hand on Susan's knee holding her cards with her other hand, "this is my brother's boat, I occassionally come just for the trip as I love the rocking movement below deck". As Suan was about to reply to her he shouted out again, "Susan come quick another bloody skate you should she the size of this". Susan sighed as she excused herself and went up on deck. After she had shown enthusiasm he eventually let her go and she almost ran down the stairs to get below deck again. Lynn was gone from the table and Susan sat down with a sigh thinking that this trip was only just getting interesting. At that moment Lynn came out of the berths at the back of the galley with just a pair of shorts and a vest top on. "Ah you're back I'd given up on you". At that Lynn sat down beside her putting an arm around her and pulled her gently towards her and kissed her very softly. Susan sighed as she let herself be pulled towards the other woman she felt like she was melting and floating all at the same time.
Lynn pulled her to her feet and led her to the aft berth kissing her all the way there. Susan had never felt such a depth of emotions as she was now feeling, she didn't know if it was the swaying of the boat or the fact that she was with a woman who was about to make beautiful sweet love to her if her kissing was anything to go by. As Lynn laid her down on the bunk she pull her top off revealing small breasts that were pert with nipples that were hard. She had no tan lines and she just looked beautiful. As she lay down beside her Susan put her mouth to her one of her breasts and sucked gently feeling her insides flipping at the thrill of sucking on another woman's boob. As Lynn sighed she opened Susan's trousers and slowly pushed her hand inside her knickers softly stroking the soft down there. Susan exclaimed as Lynn softly started fucking her flicking her clit and pushing her finger gently inside her all of which seemed to be happening at the same time. She had never had anyone make love to her as if she was something worthy and not just a hole to be used. As she came she moaned softly and cried as Lynn kissed her tears away. Just as she felt herself calming down she heard him shout "Susan come and look at this bloody skate I am a god amongst men I am". She sighed deeply and rose from the bunk fastening her trousers and taking one last look at Lynn lying there as she walked back up on deck to look at another bloody skate.