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Friday, 27 May 2011

Hitch - Part 3

I awoke shivering and realising we were all lying there with no cover pulled the quilt up to cover Lou and Annette.  I needed a pee so had no choice but to get up.  I picked up my watch as I ran into the loos.  It was freezing in here, that was the only drawback to an old place like this, lack of heating apart from in the main living areas.

Sitting there freezing in the dark I tried to look at the time.  I had left the light off in the vain hope that I could stay half asleep so that I could go back to bed and nod off straight away but that was obviously pointless.  I pulled on a robe and tiptoed through the bedroom and into the kitchen and was shocked to see it was past 5pm.  I could hardly believe that we had slept so long but then we had been at it all last night and this morning.

Looking into the fridge there wasn’t much there as we had only brought the bare essentials intending to go shopping at the market today.  I slipped back into the bedroom and pulled on some track pants and a sweatshirt and watched the two of them lying there; soft snoring sounds coming from them both, very cute.

I tiptoed back out and picking up my wallet and car keys went off in search of food.  I knew that the winery was the first place to the right so I went left; after driving for about 15 minutes I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a small shop.

Stopping the car I could see it was open; surely I could get enough to keep us going until tomorrow?  “Eggs, beans, bread, cheese, crisps milk, think that will do” I said out loud looking at the things in the basket.  “Oh and do you have any bacon and onions?”  She pointed in the general direction without even looking up from her magazine.

“Now all I need are some beers and I will be happy” I said.  The woman still said nothing but began ringing up the things.  As I was paying “there’s a bottle shop around the corner at the back of here”.  Thanking her I jumped back in the car and drove around to the offie.  Going back with beers the girls were up sitting out on the deck with cups of tea and all wrapped up in scarves and hats.  That night we ate, laughed and drank beer and were friends for the evening.

That night we spooned together naked and comfortable with one another. I lay in the middle, part of me in shock that this would be happening yet the other part not shocked at all.

The next morning I wakened in the throw of an orgasm; Annette had her arm around me and had me cupped in her hand three fingers inside me moving ever so slowly in and out. I was soaking and could feel my juices running down my legs.  On realising I was awake she kissed me on the back of my neck and wrapped herself around me until I came softly; moaning and arching my back against her.    I turned around and kissed her, running my hand lightly up and down her back. She grabbed my hand and pushed it down to her cunt forcing my hand in between her legs which was hot and wet and waiting.  I slipped a couple of fingers into her wetness and sighed into her mouth as I slowly fucked my girlfriend’s best friend to orgasm.  As she came she cried and I held her tightly until the crying stopped. 
Annette got up and went to the toilet and I turned around and cuddled into Lou rubbing gently onto her clit and kissing her softly on the back of her neck until she wakened up and turned around to kiss me.  She loved to be wakened like this and was now incredibly turned on as I fucked her slowly kissing her all over her face at the same time.  Annette came back from the toilet and I could feel her watching us before eventually coming and lying at the back of Lou and running her hand down her ass.  Eventually I could feel her fingers inside her and rubbing against mine in her cunt.  It was the most amazing feeling to feel someone else inside her at the same time as me and I felt my own cunt clench in response.  As Lou came she crushed my fingers against Annette’s and I leant over to kiss her as I could see her in the middle of an orgasm.  As Lou stopped clenching I felt myself begin to orgasm and Lou’s fingers slip into me as I came; growling loudly like an animal.


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