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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Lessons - part 6

I felt you before I was even awake properly, your hand cupped my mound and held me as I began to throb. I moved and mumbled pretending that I was still asleep so you would carry on doing what you were doing. You chuckled as you grabbed my hair and hauled me from the bed wakening me fully in an instant with pain that shot through my head. "Don't pretend you're sleeping when I have wakened you and demanded your presence!" You pulled me to my knees as I cried out with the pain, this was not what I expected after the way you had treated me earlier. "Ok beautiful, here's how it goes. I will teach you several things and we shall see how you perform and if you perform well you will come and live with me. Do you agree?"
I knelt at your feet and nodded as best I could as you held my head where it was still holding as tightly as you had when you pulled me from the bed. I only knew your name but I knew that I wanted to stay with you forever. "When I ask you a question directly I expect you to answer" you said as you pulled me to the floor by my hair while I screamed in pain. "Yes mistress" I cried out as you pulled my hair even tighter around your hand. "Ok better, now you have already been taught the first few lessons; but I will remind you so that you don't forget. First when I tell you to do something you do it immediately and without question. Second you come only when I tell you to and at no other time ever. And of course third lesson, don't ever lie to me. And in case you are in any doubt when you pretended to be still asleep you were lying to me!" I shivered as I lay on the floor with your hand around my hair and pulling tighter to emphasise every word.
You pulled me to a sitting position as I felt like my head was on fire. I looked up at you and realised you were naked and my heart beat hard at how beautiful you looked from this viewpoint. You smiled and I wondered how you could look so innocent when you weren't. "Ok so are you going to walk or do I have to drag you?" I jumped to my feet and stood before you with your hand still in my hair waiting for my next direction. "Very well done" you smiled letting go of my hair "now move it". As I walked out of the bedroom that would soon be mine I stopped as I did not know which direction to go in. "Left" you shouted as I faltered as I walked left the next door was opened and I knew that was where I should go.
There was a round bed in the middle of the room with black silk sheets as I walked nearer I could see leather cuffs resting in a square on the bed and I sighed quietly hoping that you would not hear me. "Ah so you like then little one, I knew when I saw you in the mirror last night." I couldn't believe that it was just last night when I saw you in the mirror, a million years appeared to have passed since then. "Ok so you know the score then?" you said as I drew level with the bed. Turning around to look at you I sat on the bed and pulled myself backwards until my shoulders and ankles were level with the cufffs. "Very good beautiful" you said as you took my ankles and gently put the cuffs on. You trailed your hand up my side and then took my hands very gently and pulled them above my head. You cuffed them and at that moment I had never felt safer or more loved ever in my life.
You walked around the bed looking at me from all angles as I lay there my cunt already glistening in anticipation of what was about to happen. I had no idea but I was sure that it wasn't punishment as I could see nothing other than the bed in the room. As you walked down to the base of the bed you turned around and opened the wardrobe that seemed to hide in the wall which was pale blue and looked like a morning sky. "Mmmh what shall we used then beautiful?" I was hoping that this wasn't something you expected me to answer as I lay there heart thudding. As you turned around you had a large vibrator in your hand which I knew was called a wand but I hadn't ever used or had used on me. "Today you are going to come for me several times beautiful and by the end of it you are going to start to learn to control it and not come until I tell you to."
As you walked towards me I shivered as you switched it on and knelt at my ankles on the bed. You smiled at me and looked into my eyes as you placed the vibrator onto my clit and increased the speed within a few seconds. "I will warn you now I need to see your eyes and I will not be happy if you close them. Do I make myself clear?". "Yes mistress" I whispered, the vibrations were already getting to me and I just wanted to close my eyes and lose myself in the feelings you were making me feel. As I lay there my whole body apparently beating in time to the speed of the vibrator you stared into my eyes and I could see see that yours were dark hazel with flecks of green. I could feel my whole body responding to you as I tried to arch my hips towards you. The cuffs dug in as I tried to keep both my eyes open and not come, I felt as if I was about to pass out. Your eyes smiled as you told me I could come and I did immediately. "Well done beautiful, now let's see you do it again". Your words awakened something in me as I arched again and fought against the cuffs coming as you had commanded me to. As soon as my throbs began to subside they started again and I felt like every capillary was going to explode. The cuffs on my wrist held me so tight and those on my ankles cut in and almost made me come just feeling them.
"Ok beautiful once more and we will call it a day" you said as you increased the intensity on the vibrator again. "Come now little one" and I did yet again but this time closing my eyes. As soon as they closed I knew I was in trouble, you had given my a direct order and I had disobeyed you. I was devastated that I had not been able to do your bidding and felt ashamed as I looked into your eyes and saw the disappointment there, "I am so sorry mistress I did not mean to disobey you." I cried as your eyes changed and you got up and walked out of the room.

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