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Saturday, 14 May 2011

#Blue #fuckmefriday - Part 6

Well its Friday again thankfully and another chance to have fun with Aisling's #fuckmefriday challenge the prompt this week being #blue.  Have a go or have a read of the others HERE

I waited for what seemed forever I had never felt so blue in my life. Still you didn't come back and I couldn't even hear you walking about the house either. I wasn't sure what to do, should I get up and look for you or should I stay here. I frantically searched my mind for everything you had said in the last 24 hours but there was nothing that said I had to stay here once you had put me here. But there was just one thing stopping me; I was still cuffed to the bed and despite pulling on them I could see that there was no way of unbuckling them the way you had me strapped to the bed. What if you never came back, no one knew I was here! I lay there crying unable to think straight and cursing myself for closng my eyes against your orders and not of not comng here at all.
I had no idea how much time had passed as I lay there with my face wet and salty and the end of my hair around my face damp. The tears just did not seem to want to stop and were flowing freely from my eyes. I was exhausted and closed my eyes listening to the sound of nothing and trying to relax against the cuffs which held me to my limits. as I felt myself drifting off into a doze the sound of a chair scraping across the floor; making me jump. The cuffs dug into my skin to the point where I eventually gave in and relaxed into them as much as they would let me.
I strained my ears but there was still no sound silence... then I jumped you were there at my feet starting to undo my ankle cuffs. "I'm sorry mistress" I said but I didn't sound sorry even to myself. You said nothing the silence was deafening as you carried on uncuffing me. First my ankles then my wrists. Taking my hand you pulled me sitting up. Still you said nothing while you stared into my eyes bending over me. I had never been looked at so deeply and everything in me was screaming to be allowed to look away. I didn't dare! As my eyes started to burn with trying not to blink you stood up straight and pulled my head towards your body holding me there. I could hear your sigh I could smell you as you held me to you still naked and obviously not done with me yet.
You bent down again and kissed me on the head and taking my hands gently pulled me to my feet. "Make me come" you whispered in my ear as you wrapped yourself around me. I needed no second telling as I dropped to my knees and put my mouth around your mound kissing it all over and taking in your smell before gently moving your lips aside with my tongue until I found your clit already hard. Your aroma was musky yet you tasted so sweet almost fruity yet not. I couldn't get enough you tasted amazing and nothing like anyone before. I felt my tongue over every part of your lips and clit trying to memorise each bit in case this was the first and last time I would do this. AS I licked, sucked and nibbled all over you I could hear you sighing. I looked up and you were looking down at me with dazed eyes. Unable and unwilling to now look away I watched you as I licked my tongue against you sweeping up all the wetness there. Your eyes fluttered but stayed open as I pushed my tongue all the way inside you they grew wider and then fluttered again. You had such control as I adored you from my knees, lapping and nibbling your clit and dipping my tongue in and out of you I could eventually feel you gripping my tongue as you started to climax. You felt amazing and all the while our eyes were locked barely blinking.
As you came your eyes dilated even further until the hazel brown was replaced with black. You made no sound apart from the sound of your hands clenching and unclenching which I could see from the corner of my vision. As I started to sit back on my legs, "clean". I licked you until there were no juices left and sat back on my legs head bowed and heart pounding. I felt you bend and lift my chin gently encouraging me to my feet. I still kept my eyes lowered totally in awe of your beauty and control. You took my hand and gently led me though the the first room in the corridor and opened the door.
It was your room, it looked like it was lived in and had pictures on the walls and a watch lying on the dresser. It was green all over I had never seen so many different shades it was like walking into a forest with the only thing missing the smell of nature. The carpet was thick and warm under my feet as you walked me towards the bed. I glanced at your back quickly and saw white scars stretching across your back. As you turned around I lowered my eyes again and could feel you looking at me as you pulled back the duvet and got in. You lifted the duvet at the other side of the bed and motioned to me to get in. As I walked round you snapped "quicker". Jumping in quickly you pulled the duvet over me and pulled me into your arms.
As you held me I could feel our hearts starting to beat almost in time as we both fell asleep.


Anonymous said...

A mix of the rough and the tender, very nice!

Denstar65 said...

Thanks I never know where I am going with these 2 or whether I am going to write about them but Blue fitted in perfectly where I had left them and as Jen was still cuffed I really couldn't leave her there now could I! Thank you for taking the time to comment it is much appreciated. Dx