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Saturday, 7 May 2011

#pin #fuckmefriday

Well its Friday and you know what that means!  #fuckmefriday and another day of smut from @aislingweaver prompt this week of #pin.  Read the rest HERE or have a go yourself

"Ouch watch where you stick that pin! You are going to get blood on it and it will ruin it"! Jill sighed as Jacky stood there on the stool and she tried to pin up the hem on her wedding dress. They had been best friends since pre-school and she had always bullied her and told her what to do. Oh for two pins she thought. "It will be fine Jacky just relax I can't do this while you fidget". She had no idea how she had managed to talk her into this she hated working with people she knew, it made her feel uncomfortable and always ended up with her being bullied. She had no idea why she let her friends do that to her she wasn't like that with people she had just met. She was calm confident and never stuttered.
The pinning was finished and Jacky hauled the dress off threw it at Jill and stormed out of the room. Jill knew that brides were stressed and that it was a long hard struggle to plan a wedding but there was no need for rudeness, thank goodness she was only making the bride's dress and not the whole carnival that was going to be this wedding.
The day of the wedding arrived and Jill knew that she wouldn't be able to enjoy the wedding she would spend her day attending to the dress and making sure that it sat perfectly all day. Sure enough before Jacky even came up the aisle Jill was called out to sort the veil. There was nothing wrong with it but she pretended to fix it anyway. As Jacky walked down the aisle Jill stood at the side of the church unable to even get back to her seat. As she stood there she watched the bridesmaid following Jacky down the aisle. Nice ass she thought at which point the bridesmaid actually turned around and stared straight at her. She grinned at her and the bridesmaid grinned back and then turned around and walked down the aisle swinging her ass even more than she had been.
Jill laughed to herself thinking about her turning around at just that exact moment, this wedding may just be fun after all she thought. As the day went on Jill didn't get any time to enjoy the day spending most of the time by Jacky's side to sort the dress which of course was perfect and didn't need anything corrected but Jill played along and pretending to sort all the while gawping at the bridesmaid. Finally all the photographs were taken and the wedding proper began. At last she thought I can now have a drink and forget about that bloody dress.
She decided to go out and have a cigarette while the speeches were on after all she had been to so many weddings that nothing was new, entertaining or funny. "So I saw you looking at my girlfriends ass". Jill about jumped as she turned around and there was a slim woman standing there in a black tuxedo with short black hair which made her look like a young Elvis. Jill grinned "well she does have a nice ass", she was taking a chance as she really didn't want a black eye just for looking at her ass. "She does indeed doesn't she, but then so do you and I do like a good arse." Jill flushed, dropped her cigarette in the ashtray and went to walk back in. "I'll see you later?" the girl said by way of a question.
"Yes" Jill said already dismissing her as she walked past her back into the wedding. Jill had a decent enough time during the evening dancing with a few blokes and a particularly nice one who was a good friend of the groom. As she was about to head upstairs to the room in the hotel to freshen up (she was so glad she booked rather than trying to find a taxi so early on a Sunday morning) she saw the bridesmaid just ahead of her on the stairs swinging that lovely ass side to side as the silk on her dress slowly flowed in the movement of her hips going from side to side. At that she turned around again and grinned, what was it about her that made her know when Jill was perving behind her. "Hello again, my name is Kelly I went to University with Jacky you must be Jill". Jill nodded "So is it your real name"? "I'm not quite sure what you mean"? Jill said stopping dead on the stairs. "Well you know, Jack and Jill went up the hill" Kelly laughed. Jill laughed and walked past her and along the corridor but before she even got to her room a door opened and she was pulled inside with Kelly coming in at the back of her.
"So, Jill would you like to look at my girlfriends arse properly"? Jill not sure what was happening nodded and Kelly slammed the door shut and at the same time opened the one button on her dress letting it fall to the floor she had no bra or pants on and was cleanly shaved. Jill had the urge to drop to her knees in front of her and make her dance until she came in her mouth but resisted the urge and stood where she was. "So it's like this, I love my girlfriend's arse but I love it when I see someone else loving her arse. Do you want her?" Jill said yes and turned back towards Kelly, she wasn't adverse to someone watching it was a turn on. As she was about to put her arms around Kelly she felt her hand being taken and pulled further into the room. "My name is Sam by the way, have you ever used a strap on?" "Oh yes indeed I have" Jill chuckled as Sam came towards her with the standard black leather harness and a long slim dildo and put it on her reaching between her legs to adjust the straps and trailing her hand through Jill's slickness as she finished. As she stood up she whispered in Jill's ear "she likes it up the arse" and helped her out of her dress. As she looked around Kelly was lying face down on the bed with her arms and legs stretched out and Sam started to tie each with a silk scarf laid at each corner of the bed. Jill walked over to the bed and knelt down beside Kelly kissing her on the lips and lifting her hair back and tucking it behind her ear.
She felt her lips and they were wet and her body was shaking slightly waiting for Jill to begin. Jill pushed her fingers deeper into her slowly and started moving them in and out as Kelly made soft moaning sounds at every movement. Jill straddled her kissing her from the neck all the way down to the base of her spine Kelly rising up to meet her kisses and groaning louder. "Fuck me please" she said as Jill moved further up and started teasing the dildo from her lips to her arse and back again making her wetter and wetter. Sam joined them on the bed and started kissing her girlfriend who Jill could now hear moaning. As Kelly sighed once more Jill gently pushed the dildo into her arse and held it there. After a couple of minutes of kissing her on the base of her neck she started moving her body and the dildo attached to her in and out of Kelly's arse. Jill had never been so turned on as she felt Sam's hand hold her arse and then slowly drift down and grasp her mound and the wetness there. Jill felt herself buck towards Kelly in response to Sam's hand. She pulled Sam towards them with one hand as she continued slowly moving in and out of Kelly's arse and noticed that Sam also had a dildo on.
She wondered if she intended fucking Kelly from the front but then realised that she couldn't as she was still tied to the bed. As Sam moved to her back she realised and tried to turn around too late as she pinned her to Kelly's back and moved the dildo towards her back passage. As she started to protest Sam put her hand on her mouth and gently kissed her on the back of her neck sending shivers up and down her spine making her push further into Kelly who groaned loudly with delight. "Shhhh" Sam whispered into Jill's ear as she slowly moved her dildo in between her legs and covered it in her silky cum that was running down her legs. She bent down with her other hand and gently guided it towards its target and where Jill was a virgin. As she began to push Jill tightened up apprehensive of what was about to happen. Sam bit her on the back of the neck and pushed hard it finding its target this time and pushing further than Sam meant on the first thrust. As she pushed again Jill couldn't help it and came with a loud cry forcing her own dildo hard into Kelly's arse making her come too.
Sam continued fucking for a short while after they both came before they both felt her shudder and sigh softly. As Sam pulled slowly out of her Jill came again and found herself fucking hard against Kelly's back in a wild way that she never had before while Sam climbed up the bed and lay beside the two of them staring intently at them as the both came again with Kelly crying her name. Jill pulled herself away and lay on the bed at the side of the two of them she had had threesomes before but this was definitely the best and she was even actually looking forward to the next wedding.

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