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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Hitch - Part 2

The next morning I wakened and opened my eyes slowly my head was beating a little tune all of its own and I felt like I had concrete in my stomach.  Stretching over I ran my hand down Lou’s back where she lay at the side of me.  As I went to get up to get water and pills I came face to face with Annette who kissed me “Good morning”. “Ah good morning” I replied. “Let me guess?”  She said “Water and pills and food in that order?” I nodded closing my eyes with the pain of moving.  I felt her get up and heard her going into the kitchen.  I must’ve nodded off because the next moment I wakened and she was there with a tray still naked.  “Sit up” I did and she placed the tray down beside me lifted two pills and handed them and a glass of water.   I took the pills and went to hand the water back. “Drink it all; you’re dehydrated.”  She wandered around the bed and shook Lou gently “C’mon sweetie breakfast is served”.   Lou wakened and reached over me and grabbed a slice of toast. “Yum” as she chewed she pecked me on the cheek, “morning beautiful” and then she turned and pulled Annette on to the bed “and good morning to you too” and at that she kissed her hard.  I could see that this was going to be some holiday.

We all sat cross legged on the bed naked eating breakfast of toast and bananas and not saying a word just smiling at one another.  As the last mouthful was chewed we all seemed to know what was about to happen.  Lou lifted the tray and placed it on the floor at the side of the bed.  She lay down and looked at us and we both made a dive for her at the same time laughing.  I reached her first and kissed her sucking at her lips and pulling on her nipples until they were both hard and full.  I could feel her moans start as I caught Annette from the side of my eye placing her head in between Lou’s legs.  Lou pulled away from my kiss “sit on me I want to taste you”.    As I went to she said “no I want you to watch her as I come in her mouth!”  I sat on her mouth and groaned arching back at which she bit and I could hear her mumbling.  Automatically knowing what she meant I sat straight and she started to suck and flick her tongue at my now swollen clit as I watched Annette doing the same to her.  It was a strange feeling as every lick was almost in unison so much so that I wasn’t sure whose mouth was on my cunt.  I could feel Lou’s bites getting harder as she sucked my clit into her mouth like it was a cock.  It felt like it too she sucked so hard, I watched Annette’s face as she looked at me while she ate my girlfriend.  She actually looked amazing and I could hardly believe that I hadn’t seen her before.  As I started to come I felt Lou going quicker and Annette matching her speed as we both came together with a rush and a cry. 

We all lay on the bed together this time with Annette in the middle gasping and trying to get our breath back.  Once I had my breath back I traced my hand down her side and curled my fingers in her soft pubes.  Lou grinned at me from the other side of her and bent over and put her mouth around her tit sucking it all almost into her mouth as she watched me I moved down the bed until I had reached the top of her legs and then moved over her leg and blew on her light hair spreading her wide in doing so.  Flicking my tongue she started to move about the bed so I held both her legs down as I sucked and licked every bit of her cunt and clit until she could take no more and was begging for me to fuck her.   As I slid two fingers into her I felt Lou sliding two fingers into her arse and could feel her fingers rub against mine as we fucked her from both sides both watching her face as we took her to places she had never been before.  She cried as she came eventually sobbing as we both moved to the top of the bed and held her in our arms until we all fell asleep.


Anonymous said...

Goodness, both parts were sensational! It seems we both wanted 3somes for this round. Yummmmmmy!

Denstar65 said...

Thank you very much and yes great minds! Watch this space as this one isn't over yet'