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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

#Squeak #wankwednesday

Well it's Wednesday again and another chance to join in the Queen of Smut's (@eroticnotebook) Festival of Smut that is known as #WankWednesday and you can read the rest HERE or post your own.

“Can you hear it? Well?  Can you?”  He looked at her all confused having no idea what she was prattling on about.  He just stared at her as she shouted “Argh” exasperated she drove the rest of the way in silence saying nothing as he kissed her goodbye when they got to his work.

As she drove off she turned the radio up blaring “I cannot bear that bloody noise” she shouted as she drove off down the road.  “I know there is a garage about here somewhere” she muttered as she drove slowly up the road.  As she was nearly passed it she noticed it and screeched to a halt as the car behind almost drove into her blaring its horn and the man shaking his fist at her as he drove around her and back into the traffic.

Getting out she walked into the office area at the front and rang the bell waiting for someone to come.  After waiting an age no one came so she rang the bell again.  Losing her patience after about five minutes she walked out onto the garage floor shouting hello at the top of her voice over the noise of the radio playing.  Maybe they could hear a noise too she thought and giggled to herself.  As she was giggling to herself she felt a tap on her shoulder and about fell into the pit!  The mechanic grabbed her and managed to stop her falling but she now had two greasy hand prints on her white shirt.  “Shit, fuck look at my shirt” as she looked up she couldn’t decide whether the person standing in front of her was a man or woman.  “Sorry miss I did stop you falling in the pit though and that would’ve been worse”.

Looking at him/her she decided on young man, “mmmhh well I suppose you did, now before I fall again or you ruin another piece of my clothing can you look at my car?” Driving it up into the garage she got out “

What seems to be the problem with it?” he asked indicating for her to open the bonnet for him. 

 “Well it’s just there is this noise when I am driving and I’m not sure I could really describe it at all there’s just this noise!” 

“Can you start it now please” As she got in and started the engine she listened……..”There that was it there again, it’s a kind of squeak”.

“Ok just sit there and keep the engine idling, ok switch it off.”  As Diane got out of the car he was right there.” Trying to back away she banged into the door and he stood there in her space telling her that the car was fixed well she thought that was what he was saying.  She had this urge to kiss him, what the hell was she thinking about she was married.  But there was just something about him that begged to be kissed and as she was about to turn he reached across and holding the side of her face pulled her closer and kissed her.  No hesitation just a long kiss, no hesitation, she couldn’t think straight. 

She just stood there not quite knowing what to do, her mind was racing.  He pulled her to him again and shoved his hand up her skirt, his greasy hand up her skirt!  At that moment his hand reached her knickers and roughly pushed the elastic aside.  All conscious thought left her then as she was taken roughly in hand and fucked until she was grunting and sobbing and crying all at once in the middle of the garage.  As she came she thought she was going to explode she had never came like this before, mind you she had never been fucked like this before.

Straightening herself she followed him into the office to pay which he refused as it was an easy fix and didn’t take long.  As she went to go back out to her car she turned around to see him taking off his boilersuit as he turned around she realised she had been wrong oh so wrong, as she looked him up and down she admired his chest which was around a 36D if she wasn’t mistaken.  Grinning at each other Dianne turned around and walked out closing the door behind her which squeaked.  “At least I know there is something that will get rid of that squeak from time to time” she thought as she drove out of the garage.


molly said...

Lovely twist at the end....


Denstar65 said...

Cheers Molly couldn't realty have a man in one of my stories now could I? Although am toying with one about 2 men...

Anonymous said...

I was thrown for a loop too, but 36D brought me right back. So saucy and sexy, loved it.

Denstar65 said...

Thanks very much Gene Glad you liked it. Dx