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Thursday, 16 June 2011

#Practice #Wankwednesday

Well it was Wednesday yesterday and another chance to make you blush with #wankwednesday the prompt this week #practice.  Read the rest here
The whole place smelled old and musty, it was dark and the wood panelling on the walls helped to make it darker than the day already was.  She looked like she had been dragged through a hedge backwards and felt like it despite it only being 9am.  As she sat there waiting for the partner to call for her she sighed and thought about how good she had looked before leaving the house.  She’d been up from 5am getting ready to ensure that she made a good impression on her first day.  Her new suit just looked wrinkled and was damp and her hair was already starting to frizz as it dried.  As she sighed yet again the door opened and the partner was standing there looking at her or rather looking down at her over his glasses.  “Hmmm right miss em em Stuart?”  “Yes sir” she said as she got up and followed him into his room.  It was a huge office and the walls were lined with books and nothing else apart from the door.

“Miss Stuart, welcome to the practice I would like you to just settle yourself in today and find your way around, after all you are looking a bit ruffled.”  She blushed as he said this knowing that she must look terrible she hadn’t had time to even comb her hair before getting there.  She couldn’t believe the catalogue of disasters that had already happened to her prior to arriving here and she wasn’t holding out much hope for the rest of the day.  Her first impression which she had hoped would be good was far from it.

As she walked along the corridor looking at all the pictures hanging there of the famous lawyers and judges who had once worked here,  she giggled as she thought of herself appearing on a wall here just the way she looked today!  Trying to change a tyre in your suit was never a good idea and especially not on your first day of a new job at the start of your career.  She had worked hard at university graduating 1st in her class and had in fact gained full marks for all but one exam.  She had been guaranteed a position in most law practices anywhere in the country with mark like those but she had chosen here an old firm where she would have to work hard to gain partner before she was fifty.  Looking down and rubbing furiously she could see that she was very wrinkled but at least there were no oily marks and only a slight loss through it all.

Arriving at the door of the trainee office she ran her fingers through her hair and tossed it back hoping that her hair and face would detract from her suit and lack of stockings.  As she opened the door the chatting that had been taking place went quiet as the others in the room turned around to look at her.  After the round of introductions to Thomas, Elizabeth and Karen she sat at her new desk which was already covered in cases all tied up in pink ribbon.  It’s what attracted her to law if truth be told.  She had once had a tour of the high court when she was at college and it stuck with her all of these pink ribbons.  It was from long ago when they used coloured tape to denote the type of cases.

She wasn’t quite sure where to begin so she lifted the top one and placed it in front of her on the very little space that she could see on her desk and sighed.  As she was about to untie the ribbon Elizabeth came over from her desk opposite.  “Why don’t I show you around and introduce you to the most important people in the building?”  These were people such as Mike the maintenance man who could fix most things and arrange for all sorts from desks to a light bulb and to all of the other type of admin staff who she would need to know. Arriving back at their office Elizabeth asked her if she wanted a cup of tea or coffee and having said yes they went into the kitchen that was adjacent to their office.  The connecting door was closed but she could hear moaning noises coming from the other side. 

“That will be Karen and Thomas; they go at it every time they have the office to themselves.” Elizabeth said as she went about making tea for them both. 

Dawn flushed as she realised exactly what they were doing.  “But doesn’t anyone ever catch them or ….or…”

 Elizabeth laughed “you’ll soon learn that no one ever comes into the trainee’s room apart from us! And you do know you look very cute when your face reddens?”  Dawn flushed even more at that she wasn’t used to anyone being so direct with her.

“So what happened to you this morning then you are looking a bit wrinkled and I’m sure that’s not the way you left the house this morning?” Elizabeth stared at her as she handed over the mug of tea.  And she felt the flush starting again from her neck upwards and strangely between her legs too the more she thought about this the warmer her face got. 

“I had a puncture and had to change the tyre! It was a nightmare already when the rain started!” 

“Ah I see” said Elizabeth “I have a spare suit here if you would like to change as it can’t be comfortable in that damp suit?”

“It’s alright I will be fine once I have had this tea”. 

“Ah c’mon it’ll fit” and at that she opened the door of the office and pushed her through it gently.  Thomas and Karen were nowhere to be seen.  “They’ve gone to lunch now they always take the early one at 12.”  Dawn turned around to see her locking the connecting door and then walk to the other door and lock that too.

As she walked towards her Dawn could feel every part of her flush as her hand reached out and undid the buttons on her jacket.  Walking around her she slowly she slid it off her shoulders leaving her standing there shivering.  Elizabeth laughed as she walked in front of her and saw that her nipples were erect. Trailing her hand over her nipple all of Dawn’s hairs stood on end and she inhaled sharply making a noise as she did so.  Elizabeth walked around her slowly trailing her hand around Dawn’s waist until she had reached the button and zip at the back of her skirt.  Undoing the button and then slowly bit by bit the zip, Dawn could feel Elizabeth’s  breath on the back of her neck making all her hairs stand on end again.

As her skirt fell to the ground she remembered that she had on no knickers on having used them to strengthen her grip on the tyre iron and then wipe her hands.   As she was about to move her hands to cover herself Elizabeth grabbed her hands and kissed her with such force that she nearly knocked her over.  Grabbing her Elizabeth’s fingers instantly were enveloped by her cunt as she was so wet.  Dawn gasped out with the force of them banging against her cervix.  Elizabeth fucked her harder and harder grunting as she did so and each grunt into Dawn’s mouth making her feel like she was being fucked in her mouth too.  Moments later it was all over and as she stood there with Elizabeth handing her suit to her “welcome to the Practice Dawn.”

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