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Friday, 24 June 2011

Can you #feel this? #fuckmefriday

Well another Friday and another #fuckmefriday for @aislingweaver the prompt this week #feel.  Find the rest HERE

“I can’t, I promise you I can’t”!  She took no notice of her cries, she had heard them all before and they meant nothing, absolutely nothing.  Walking across the room she lifted up a slim knife and dragged it down her arm watching how it sliced off her hair.  As she walked towards her lying there bound and trussed like an animal she thought about how beautiful she looked.  It was the vulnerability that was the main thing.  Her eyes said everything without her mouth opening.  As she thought that thought she about turned and picked up a ball gag before returning to her side.

Rubbing her hands down her body and stopping at each piece of rope pulling it tighter and watching the white marks appear on her red skin that was freshly whipped she thought again of how beautiful she was and how lucky she was to find her. Lying face down with her arms and legs tied behind her in a hog tie, she bent over to listen to her mumble.  “I can’t I just can’t”.

“You can’t what beautiful?” She lay and said nothing as the gag was put on her.  She actually looked exhausted.  “Do you want me to stop?” she asked and she tried to shake her head as she tightened the strap of the gag.  She was already drooling which made her look even more beautiful.  As she dragged the tip of the knife down her body slowly she left a light red line in between the rope. She could hear her sharp intake of breath and knew that she was enjoying the feeling.  She dragged it down the other side of her body leaving another red line and felt her insides flip over as she caught sight of her cunt glistening and a drop falling to the table she lay face down on.

She dragged the knife down the middle of her back stopping at each piece of rope and waiting for a few seconds that must feel like hours before going in between the next piece of rope.  “Tell me how you feel cunt?”  She could hear her mumble behind the ball but it didn’t matter that she couldn’t hear her she knew that she could feel now no matter what she said.  She laid the knife down next to her face on the table and grabbed her cunt with her hand she was wet, wetter than she had ever seen her this was going to be quick.

She held her, waiting and waiting she could tell she was holding her breath and waited and waited, eventually she gasped for a breath and at that moment she forced her whole hand into her and felt her come instantly. Oh yes she felt that she really felt that.

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