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Friday, 5 August 2011


Well first one for #fuckmefriday in a little while but managed one this week.  As usual read the rest of them here at Aisling Weaver's place

She hated wearing bras but her nipples were so large that they poked through anything she wore.  Along with the fact that they were also highly sensitive, meant that they would poke through whatever she wore and if she didn’t wear one to hide them they were constantly erect.

Pulling at the wire under her chest she sighed.  It had to be a man who had invented these contraptions of torture; surely a woman wouldn’t suggest pushing something so hard and ….sharp!  Yes the wire on her new bra had already poked through the material and was now digging into her ribs; she pulled at it trying to make it go back into the wire eventually feeling in pop back in.

She shifted uncomfortably on her seat and went back to staring out of the window thinking about the interview she was on her way to.  She had not been a PA before but had a lot of experience of similar tasks and was sure she could do this job and they must think so too or surely they wouldn’t be interviewing her.  As the countryside went by her at a blur she wondered about the man interviewing her.  Alex Reid was the person she was to ask for and looking at the company website she could find out nothing about him at all.  She found this slightly disconcerting as she liked to be prepared and armed with information about the person she was to be interviewed by.

Looking out of the window she suddenly realised that it was her station and jumped up just managing to get off in time before the train moved away again.  By the time she arrived at the building she was about driven up the wall with her bra.  Going to the ladies she made the decision to take it off as she just knew that it would distract her in the interview.  Besides which she had a suit jacket on so she knew she would not be as ‘exposed’ as much as if she just had a blouse on.

She had only just sat down when her name was called.  As she walked into the large office all she could see was the back of his head, short dark hair slightly longer on the right side.  As he turned around she jumped when she realised he was a she.

Flushing as Alex shook her hand; Alex laughed “let me guess you thought I was a man?”  As she flushed even more she laughed again “Alex was my father’s name, he died before I was born.  As I was so like him when I was born my Mother just had to name me after him.”

She felt the heat move downwards and Alex’s voice appeared to be far away, sweat began to bead on her back and she was aware of a drop of sweat running down the space in between her breasts.  Pouring a glass of water from the jug on her desk Alex got up and walked around the desk and held it out to her sitting back on the edge of her desk, she was stunning.

Her mind was racing as to why she was reacting like this but as she looked up from the glass and their eyes met she knew exactly why.  She couldn’t break her gaze and as the sweat began to run down her face she felt light headed and the last thing she saw was Alex coming towards her.

She came to lying on the floor with Alex sitting by her saying her name.   As she tried to get up Alex held her down by her shoulder shushing her.  “Stay where you are until you feel better Jane, if you get up too quickly you’ll only pass out again.”

As she lay there Alex smiled at her and with a start Jane realised she no longer had her jacket on and as soon as that thought passed through her mind, her nipples stood to attention.  Of course yet again her face flushed.

“Are you okay, you’ve gone very red again?”  Alex looked concerned.

“Yes, yes I just need to sit up now.”  Alex helped her sit up brushing against her left nipple as she did so.

“Oops I’m sorry!”  Then she laughed “actually I’m not sorry but it WAS an accident”.

Jane found herself unable to look away and felt as if she was drowning in Alex’s eyes as they moved even closer to hers.  She could feel her breath on her face smelling slightly minty.  She became fixated on her lips and sighed as Alex’s tongue tip came out and moistened them.  Time seemed to stand still as Alex’s lips moved to within millimetres of hers.

Jane felt as if everything had stopped especially her heart.  As their lips touched she thought she might pass out again.  A tingle passed through them all the way to her other lips which had swollen and had begun to throb.

As Alex breathed into her mouth she could hardly control herself.  Her mind raced thinking about the interview she was supposed to be having.  As she sank into her arms she felt Alex’s hand reach her waistband and undo the buttons and zip on her trousers.

Minutes later as Alex rubbed her thumb on her clitoris Jane felt her orgasm begin to build.  As she began to climax and groan out loud Alex covered her mouth with her other hand and plunged two fingers into her fucking her and keeping her orgasm going for what seemed like forever.

As her clenching began to subside Alex helped her to her feet and as she began to button up her trousers and sort herself “Now let’s see what you’re shorthand is like?” Alex said and handed her a notebook and pen.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

The #Box

Well another Wednesday and a chance to make Ruby at @eroticnotebook blush with her prompt of #box

This is the next part of my ongoing piece Once Upon a Time which you can find to the right of this post.

Read all the rest at Ruby's page here

But yet again I get ahead of myself and still haven’t told the story.  How did we begin this relationship that we now have since this is not the way we started?  Of course the first time was that day at the beach when I knelt and made her come in my mouth, but that was far from the true beginning of my ownership.

That day started off like any other, I was yet again at Fiona’s after all her house was much nicer than mine, it was a house for starters whereas my flat was so small it made you feel claustrophobic.  I wakened, rose and was standing as usual in the kitchen naked making her a coffee to waken her with.  I liked to get up and do this every morning and she liked it too despite her never telling or me ever asking.  It just evolved and became normal for my day and hers. 

We had been seeing one another for months now and there was still so much I didn’t know about her. One day out of every month I wasn’t to call her or come over no matter what, it was always the same date of every month the 21st and it didn’t matter what day it was she didn’t work that day.  Even her business was a bit of a mystery to me at that point all I knew was that she owned a nightclub.  I hadn’t even gone there or even at that point knew its name.  It wasn’t that she was secretive; it just didn’t really come up in conversation ever and we had gone other places on dates.  She said that she didn’t want to go out in her place of work and that made total sense to me.  In fact looking back she asked me lots of questions about me and always turned the conversation back to me, my hopes and dreams and all the things I knew and wanted to know.

It was flattering and made me love her even more that she listened to me as though I was the most important person in the world.  I quickly fell into her life and seemed to make her happy by doing things like standing there naked making coffee.  She liked me naked and kept the heat high on the central heating so that I was never cold. I didn’t mind as my body was becoming more and more toned as each day went by and I had never felt or looked better in my life so it was quite nice to walk about and show myself off to someone who really appreciated me.

And she really appreciated me, when I was at hers she could never keep her hands off me, pulling, stroking and grabbing.  She constantly had me wet by grabbing my cunt and pulling me towards her to squeeze my nipples.  After a few months of this my nipples could withstand a lot of pain and I was beginning to love the intensity of it and was begging for more.  She had made me come alive like no one else had ever done before.
Wakening her that day there was something different about her she seemed to be alive and totally in control without saying a word to me just smiling and saying good morning.  It was weird and I felt excited there seemed to be electricity in the room.  She told me that we were to go to her club today that she had a present for me there.  She had already bought me presents before like underwear and earrings, but I could tell that this was different as she told me to wear no knickers.

Arriving at the club I looked up and it had the plainest sign above the door which in small writing just said one word “Tied”.  Thinking that it was a strange name for a club I waited while Fiona opened the door and switched the alarm off.  Going inside it was like a cavern with small booths all around the outside of the room.  The stage was split into 3 areas with large wooden partitions; in the middle one was what looked like a horse from a gym, the right one a large x shaped piece of wood that had an oblong shape of wood on the other side so that it sat there like an upturned v and the other had what looked like a large throne but had what looked like moving bits for the legs.

Turning around to look at Fiona I wasn’t sure what exactly this place was.  Seeing my confusion she laughed “you are an innocent aren’t you?”  Sitting on the table at the booth nearest to the door we had just come in was a large leather box.  Sitting me down at that booth she went off to the bar and came back with fruit juice for us both.  I was totally intrigued and couldn’t keep my eyes off the stage wondered what these all were but my eyes kept coming back to the box.  Could this be my present and what was in there?

Sitting beside me she stared at me for what seemed forever, by now I was already used to this and looked back at her without flinching.  Her eyes smiled and crinkled slightly at the sides as she looked at me; eventually the smile reached her mouth as she lifted the lid of the box and then looked back at me.  I wasn’t sure what to do so just continued to sit there and didn’t move.  Putting her hand into the box she lifted them out and put the most beautiful leather cuffs I had ever seen in front of me.  They were black leather and the buckles looked like they were made of silver, I smiled as we had used silk scarves and had discussed getting cuffs.  I lifted them and went to put them on first looking to her for approval which gained a smile from one side of her mouth and a nod to go ahead.

They felt snug on my wrists and made me feel instantly safe. Fiona grinned at me as she put her hands back into the box and pulled out a leather flogger.  It was a short one and as I reached over to touch it a spark of electricity flashed between our hands and I shivered while she laughed out loud.  It was soft and I could just imagine how that would feel on my skin.  Again her hands were dipping into the box this time bringing out matching ankle cuffs which were just as beautiful as the wrist ones. I again touched them and felt how soft they felt yet they looked as though they would stand up to a lot.

I was beginning to feel incredibly turned on and lowered my eyes feeling suddenly embarrassed.   I could see her hands going into the box again this time coming out with a paddle.  My heart had started to thump so loudly I was sure she could hear it.  Next came a vibrator which was a triangle type shape but softer.  Next came a glass dildo which had a twirled pattern around the outside and I felt my face burn as I imagined how that would feel being rammed into me.  I didn’t want her to do it softly I wanted it as hard as she could. 

She laughed at me then as if she could hear my thoughts and then took a blindfold out of the box which matched the cuffs.  She opened it and placed it on my head securing the buckle at the back and I could see nothing.  Hearing her moving I turned my head trying to figure out where she was going but didn’t have to wonder long as she gently took my hands and pulled me to my feet.  I knew from the direction she was pulling me in that we were heading to the stage.  “Step” she said as we reached it and I immediately lifted my foot and stepped up.  Turning me around I felt her unbutton my shirt and remove it softly and then undo my bra and take that off too. 

Turning me back around she led me to what I realised as we reached it was the horse like piece of furniture that was in the middle.  Bending me over it I felt her attach my wrists to something on each side of it leaving me hanging over it.  Unbuttoning my skirt I felt her bend to pick it up and I lifted my foot so she could pick it up.  I had no knickers on that day as she had asked me and I knew that I was already wet and it was seeping out onto my legs.   Laughing she smacked my arse and I heard her walk back to where we had sat.  Coming back she then put the cuffs on my ankles and I gasped as she pulled my legs apart and clipped them to the base of the horse. 

I knew that I must be a sight bent over open and wet like this.  As I was thinking that I felt the flogger hit my arse again and again and again.  I could feel my arse warming and the juices which were just at the start of my cunt feel beginning to run down my legs.  I gasped as the flogger hit the outside lips of my cunt and I could feel the throb begin to get deeper and deeper as I gasped out that I was going to come.  Bending over me she grabbed my tits and whispered “don’t you dare come yet!”  With everything in me I held on trying not to come.  Hearing her walk away I groaned but just as quickly she was back and from the feel of what she had at the lips of my cunt it was the glass dildo.

She rammed it into me just like I had hoped for and pulled it in and out fiercely until I was again on the verge of an orgasm and it became more difficult for her to pull it in and out as my cunt held on.  Pulling it out I couldn’t hear her walk away, but I could hear what I thought was her putting on a dildo and I silently prayed that it was.  I gasped as I could feel the head of the dildo ram into me from behind this was a new one I hadn’t felt before and a lot larger than I was used to but it didn’t hurt in a way that wasn’t a turn on and I heard myself begin to moan as yet again she brought me to the edge of orgasm.

As she held me there she whispered, “I want to own you and look after you”.  I wanted to come so badly but my body wasn’t giving in either and it held me there on the edge obeying her even if I didn’t want to.  She kept fucking me from behind hard and I could feel the thud every time the dildo hit my cervix.  Eventually she whispered “come” as I exploded and the juices ran down both my legs.  Holding me and laying over me she again whispered, “Well? Can you give yourself to me and let me own you?”  I started to realise what she meant exactly and that it wasn’t just something said in the heat of the moment.

Unclipping me from the horse she helped me dress again and told me she wanted me to think about what it would mean and what commitment we would be giving to one another.  My mind was racing I had never known of anything like this before and I wasn’t sure that I wanted to give myself to another person body and soul. 

That was then though and it didn’t take me long to decide that I could and get to now.