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Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Well it's Wednesday once more and a chance to make the Queen of Smut blush for #Wankwednesday the prompt this week being #captain.  Read the rest HERE.


It wasn’t the most inventive of passwords but it would do, she couldn’t have him seeing anything on her computer.  As the time grew near she felt her cunt dampen, she loved this time just before the hour when she became someone else that deep secret person she hid from everyone.  This had been her life for months now and he was too blind to even notice what was going on right in her room.  He spent all the time in his den and this was hers.

It was time, she smiled as she clicked on the link that would connect her to her site and logged on.  

“C.. A.. P.. T.. A.. I.. N.”  she slowly said out loud.  She hated thinking up passwords she always forgot them and had to have her passwords reset on a daily basis, but this one she remembered.  This meant something to her; the meaning behind it filled her every day just waiting for this time to become the person she really was.  She was a slut, a whore someone who could be bought, sold and told what to do.

She lay there on the bed and started to play with herself she couldn’t help it after all she was a slut.  She waited and saw him log on, she felt herself drip at the thought of his large cock in her mouth, in her cunt being used while he had his pleasure.  The words came up “dirty slut you’ve started without me”.  She looked girlish as she bit her bottom lip and bowed her head slightly looking at the laptop camera through her long fringe.  She took her hand away from her cunt and slipped her digit finger in her mouth and sucked the juices already there.  Typing with her other hand she wrote “sorry Sir I wanted to be ready for you”.

As it came up on the screen she blushed “suck this then tart!” his cock was beautiful, long and thin and the end seemed to shine a lovely blush colour the more he was aroused.  She longed for him to fuck her throat with it; she yearned to gag while he used her.  He was the other side of a computer screen though and she couldn’t even see what he looked like as the feed was one way and he only had the ability to send pictures and had never yet sent his face.  “Rub your clit cunt and squeeze your nipples real hard”. 

She did as she was told dying to see his reaction to her and whether he looked as good as his cock which he had just sent yet another picture of standing erect and pre cum glistening on the tip. “Did you get those clamps I told you to buy?” She typed yes one handed again as she couldn’t move her hand away from her clit it was too much to stop.  “Put them on then tart what are you waiting for?”

She stopped rubbing her clit long enough to open the drawer at the side of the bed and pull them out.  She didn’t really like this kind they hurt more than she thought she could handle.  They screwed on and only tightly there seemed to be no middle ground with them and she gasped as she put on first one then the other.  As she finished tightening the screws he told her to put her cuffs on.  She put them on slowly showing her wrists to the screen so that he could see them properly. She continued to rub at her clit her eyes starting to glaze.  “No coming now prick tease!” She gasped out loud dying to come yet knowing she couldn’t he was paying for his time and he would leave her if she came.

“Don’t move now just sit there for a moment and think about what a slut you are”.  She sat there the clamps so tight she felt as if there was a wire connecting her clit and her nipples and a current running along it.  “Okay put the headphones on now”.  He had told her to have these ready last week and to install text to speech so she could hear his words.  She plugged them in and switched on the text to speech. “Now put on the blindfold”, she put it on waiting for the next robotic words to come through the headphones.  It was strange she felt so cut off but so connected at the same time.  “Now clip your cuffs together and lie back and rub your clit making sure that your cunt is facing the laptop, careful now slut”.  She lay back and rubbed her clit hearing the robotic voice telling her to insert 2 fingers into her cunt and pull the juices out to soak her clit.  She did as she was told and was now starting to pant.  The only other sound she could hear was her heart beating; she hoped that he didn’t come in now as she wouldn’t hear him.

“Put one of your fingers in your arse now and start fucking it.”  She pushed her digit finger which was now soaking and dripping with her juices into her arse and pushed hard pulling it out and pushing it in again and again.  “Are you wet slut, are you ready to be fucked in your Cunt, your Arse?  Well Prick Tease nod for me?”  She nodded immediately and had the distinct feeling that someone was there and turned her head to the side to listen.  She could still hear nothing and carried on fucking herself.   “On your knees now cunt make sure your arse is facing me I want to see your juices drip.”  She got on her knees on the bed in front of the laptop sitting on the table knowing that her arse was right in the camera’s view and that he would be able to see her drip.  As she was about to start fucking herself again she stopped.   “Don’t stop now slut, stay right where you are and open your mouth.”

As she opened her mouth she felt someone in front of her and before she could move a cock forced itself into her mouth and half way down her throat.  She gagged and tried to scream as hands grabbed the back of her head and began to fuck her face.  The robotic voice was silent and she could see nothing.  Struggling to get her hands up she realised that she couldn’t as the locked cuffs were stopping her from bringing them up anywhere near her head.  Strangely she wasn’t scared she was even more turned on and although she was gagging she was enjoying every minute of it. 

As she felt his balls become hard she sucked hard and felt him start to come with a flood down her throat she was dying to taste him but it was at the back of her tongue and he held her head firmly.  As she began to think she was going to pass out he pulled out of her mouth already semi hard and turned her around holding onto her hair so that she was on her knees with her back to him.  As she tried to get her arms up he smacked her arse so hard she felt tears spring to her eyes and run down her cheeks and out of the blindfold.   She was about to scream when she had a ball pushed into her mouth and the strap around it tied tight around the back of her head. 

She started to panic as he smacked the other side of her arse and then took the headphones off of her head.  He said nothing but she could hear a strange noise coming from her own throat and the sound of a rubber being put on.  She then felt her arse being held wide open as he forced his cock into her tight arse and started to fuck her hard.  She wasn’t ready for this and tried to cry out past the ball gag but couldn’t do anything other than drool.  The only noise was his heavy breathing and the noise his balls made as they slapped on her arse as he fucked her harder and harder.

Strangely she felt her cunt clench as she became more and more turned on and her clit become so hard it felt like it was going to burst out of her skin. The nipple clamps swung backwards and forwards as he carried on fucking her arse and she fell into the rhythm which he had set.  Trying to hang onto the bed with her cuffed hands she fell forward pushing her arse further up into the air and making him fall forward deep into her arse forcing an orgasm from her that threatened to burst every blood vessel in her head.

Before she had stopped he had pulled out and the rubber was dumped on her back wet and sticky.  She felt him rub her arse softly where he had earlier slapped her so hard he had no doubt left marks.  She felt the tears begin to fall out from the blindfold and soak her face.  She was trying to get a big breath past the ball gag when she felt him force himself into her cunt at this angle banging against her g spot like a piston.  She heard animalistic noises which she realised with a start were actually coming from her mouth before she again came in a rush. 

He didn’t stop this time and kept banging away eliciting loud grunts from her at each bang against her g spot until she could feel him tense and begin to shake as he came hard his come flowing with her juices and running from her and down her legs with the pressure of him ramming in and out of her cunt.  He eventually withdrew and pushed her face down on the bed trapping her with her cuffed hands beneath her since she had no energy to move anywhere.

She felt him walk around the other side of the bed and pull the blindfold off her face as she looked up at her husband standing there he said “ ‘Cunt Arse Prick Tease Always In Need’ you really must get a better password!”

Friday, 24 June 2011

Can you #feel this? #fuckmefriday

Well another Friday and another #fuckmefriday for @aislingweaver the prompt this week #feel.  Find the rest HERE

“I can’t, I promise you I can’t”!  She took no notice of her cries, she had heard them all before and they meant nothing, absolutely nothing.  Walking across the room she lifted up a slim knife and dragged it down her arm watching how it sliced off her hair.  As she walked towards her lying there bound and trussed like an animal she thought about how beautiful she looked.  It was the vulnerability that was the main thing.  Her eyes said everything without her mouth opening.  As she thought that thought she about turned and picked up a ball gag before returning to her side.

Rubbing her hands down her body and stopping at each piece of rope pulling it tighter and watching the white marks appear on her red skin that was freshly whipped she thought again of how beautiful she was and how lucky she was to find her. Lying face down with her arms and legs tied behind her in a hog tie, she bent over to listen to her mumble.  “I can’t I just can’t”.

“You can’t what beautiful?” She lay and said nothing as the gag was put on her.  She actually looked exhausted.  “Do you want me to stop?” she asked and she tried to shake her head as she tightened the strap of the gag.  She was already drooling which made her look even more beautiful.  As she dragged the tip of the knife down her body slowly she left a light red line in between the rope. She could hear her sharp intake of breath and knew that she was enjoying the feeling.  She dragged it down the other side of her body leaving another red line and felt her insides flip over as she caught sight of her cunt glistening and a drop falling to the table she lay face down on.

She dragged the knife down the middle of her back stopping at each piece of rope and waiting for a few seconds that must feel like hours before going in between the next piece of rope.  “Tell me how you feel cunt?”  She could hear her mumble behind the ball but it didn’t matter that she couldn’t hear her she knew that she could feel now no matter what she said.  She laid the knife down next to her face on the table and grabbed her cunt with her hand she was wet, wetter than she had ever seen her this was going to be quick.

She held her, waiting and waiting she could tell she was holding her breath and waited and waited, eventually she gasped for a breath and at that moment she forced her whole hand into her and felt her come instantly. Oh yes she felt that she really felt that.

Friday, 17 June 2011

#Smell #Fuckmefriday

Well its Friday and another day of glorious smut for the delightful @aislingweaver 's #fuckmefriday the prompt this week of #smell. Post your own or read the rest HERE

Showered and hair washed

Yet still I smell you

Your sex lingers on my hands

Nothing removes the smell of you

Shampoo and shower gel you withstand

I sit at my desk

The smell wafts to my nose

Memories of the night before

Keep me going till I’m home at last

To renew the smell I love the most

Thursday, 16 June 2011

#Practice #Wankwednesday

Well it was Wednesday yesterday and another chance to make you blush with #wankwednesday the prompt this week #practice.  Read the rest here
The whole place smelled old and musty, it was dark and the wood panelling on the walls helped to make it darker than the day already was.  She looked like she had been dragged through a hedge backwards and felt like it despite it only being 9am.  As she sat there waiting for the partner to call for her she sighed and thought about how good she had looked before leaving the house.  She’d been up from 5am getting ready to ensure that she made a good impression on her first day.  Her new suit just looked wrinkled and was damp and her hair was already starting to frizz as it dried.  As she sighed yet again the door opened and the partner was standing there looking at her or rather looking down at her over his glasses.  “Hmmm right miss em em Stuart?”  “Yes sir” she said as she got up and followed him into his room.  It was a huge office and the walls were lined with books and nothing else apart from the door.

“Miss Stuart, welcome to the practice I would like you to just settle yourself in today and find your way around, after all you are looking a bit ruffled.”  She blushed as he said this knowing that she must look terrible she hadn’t had time to even comb her hair before getting there.  She couldn’t believe the catalogue of disasters that had already happened to her prior to arriving here and she wasn’t holding out much hope for the rest of the day.  Her first impression which she had hoped would be good was far from it.

As she walked along the corridor looking at all the pictures hanging there of the famous lawyers and judges who had once worked here,  she giggled as she thought of herself appearing on a wall here just the way she looked today!  Trying to change a tyre in your suit was never a good idea and especially not on your first day of a new job at the start of your career.  She had worked hard at university graduating 1st in her class and had in fact gained full marks for all but one exam.  She had been guaranteed a position in most law practices anywhere in the country with mark like those but she had chosen here an old firm where she would have to work hard to gain partner before she was fifty.  Looking down and rubbing furiously she could see that she was very wrinkled but at least there were no oily marks and only a slight loss through it all.

Arriving at the door of the trainee office she ran her fingers through her hair and tossed it back hoping that her hair and face would detract from her suit and lack of stockings.  As she opened the door the chatting that had been taking place went quiet as the others in the room turned around to look at her.  After the round of introductions to Thomas, Elizabeth and Karen she sat at her new desk which was already covered in cases all tied up in pink ribbon.  It’s what attracted her to law if truth be told.  She had once had a tour of the high court when she was at college and it stuck with her all of these pink ribbons.  It was from long ago when they used coloured tape to denote the type of cases.

She wasn’t quite sure where to begin so she lifted the top one and placed it in front of her on the very little space that she could see on her desk and sighed.  As she was about to untie the ribbon Elizabeth came over from her desk opposite.  “Why don’t I show you around and introduce you to the most important people in the building?”  These were people such as Mike the maintenance man who could fix most things and arrange for all sorts from desks to a light bulb and to all of the other type of admin staff who she would need to know. Arriving back at their office Elizabeth asked her if she wanted a cup of tea or coffee and having said yes they went into the kitchen that was adjacent to their office.  The connecting door was closed but she could hear moaning noises coming from the other side. 

“That will be Karen and Thomas; they go at it every time they have the office to themselves.” Elizabeth said as she went about making tea for them both. 

Dawn flushed as she realised exactly what they were doing.  “But doesn’t anyone ever catch them or ….or…”

 Elizabeth laughed “you’ll soon learn that no one ever comes into the trainee’s room apart from us! And you do know you look very cute when your face reddens?”  Dawn flushed even more at that she wasn’t used to anyone being so direct with her.

“So what happened to you this morning then you are looking a bit wrinkled and I’m sure that’s not the way you left the house this morning?” Elizabeth stared at her as she handed over the mug of tea.  And she felt the flush starting again from her neck upwards and strangely between her legs too the more she thought about this the warmer her face got. 

“I had a puncture and had to change the tyre! It was a nightmare already when the rain started!” 

“Ah I see” said Elizabeth “I have a spare suit here if you would like to change as it can’t be comfortable in that damp suit?”

“It’s alright I will be fine once I have had this tea”. 

“Ah c’mon it’ll fit” and at that she opened the door of the office and pushed her through it gently.  Thomas and Karen were nowhere to be seen.  “They’ve gone to lunch now they always take the early one at 12.”  Dawn turned around to see her locking the connecting door and then walk to the other door and lock that too.

As she walked towards her Dawn could feel every part of her flush as her hand reached out and undid the buttons on her jacket.  Walking around her she slowly she slid it off her shoulders leaving her standing there shivering.  Elizabeth laughed as she walked in front of her and saw that her nipples were erect. Trailing her hand over her nipple all of Dawn’s hairs stood on end and she inhaled sharply making a noise as she did so.  Elizabeth walked around her slowly trailing her hand around Dawn’s waist until she had reached the button and zip at the back of her skirt.  Undoing the button and then slowly bit by bit the zip, Dawn could feel Elizabeth’s  breath on the back of her neck making all her hairs stand on end again.

As her skirt fell to the ground she remembered that she had on no knickers on having used them to strengthen her grip on the tyre iron and then wipe her hands.   As she was about to move her hands to cover herself Elizabeth grabbed her hands and kissed her with such force that she nearly knocked her over.  Grabbing her Elizabeth’s fingers instantly were enveloped by her cunt as she was so wet.  Dawn gasped out with the force of them banging against her cervix.  Elizabeth fucked her harder and harder grunting as she did so and each grunt into Dawn’s mouth making her feel like she was being fucked in her mouth too.  Moments later it was all over and as she stood there with Elizabeth handing her suit to her “welcome to the Practice Dawn.”

Friday, 10 June 2011

#Fuckmefriday #listen

Well it's Friday and that means one thing #fuckmefriday and the prompt this week is #listen - post yours HERE or just have a fab read

Listen, just fucking listen

Don’t talk, just bloody listen

I want you

Listen, can you hear me

Not a word, just bloody listen

I need you

Listen, to the words I whisper

No sound, just bloody listen

I love you

Listen, to your heart beating

Shut up, and just listen

Please take me

Listen, can you hear the silence

No sound, just you listening


Tuesday, 7 June 2011

#Utensil #Wankwednesday (Part 4 of The Hitch see to the right)

well it's #Wankwednesday and yet another week of smut for the queen herself @eroticnotebook The rest are HERE

The next morning I again wakened early and started breakfast for us all, boiled eggs, toast and steaming hot tea.  As I was just putting the toast onto the kitchen table Lou and Annette came in naked and sat down at the table.

“Aren’t you two freezing?” I asked laughing that they would sit there naked spreading toast.  “No!” they chorused.  They both sat on their chairs with one foot up and looked like bookends sitting there chewing on toast.  Except they look opposites with Lou being auburn and Annette being blond.  I could also see both their cunts wide open and glistening.  Looking at Lou I wished we had brought our strap on with us I would’ve like to have fucked her there and then.  Having an idea I rifled through the utensil drawer and pulled out a few things.

They both inhaled sharply as they saw what I had taken out of the drawer and had laid on the table shoving the breakfast plates out of the way.  Lifting the rolling pin I swung it between my hands wondering who to fuck with it.  Lou looked positively ready to burst and did everything but scream out “pick me pick me”.  Turning to my right instead I stopped in front of Annette and walked towards her.  Her right leg was still up on the chair and she was wide open.  Her eyes were slightly closed as she sat there completely tense waiting for me to fuck her. 

The rolling pin had a long smooth handle made of rubber and apart from the end was just the same as one of our strap-ons.  As I walked up to her I could hear her sigh as the handle touched her lips.  I pushed lightly and it went sliding in and I could see her juices already running down the handle.  “Please?” she whispered “Please fuck me hard” every hair on my body stood on end as I felt my own cunt clench in response.  I looked around at Lou who winked and licked her lips enjoying the show.  Beckoning to Lou I slowly moved the rolling pin in and out of her cunt the slightly fatter middle bit pulling her lips backwards and forwards with it like a tide.

Lou came around her right side and took over the rhythm with the rolling pin and Annette didn’t notice at all with her eyes shut.  I lifted the next utensil on the table and it was a perfect thing just for fitting right here on her nipple.  As I put the bag clamp on her nipple she opened her eyes and realised that we were both in front of her and she put her left hand on Lou’s head and sighed as she knelt down and held her head against her knee all the while fucking her slowly with the rolling pin.  As she began to protest I put my finger up to my lips and whispered “shhhh” and smoothed her hair down on her left side as she began to relax into the intenseness of the clamp.  Taking the next implement off the table I leant over and bit Annette’s lips and she kissed me forcefully back.  I had picked up a lemon squeezer which made her eyes widen slightly for a second, before half closing them again in the rise to her orgasm. The lemon squeezer was one of those wooden ones with a long handle and the grooved bell end and would fit somewhere just nicely I thought as I dipped it into the jam and turned coating it with jam.

As I pushed it into her lips Lou gently pulled the rolling pin out making it even harder to push it in until she had gone past the wider part of the handle.  Looking at Lou I winked and kissed her as we knelt there at Annette’s feet.  Nodding we both pushed at once, pushing harder we both entered her at the same time as her eyes shot open and she came with a scream.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

The List

This one is for my wife

“I want you to write in your journal all the things that you are going to do to worship and adore me tomorrow.”  Handing her the box that her journals were kept in the slave trembled as she took them.  She didn’t know what to write she was always told what to do and when to do it.  She thought and thought of all the things her Mistress appeared to like.  How would she start, would she do lots of things or just one or two?

Being left alone, she picked up the pen and started to write;

Dear Mistress – my list

Massage you with oil

Rub lube into your arse and cunt

Bite your nipples until you scream

Fuck you with the strap-on

Fuck your arse with your butt plug

Lick, bite and suck until you come in my mouth

Paddle your arse?

It wasn’t a very good list really and she bit her lip trying to think of other things.  Perhaps the Mistress wouldn’t want any of these tomorrow?  She had never used the paddle on the Mistress as it seemed too bad to do that to her.  It hurt like hell and she was only ever hit with it when she had been exceptionally bad.  However although it hurt like hell, it made her wet and ready to come in an instant.  Perhaps the Mistress would like that?

Tomorrow came and slave fell asleep on the couch early, when she had been working all week she found it hard to stay awake late waiting for Mistress to tell her to go to bed, or for Mistress to go which meant she could.  Mistress said nothing when she wakened her but she could tell she wondered whether slave was going to start her list at all.

Once in bed Mistress commented on her tiredness and slave cuddled into her and stretched like a cat would to let the Mistress know she was ready to do as bid.  She knew that she had to instigate it this evening as Mistress just lay there and said nothing.  Slave kissed her, Mistress had the loveliest lips and she wasn’t normally allowed to kiss without permission so took her opportunity this evening.

Rubbing her hands down the Mistress’ side she kissed her some more before placing her mouth around her nipple and sucking harder and harder until she was biting it.  Mistress pushed her off and got up as she lay there scared to make a sound wondering what she had done wrong.  Placing the vibrator on her the Mistress smiled as she cranked up the speed and depth of the vibrations. “Now slave will come for me”.  The slave was confused this was meant to be the time when she worshipped Her.  “I can’t Mistress.”  “There is no such thing” She retorted.

Taking her hand she pushed it towards her cunt “COME” she knew better than to disobey she would be punished for this if she didn’t.  “Don’t close your eyes!”  The slave snickered with nervousness and opened her eyes desperately trying to make herself come when her clit was swollen from days of sex and now numb.  She felt the familiar tension and closed her eyes ready to welcome it.  “OPEN your eyes” the Mistress snapped.  Opening her eyes she struggled to keep them so as she came accompanied by laughs from her Mistress.  Kissing her she knew she had done well, that always meant she had done well.

She let the orgasm wash over her for a second before she turned and lay on her side and put her arm around her Mistress.  Rubbing her clit with her finger she twirled and pushed, her mistress responded by pushing back so she placed another finger on her clit and rubbed and twirled again.  She pressed against her again and so she kissed her hard rubbing harder and pushing her middle finger into her cunt where it was wet and held her so tightly.  Feeling encouraged she swapped her finger for her thumb and pushed hard on her Mistress’ g spot.  As she began to fuck her Mistress she arched against her, her mound resting on Mistress’ hip which she pushed against as she slowly moved her thumb in and out of her cunt. Pushing her thumb in, the bottom of it pushed on her Mistress’ clit which rose to meet it. Her mistress looked at her and said “I can feel your cock slave fuck me with it”.

The slave could also feel it, and as they breathed each other’s breath she felt giddy.  Mistress said it was something to do with the breathing that made it like this.  She slowly fucked her not caring why or how, she felt it and the Mistress felt it, and it was amazing.  As she slowly fucked her she could feel Mistress clenching and almost stopping her circulation, she felt herself begin to harden but held on until her Mistress eventually came clenching around her and pulling her towards her own orgasm.  “Please Mistress, please may I come?” she gasped knowing that if she said no there was no way she could stop the flood that was on the verge of happening.  “Yes” her mistress whispered as the slave exploded and came her juices running down her Mistress’ leg.

That Place

The beat starts

In my ears the pounding

Begins to drown out all the other noise

I hear instructions

But on another plane, muffled

My body begins to respond to your touch

The fire starts

Not sure just quite where

But soon everything’s burning, tingling outside of me

A cleansing heat

Starts to burn my mind

Taking me to that place only you find

Friday, 3 June 2011

#Fuckmefriday #Taste

Well it's Friday and it comes to #fuckmefriday and Aisling's prompt this week is #taste!  What a dilemma to decide on what to write about!  Have a read of the others HERE or have a go yourself.  I hope you like my taste!

She hadn’t been out since her master had her out last.  “I must stop thinking of him as that now’ she thought to herself.  She thought it would work without sex and that submitting to him would be enough but it wasn’t and he was wise enough to know that.  The pain she felt being alone and having no one to serve was unbearable but her friend who was owned by a friend of the master, correction John had persuaded her to come with her.  Her owner insisted that June came here every second month to serve.  June wouldn’t tell her what happened here though other than to tell her to be well shaven, clean and no underwear on.

Arriving at the club the bouncer took one look at her and stood aside to let her in without saying a word.  The slight drizzle in the air had made her feel damp all over and the darkness in the club when she went in did nothing to dispel the cold she was now feeling.  There were 5 other women there already including her friend June who she went to stand by just as a man entered and said “Welcome to Taste ladies.  Now for those of you who have never been here before you are in for the treat of a lifetime and one you may be given only at such times as your owners see fit.”

Karen looked at June with excitement in her eyes and June’s eyes twinkled back.  “What the hell was this place?” 

“Now ladies please strip and put these on.”  He handed out corsets to everyone and as Karen placed her clothes carefully on the nearest chair she looked round at June who had already stripped and was pulling on the corset.  Turning to her “well at least help tie me up then” she laughed.  Karen did and then turned and let June help her into her corset.  She looked down as June pulled tight on the ties and as her breasts came up to meet her.  She looked lovely in a corset but hadn’t ever worn one before.  She felt excited and could hear her own heart beating with the uncertainty at what was about to happen.  She suddenly felt anxious as she realised that there may be men involved.

“Right ladies now just drop your things in this box and sit right up there on the stage.”  She looked around and there was a light suddenly on the stage and there was a long seat or she thought it was a seat anyway as it looked more like a seat for a carnival ride.  They all went up onto the stage and sat in the seats with great difficulty since there wasn’t much to sit on.  He came over and pulled down the shoulder pads on each of them which also brought a clamp across their stomachs.  When he had down this for everyone one of the 6 ladies he shouted “now.”  At that they were pulled into the air and hung suspended from this contraption.  At that another man came onto the stage with his hands full of spreader bars and started clamping them onto each of them.

Hanging there Karen looked at June but knew better to say anything out loud as she had not been given permission and she was right in thinking that she needed it.  As her legs were spread and the spreader bar clamped to her ankles she wondered what the hell was about to happen.  “Well ladies not long now and you’ll be in heaven” and at that patted the arse of the one nearest to him and went down off the stage.  She swung her head around to look at June again who only just grinned and as she was about to ask what was about to happen a crowd of men and women started to come into the club.  Karen felt her face redden but no one would see it anyway as the light had switched to below their waists. As she was looking around her the same man who had put the spreader bars on came in with chains which he clipped on to each bar in the middle and then attached to a hook that she hadn’t noticed on the front of the corsets.  Once he had done this to every woman he raised his arm and Karen felt them all moving until they were just over the end of the stage.  With the chains it made them fully accessible to whoever was standing at the front of the stage and there was already a group of people waiting there.

Karen thought she was going to die with shame as she felt teeth clamp onto her clit and suck hard.  Oh my god she muttered which the response from June was a very hard pinch and a “shhhh”.  The man who was sucking on June looked up from what he was doing and stared up at June for a second before continuing with what he was doing.  Karen was in ecstasy as she felt herself beginning to climax.  As she felt herself begin to tremble she didn’t know if she was allowed to come and as she looked at June in panic she nodded at her knowing exactly what she was thinking.  Karen came several times until she heard a bell ring and then the woman moved up to the woman hanging next to her.  The man who had been only seconds before been clamped around June’s cunt was now on hers and she sighed as he blew hard on her opening her lips.  She felt herself clam up but that just made him suck even harder stabbing his finger in her arse as his tongue penetrated her cunt.  As his prickly face moved up and down and fucked her she felt herself relax and give in to the feeling and try and not be aware that it was a man coming as strong as with the woman before him.

As the night wore on her legs ached with the pain of being spread for so long and her cunt felt bruised and swollen.  He arse did not feel any better and she felt shock and embarrassment at how good it felt for someone and by that she meant anyone fucked her up the arse when they were sucking on her cunt.  The night went on and she felt that she could not come any more when she felt such soft lips on her lips that she thought she might cry.  She peered down at a woman with dark brown hair who was looking up at her as she licked her cunt all around flicking the tip of her tongue at Karen’s clit.  As Karen went to look away the woman stopped and said “look at me as I taste you slave”.  Karen’s whole body tingled at her words as she stared into the woman’s eyes.  “Do not look away and I want you to come whenever you are ready but don’t wait too long.”  At that she sucked hard and rammed two fingers into Karen's arse making her come again and again until she thought she might pass out.  The whole time the woman still sucked and sucked and fucked her arse never detracting from the rhythm she had set.
The bell rang and the woman did not move staying with Karen until the next bell rang.  Karen wanted to scream “don’t leave me I need you” as the woman walked away but then realised that there was no one on stage apart from them and the club was emptying.  As they dressed after being released from the spreader bars and the seating one of the men handed Karen a card.  "She would like you to call her, she liked your taste."

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

#Squeak #wankwednesday

Well it's Wednesday again and another chance to join in the Queen of Smut's (@eroticnotebook) Festival of Smut that is known as #WankWednesday and you can read the rest HERE or post your own.

“Can you hear it? Well?  Can you?”  He looked at her all confused having no idea what she was prattling on about.  He just stared at her as she shouted “Argh” exasperated she drove the rest of the way in silence saying nothing as he kissed her goodbye when they got to his work.

As she drove off she turned the radio up blaring “I cannot bear that bloody noise” she shouted as she drove off down the road.  “I know there is a garage about here somewhere” she muttered as she drove slowly up the road.  As she was nearly passed it she noticed it and screeched to a halt as the car behind almost drove into her blaring its horn and the man shaking his fist at her as he drove around her and back into the traffic.

Getting out she walked into the office area at the front and rang the bell waiting for someone to come.  After waiting an age no one came so she rang the bell again.  Losing her patience after about five minutes she walked out onto the garage floor shouting hello at the top of her voice over the noise of the radio playing.  Maybe they could hear a noise too she thought and giggled to herself.  As she was giggling to herself she felt a tap on her shoulder and about fell into the pit!  The mechanic grabbed her and managed to stop her falling but she now had two greasy hand prints on her white shirt.  “Shit, fuck look at my shirt” as she looked up she couldn’t decide whether the person standing in front of her was a man or woman.  “Sorry miss I did stop you falling in the pit though and that would’ve been worse”.

Looking at him/her she decided on young man, “mmmhh well I suppose you did, now before I fall again or you ruin another piece of my clothing can you look at my car?” Driving it up into the garage she got out “

What seems to be the problem with it?” he asked indicating for her to open the bonnet for him. 

 “Well it’s just there is this noise when I am driving and I’m not sure I could really describe it at all there’s just this noise!” 

“Can you start it now please” As she got in and started the engine she listened……..”There that was it there again, it’s a kind of squeak”.

“Ok just sit there and keep the engine idling, ok switch it off.”  As Diane got out of the car he was right there.” Trying to back away she banged into the door and he stood there in her space telling her that the car was fixed well she thought that was what he was saying.  She had this urge to kiss him, what the hell was she thinking about she was married.  But there was just something about him that begged to be kissed and as she was about to turn he reached across and holding the side of her face pulled her closer and kissed her.  No hesitation just a long kiss, no hesitation, she couldn’t think straight. 

She just stood there not quite knowing what to do, her mind was racing.  He pulled her to him again and shoved his hand up her skirt, his greasy hand up her skirt!  At that moment his hand reached her knickers and roughly pushed the elastic aside.  All conscious thought left her then as she was taken roughly in hand and fucked until she was grunting and sobbing and crying all at once in the middle of the garage.  As she came she thought she was going to explode she had never came like this before, mind you she had never been fucked like this before.

Straightening herself she followed him into the office to pay which he refused as it was an easy fix and didn’t take long.  As she went to go back out to her car she turned around to see him taking off his boilersuit as he turned around she realised she had been wrong oh so wrong, as she looked him up and down she admired his chest which was around a 36D if she wasn’t mistaken.  Grinning at each other Dianne turned around and walked out closing the door behind her which squeaked.  “At least I know there is something that will get rid of that squeak from time to time” she thought as she drove out of the garage.