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Saturday, 4 June 2011

The List

This one is for my wife

“I want you to write in your journal all the things that you are going to do to worship and adore me tomorrow.”  Handing her the box that her journals were kept in the slave trembled as she took them.  She didn’t know what to write she was always told what to do and when to do it.  She thought and thought of all the things her Mistress appeared to like.  How would she start, would she do lots of things or just one or two?

Being left alone, she picked up the pen and started to write;

Dear Mistress – my list

Massage you with oil

Rub lube into your arse and cunt

Bite your nipples until you scream

Fuck you with the strap-on

Fuck your arse with your butt plug

Lick, bite and suck until you come in my mouth

Paddle your arse?

It wasn’t a very good list really and she bit her lip trying to think of other things.  Perhaps the Mistress wouldn’t want any of these tomorrow?  She had never used the paddle on the Mistress as it seemed too bad to do that to her.  It hurt like hell and she was only ever hit with it when she had been exceptionally bad.  However although it hurt like hell, it made her wet and ready to come in an instant.  Perhaps the Mistress would like that?

Tomorrow came and slave fell asleep on the couch early, when she had been working all week she found it hard to stay awake late waiting for Mistress to tell her to go to bed, or for Mistress to go which meant she could.  Mistress said nothing when she wakened her but she could tell she wondered whether slave was going to start her list at all.

Once in bed Mistress commented on her tiredness and slave cuddled into her and stretched like a cat would to let the Mistress know she was ready to do as bid.  She knew that she had to instigate it this evening as Mistress just lay there and said nothing.  Slave kissed her, Mistress had the loveliest lips and she wasn’t normally allowed to kiss without permission so took her opportunity this evening.

Rubbing her hands down the Mistress’ side she kissed her some more before placing her mouth around her nipple and sucking harder and harder until she was biting it.  Mistress pushed her off and got up as she lay there scared to make a sound wondering what she had done wrong.  Placing the vibrator on her the Mistress smiled as she cranked up the speed and depth of the vibrations. “Now slave will come for me”.  The slave was confused this was meant to be the time when she worshipped Her.  “I can’t Mistress.”  “There is no such thing” She retorted.

Taking her hand she pushed it towards her cunt “COME” she knew better than to disobey she would be punished for this if she didn’t.  “Don’t close your eyes!”  The slave snickered with nervousness and opened her eyes desperately trying to make herself come when her clit was swollen from days of sex and now numb.  She felt the familiar tension and closed her eyes ready to welcome it.  “OPEN your eyes” the Mistress snapped.  Opening her eyes she struggled to keep them so as she came accompanied by laughs from her Mistress.  Kissing her she knew she had done well, that always meant she had done well.

She let the orgasm wash over her for a second before she turned and lay on her side and put her arm around her Mistress.  Rubbing her clit with her finger she twirled and pushed, her mistress responded by pushing back so she placed another finger on her clit and rubbed and twirled again.  She pressed against her again and so she kissed her hard rubbing harder and pushing her middle finger into her cunt where it was wet and held her so tightly.  Feeling encouraged she swapped her finger for her thumb and pushed hard on her Mistress’ g spot.  As she began to fuck her Mistress she arched against her, her mound resting on Mistress’ hip which she pushed against as she slowly moved her thumb in and out of her cunt. Pushing her thumb in, the bottom of it pushed on her Mistress’ clit which rose to meet it. Her mistress looked at her and said “I can feel your cock slave fuck me with it”.

The slave could also feel it, and as they breathed each other’s breath she felt giddy.  Mistress said it was something to do with the breathing that made it like this.  She slowly fucked her not caring why or how, she felt it and the Mistress felt it, and it was amazing.  As she slowly fucked her she could feel Mistress clenching and almost stopping her circulation, she felt herself begin to harden but held on until her Mistress eventually came clenching around her and pulling her towards her own orgasm.  “Please Mistress, please may I come?” she gasped knowing that if she said no there was no way she could stop the flood that was on the verge of happening.  “Yes” her mistress whispered as the slave exploded and came her juices running down her Mistress’ leg.

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