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Sunday, 22 May 2011

#Cream #Fuckmefriday

Its Friday again (well it's Sunday here as not been up to it until today) and another chance to write for Aisling's #Fuckmefriday the prompt this week being #cream  Read the others here or write your own take on the prompt here

Ice cream she said I want real ice cream, none of that synthetic crap.  She was such a pain when she was like this which was most of the time recently.  As I drove to the shops to get some I wondered where I would find open at this time of the night.  All of the main shops would have closed by now.  As I drove around in the rain the sound of the wipers almost lulled me to a sleep, blinking I stopped at the end of the street I was on to try and waken before I killed myself or someone else.   I got out in the drizzle and as I stood looking around me I realised that I had no idea where I was.  I walked a few steps to the corner and looked down the side street, still not knowing where I was at least I could see a small café that still had its lights on, hoping that it sold proper ice cream I ran to the door as the rain got heavier.  I was already drenched to the skin by the time I opened the door and threw myself through it the bell on the door clanging loudly when I slammed it shut behind me.

There was a young woman behind the counter propping her head up in her hands, elbows on the counter looking intently at a magazine.  As I got nearer I could see it was full of pictures of naked women and I felt my face redden as she looked up at me and stared into my eyes.  She didn’t say a word just stayed in the same position staring at me.  “Please tell me you sell real ice cream?” She still stared at me and said nothing I was becoming a bit unnerved when she asked “What flavour?”  Shit I hadn’t even asked her and if I went back with the wrong kind she would surely throw another strop.  “What kind do you have, am not sure?”

She gestured her head up to the sign at the back of her that had the whole menu and I could see that they had all the traditional ones like vanilla, strawberry, chocolate and others such as banana and coconut.  She looked back down at her magazine and turned the page where there was a picture of a woman going down on another one their faces looked in bliss.  I couldn’t remember the last time we had made love; since Alice had her accident there had been nothing and who could blame her when she couldn’t feel anything below her waist.  I loved her and would never leave her but this was torture for both of us.  We had screwed every night for the last 15 years never missing a night apart from twice when she had to go away on business and even then we had phone sex which was a good substitute for not being together.

As I thought about the phone sex I mused over the flavours of the ice cream eventually settling on a mixture of flavours so that she would be happy hopefully with at least one of them.  As I left the café back out into the rain I was still thinking of that phone sex.  Maybe… just maybe ……  As I clicked the number on speed dial my heart thudded worrying that she wasn’t ready yet and that the lack of feeling would make her realise how much she had lost in the accident.  The doctors said that she could get her feeling back at any time as there had been no permanent damage to her spine just bruising although they had no idea how long it would take.  “What?” She snapped as she answered on the 5th ring.  “I’m wet.”  I couldn’t think of anything else to say and was hoping that would do it like it had always done before.  I heard her breath in sharply knowing that I meant more than from the rain I was standing in.  This was a good sign “how wet?” she asked.  My heart flipped she was responding the way she used to when I said that I was wet. "Very"!
“Get home now” and with that she hung up.  I stood in the rain smiling to myself before realising I had no idea where I was and how to get back home!  Shit!  I ran back down to the café as the girl was closing up and asked for directions, turns out I was just off our road and all I had to do was drive to the other end of the street and turn left and I would be on our road.

As I ran up the stairs to her with the ice cream I wondered how she would be.  As I opened the door she was lying on the bed naked.  I put the ice cream down on the bedside table and kissed her hard pulling on her hair at the same time.  She pulled away from me and said huskily “cream, give me the ice cream”.  I turned and lifted the tub which she after opening tipped half of it on her mound “eat” she said looking at me the way she used to.  I needed no second telling as I dived in with my tongue forcing it through the ice cream to find her clit which was hard. As I started to sit up to say so she pushed my head back down.  “Feelings have been coming back for the last week and I didn’t want to tell you until I was alright again but you telling me you were wet seemed to just bring me alive; now make me come I am so horny.” I licked and sucked until I could feel her whole body shivering and then as she came in my mouth in a rainbow of flavours and colours I congratulated myself on getting so many different kinds.


Aussiescribbler said...

Yummy! :o)

Denstar65 said...

Ha ha yes would love to try that out but am lactose intolerant and so it would have to be frozen yoghurt or I make my own!