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Thursday, 21 July 2011


Well another late #wankwednesday this week for the wonderful Queen of Smut @eroticnotebook the prompt #cloud Remember and read the rest here

This is also the next part of Once Upon a Time the third part Absorb and if you want to read where it all began the prequel was Watch

I hear the car driving up the drive as I think back to when we began.  She will be a short while yet as she will do several things before she enters the room where I wait.  She will first eat the meal which is waiting for her; chicken and salad with a light dressing.  Then she will undress and shower and then after sitting for exactly a half hour, she will dress in her white leather harness and white leather corset and then come into the room.  She likes routine and everything to be just the same way.  It suits me too as I know what will happen and when, until that moment she comes through the door, then I have no idea what will come next.
My mind drifts back to that day when I became me thus becoming hers.  It was a day just like the day we first met with rain pouring from the heavens.  We were going on a picnic that day to a secluded beach nearby, it was lovely and we had been there a couple of times in the first few months alone.   It’s strange I had lived there all my life yet never knew it even existed. We went there that day with the sun shining with our basket of nibbles and our bottle of wine.  We could actually walk from my flat which was amazing.
 I loved to walk down the street with her and watch people look after her, she was an imposing sight with her long blond hair, tall and toned but not muscular.  I am wet waiting for her, thinking about how beautiful she is and the way her hair on her body seems to glisten it being so fair.  Me?  I am small with dirty blond hair; I don’t stand out when I am with her.  In fact I could almost not be there as she just appears to glow.
I hear her sitting down the chair squeaks slightly as it always does and my heart beats faster knowing it won’t be long.

That day we got to the beach and it was still warm off to the end of the beach was grass surrounded by trees that led straight onto the sand.  We laid out our blanket there and lay down with a glass of wine looking up at the sky.  We lay there and watched a cloud pass overhead not speaking just content to be with one another in the warmth of the sun.  Passing her a chicken leg I watched the way she nibbled on it delicately as I almost inhaled mine.  She lay back down pulling me with her and we kissed until I felt the rain beginning to fall onto us.  Laughing we both jumped up and grabbed all the picnic things, shoving them into the basket and running under the trees where we were sheltered from most of the rain.

We were both wet and she could see my nipples through my shirt and reached over and pulled on them hard, harder than she ever had before all the while looking at me to see my reaction.  I breathed in and held my breath as she squeezed them even harder and tilted her head to the side with a slight smile on the left side of her face.  As she let go I breathed out and felt all the blood rushing to the surface in the most exquisite way.  She held my gaze and softly whispered “kneel”.

Still watching her I knelt at her feet and then not knowing why I bowed my head to look at her feet.  She placed her hand on my head and said softly “make me come”.  Opening her jeans I lowered them to her knees and then slowly lowered her knickers and brought my head up to start licking her clit and lips.  Holding onto her arse I pulled her closer to me and inserted my tongue inside her and felt her excitement building she had never been this near so quickly.  As I sucked I felt her insides begin to tremble as she came with a rush filling my mouth with her juices and pulling me almost inside her.

When she subsided and let me go I sat back on my knees and kept my head bowed.  There was something about this that was turning me on and it wasn’t the fact that we were outside and could be caught at any moment.  This was something different I didn’t know what it was but whatever it was I liked it.  I could see her pull her jeans up and then she bent back down and tilted my head up by putting her fingers under my chin.  As our eyes locked she laughed “I just knew it, I just knew it!  We are going to have lots of fun you and me just you wait and see.”

Helping me to my feet she took my hand and we walked home holding hands.  I lost myself that day and she found me.  As I smile I hear the bedroom door open, it is time.

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