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Friday, 15 July 2011


Well it's friday today (thank fuck) and another #fuckmefriday for @Aislingweaver with the prompt this week of #ABSORB (the next part of Once Upon A Time from #Wankwednesday)
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She didn’t leave me for very long in those first few months.  She seemed to be as taken with me as I with her.  She would spend hours watching me as I pottered about the flat chattering to her about nothing.  It was almost as if she was trying to absorb me with her eyes.

Never saying much she would just sit there and watch me, occasionally closing her eyes, I fancied that she could still see me behind her eyelids my image tattooed there with looking at me constantly.  She would nod and smile at my chattering, now and then uttering the odd word or two.  But I’m getting ahead of myself yet again; let me go back to the day after the crash.

Wakening suddenly I saw her back disappear out of the door.  I didn’t know whether to run after her or not.  She’d turned my life upside down in just one day, instead I watched her from my bedroom window as she got into a cab without looking up.  I thought then that I would never see her again and lying down fell back asleep almost as soon as my head touched the pillow.

I wakened later and it was daylight and I felt something was different or wrong.  Not quite wrong but definitely different but I couldn’t figure out what.  My head ached from the crash and I lay there trying to relax hoping that I wouldn’t have to get up for pills and hoped that if I just lay there and relaxed it would be fine.  As I was about to turn over the bedroom door opened startling me into jumping out of bed and onto my feet ready for whoever was coming through it.

It was her with fresh clothes on and an amused smile on her face.  I sat down on the bed my heart racing holding my head which had started throbbing.  She stood in front of me and knelt down taking my hand from my head, handed me pills in one hand and a glass of water in the other. I swallowed the pills and placed the glass on my bedside table as she lifted both my legs and swung me back around into bed and covered me.  She then closed the curtains and kissed me on my forehead.

Years later kneeling here I can still feel her kiss as if she had burnt it there; so soft yet so hard.  I can also feel the fibres of the carpet make their mark on my knees as I think about that day.   That was the day I fell in love with her.

Later I wakened stretching to find her sitting in my chair watching me through the bedroom door and despite myself jumped again.  She just smiled but still not a word, it drove me nuts then, now I love how she can say nothing but I hear every word.  She got up and disappeared into the kitchen and I could hear her boiling the kettle.  Minutes later she stood at the door with a tray of breakfast things.  She must have gone out as my cupboards were almost bare, hence needing that job.

Placing the tray on my bedside table she hooked her arm underneath my arm and pulled me sitting at the same time placing my pillows behind me to support me.  Then she placed the tray on my lap and sat down and started spreading butter on the toast that she had made. After she was sure I had my fill she took the tray back through and then seconds later came back, pushing me slightly over she sat back down on the bed leant over and kissed me.

Every hair on my body stood on end as her hands ran down my arms so lightly making me shiver into her open mouth.  Pulling the quilt back she pulled me down by the legs until I was again lying flat and then took my pyjama bottoms from the bottom and pulled them until they were off.  I put my hand over trying to cover myself I felt embarrassed and my face flushed. I had only ever been with two men and she was the first woman even to see me naked.  She laughed as she moved my hand off and straddled my legs pinning me to the bed.  As I tried to sit up she held onto my wrists holding me there while she started to lick my clit making the blood rush to it and it to swell immediately.  Up on my elbows I watched her head as she licked and sucked at me until I could no longer see clearly and had to lie back down.  I felt her push her tongue inside me and it explore me, I could hardly breath with the force that my heart was beating with.

I felt myself begin to clench as she pushed her tongue in and out of me and it felt like nothing else I had ever experienced. At that moment she chose to stop and gently pushed one, then another, then another finger into me and slowly started to fuck me bringing me back to the edge.  Keeping her fingers where they were she moved up the bed and kissed me and I could taste myself on her lips and found myself licking her face hungrily for more as I clenched and clenched around her hand.  Laughing she brought her hand up for me to lick and suck until she was clean.  Taking my face in her hands she kissed me again with a kiss that went on forever and left me breathless again.

“I love you” I told her.  Then I blushed as how could I possible love someone who I had just met and had told me nothing about herself. She looked seriously at me then and said “I think I love you too Megan”. Putting her arms around me she held me and we lay there until I fell asleep.  This was just the day after the crash and already she was in my heart and I in hers.  I shiver thinking about that day and of the times since then as I wait, still, not moving.  I look over at the clock to see it is nearly time for her to come home, and I smile.


Angel said...

This is such a great romance.

Denstar65 said...

*bows* thank you very much just hope I can hold onto it til I finish! Dx