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Sunday, 10 July 2011


Well its late but this is my entry for @aislingweaver #fuckmefriday the prompt this week is #Watch read the rest HERE

She shook her head and kept her eyes clenched shut refusing to watch what was going on in front of her.  She could hear them and found herself opening her eyes to watch despite everything in her saying not to.  She knew she would be lost if she looked, yet she couldn’t help herself, oh how she wanted to look.

Her girlfriend stood in front of the bed with a white bodice on that brought her waist in just enough to make it so slim she knew that she could put both her hands around it.  Straps coming down from the front and back held up her white stockings on her slim long legs and her breasts sat pert atop of the bodice held up by the bones in it.  Her long blond hair was up on top of her head but hanging in parts and she looked stunning.  She held on to that thought as her eyes travelled downwards and watched the woman there licking her girlfriend’s cunt.

She knelt at her feet dressed in black leather her short black hair all tousled with the blindfold she wore.  Megan knew she also had earplugs in which blocked out all sound so she couldn’t hear what they were saying.  She watched her girlfriend’s face start to take on that grimace that meant she was near to climaxing.  She found herself starting to throb too; it was amazing to see her girlfriend from this angle and to be able to concentrate on her reactions without being involved.

She pulled against her bonds which kept her spreadeagled on the bed as she watched her girlfriend arch her back and sigh softly.  She loved how she managed to keep the climax within her only letting it out a bit at a time and experiencing it in her whole body. She knew she was dripping but she could do nothing to help herself and Fiona would make her wait even if she could tell her how much she needed fucked.

The girl stood up, Megan didn’t know her or what her name was all she knew was that Fiona owned her too.  She would visit her one day a month as she lived a few hours away, Megan was not allowed to ask about her and had to go out the days that she came.  This was the first time they had been together in the house let alone in the same room.  She was stunning and looked almost like a pixie.  She looked so delicate and slim and Megan found herself wanting her tongue on her and inside her and found herself drooling as she looked at this beautiful woman standing there with her senses taken away and only her tongue free. 

As she turned towards Fiona, Megan could see that her arms were bound behind her back in a black leather sleeve and felt her cunt lurch at the sight of her standing next to Fiona her head bowed.  She saw Fiona touch her on the shoulder gently turning her around towards the bed and Megan lying there. As her legs touched the bed she sat down and pushed herself back until she was level with Megan’s cunt and then dove down and grabbed a hold of her mound with her teeth.  With a combination of sucking, biting and flicking her tongue backwards and forwards across her clit Megan came very quickly making a grunting noise behind the ball gag she had in her mouth.

She looked up and saw her girlfriend watching her and felt herself flush at coming so quickly with someone else.  Fiona looked pleased though and was standing putting on a white leather harness.  That could only mean one thing.  Fiona walked over to the bed and unclipped both her arms and legs and made a twirling motion in the air with her finger.  Megan turned and lay face down already panting with what she knew was coming next.

She felt the bed dip as someone lay beside her she tried to turn her head and felt it held down as at the same time she felt lube being rubbed into her arsehole.  At that she felt someone pull her arse cheeks apart and the tip of the dildo push its way into her sliding easily with the lube.  She sighed behind her gag and pushed towards it trying to get it deeper and harder.  Fiona fucked her arse harder and harder until Megan thought she might do some damage until she felt her cunt clench and come with a scream which due to the gag sounded like a squeak.

At that she felt Fiona arch and come, still having the dildo in her arse and jerking it in deeper with each clench of her cunt.  Pulling out of her Megan felt the paddle hit her hard on her right cheek with a thud.  She liked the sound that she made around the ball gag as each thud hit.  Very quickly she felt herself starting to come again but as she turned she could see Fiona watching her from the chair at the side of the bed. If Fiona was there….. She turned slightly and could see the other woman paddling her, the arm sleeve now removed but her blindfold still in place.

She turned to look at Fiona again who was sitting cross legged on the chair her cunt glistening and wide open and she felt a twinge inside as she stood up and walked towards the bed.  Removing the ball gag Fiona bent down and wiped her hand across her face and then took her chin in her hand and bent and kissed her.  Megan sighed as Fiona knelt on the bed and moved to the top so that she could reach her cunt with her mouth.

As she licked and sucked Fiona the other woman continued to paddle Megan’s arse which made her bite down on Fiona’s cunt every time the paddle thudded down on her.  Very quickly Fiona started to clench and then abruptly pulled away from Megan.  “Now darling watch this.”  As Fiona rubbed her own clit Megan could see her begin to clench and tremble and then start to ejaculate her juices hitting Megan’s face and run down into her mouth which she drank hungrily.  Megan rubbed until the stream stopped pumping, “Now remember the next time darling it’s good to watch, now cunt keep thumping that bitch until she has learnt her lesson.”  At that Fiona got up and left the room and Megan heard the thud of the door over the thud of the paddle.

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