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Thursday, 28 April 2011

#shield #wankwednesday

Another week of #Wankwednesday with the prompt of #shield read the other posts or have a go yourself here

Teams competed from all over the country every year for the shield. "I swear that it's ours this year Debs I swear!" Debs heard the same thing every year from John and every year they were beaten in the final by the same pair. Gary and Susi just seemed to have wings on their feet and managed to never miss the shuttlecock inevitably beating everyone they played. It was as if they had the luck of the gods on their side. "How John, how?" she asked him, she couldn't see how they possibly get past them. "I have a plan" John smirked "I have a plan!". "Meet me at the pub at 7pm and wear something sexy, and I mean sexy not just jeans and a t-shirt!"
As Debs got ready for the pub she wondered exactly what John had in mind and why she had to wear something sexy. As she stood under the hot shower she thought about Susi and the way she flicked her hair every time she was about to take a swipe at the shuttlecock. She had no eyes for anyone other than Gary though and Debs sighed as she slid her hand into her cunt and rubbed the shower gel into a lather all the while thinking of Susi. As she rubbed her clit grew hard and she moaned slightly through her gritted teeth as she brought herself to orgasm. "What I wouldn't give ......"
Arriving at the pub she knew she looked good with her hair hanging down instead of tied back into a tight ponytail and her legs looked good in the short light floaty dress that she wore with high heels accentuating her defined muscles in her calves. Her face was scrubbed clean and shining with just a light tinge of mascara to widen her eyes she was damn hot. As she walked in she could see Susi and Gary sitting with John and all of them laughing and joking. What the hell was going on here she thought. As she sat down she couldn't help but notice the hint of flesh from Susi's blouse which was very tight and fitting and showed off her chest to her advantage. "Hi guys" she said as she sat down. "Ah Debs at last what took you?" John laughed and gave her a look as if to say just play along. "Just couldn't pull myself out of the shower..." Debs laughed back.
As the evening wore on Susi began staring at Debs unashamedly. Debs didn't know what to make of it as Susi normally only had eyes for Gary but then Gary appeared to only have eyes for John at the moment. Debs didn't know much about either of them other than they were a couple but both of them were reportedly bi. Debs felt her chances improving more as the night went on and they left the pub to go on to the night club. As they spilled out of the pub Susi tripped and grabbed for a hold and catching onto Debs left breast. Debs laughed as she grabbed her stopping her from falling "not sure that's a good hand hold Susi". Susi laughed and held onto Debs hand pulling her towards her until they were almost touching. Debs could feel her hot breath on her lips as they stood there looking into one another's eyes. "Get a room you two" John yelled from up the street where him and Gary were standing they too holding hands. "That's not a bad idea Debs, do you really want to go to the club?" John we are going back to my place if that's alright with you two?" Both Gary and John nodded at each other without looking around at the girls.
As they got into the taxi and Debs gave her address neither of them said a word to one another or even touched both sitting at either end of the taxi seat as far away from one another as they could. The taxi soon stopped outside Debs' apartment and they got out only then touching hands both shivering at the electricity spark between them.
As they fell in the door of the apartment ripping at one anothers clothes they bit and kissed and pulled at one another like they had not had sex for years. Susi grabbed Debs and held her against the hallway wall fucking her hard and fast her hand caught in Debs' knickers and her other hand furiously trying to push her dress up further to catch a hold of her nipple. "Wait wait" gasped Debs as she lifter the dress over head and Susi pounced on her again catching her nipple between her teeth and biting and sucking with all her might. Debs soon gasped and came with a growl which stretched into a roar. As they both slid down the wall Debs grabbed a hold of Susi's shirt popping the buttons which were luckily studded. Her breasts came tumbling out with no bra to hold them in place and Debs grasped her right nipple in her nails and squeezed. "Why dont we take this into the bedroom where we will be more comfortable?"
They both stumbled to their feet and headed into the bedroom where Debs pushed Susi onto the bed and pulled her legs to the bottom of the bed raising her bottom as she did so and sinking her mouth onto Susi's clit and flicked her tongue backwards and forwards until she heard Susi groan and rise up off the bed. Debs silently counted to herself and then when she thought it was time shoved her tongue as much into Susi's cunt as she could feeling her come around her tongue and crushing her with waves that seemed not to want to recede.
When Debs saw her next they were facing one another across the badminton net and from what she had heard from John him and Gary had had an equally exciting night together. As they sweated and ran about the court they were matching each other point for point. Debs couldn't help but think of Susi coming in her mouth and she gasped as she took her serve her face flushing and eyes dilating. Susi watching her from across the net saw her and felt her cunt spasm until she missed the hit. "Match" the umpire cried as Susi moaned and felt her cunt let go. "Told you we would win the shield this year Debs!" John laughed.

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