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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

#Wankwednesday #Tilt - Part 3

As you led me up the stairs to the door of your apartment I dragged behind scared of what was ahead, the distance between us grew bigger as I let our arms stretch to full length. How did I end up here at your door having already had my shirt ripped open and fisted in your car at the side of a busy road. You looked beautiful though and I wondered where you had appeared from as I had never seen you around before. Your long hair fell in waves down your back and l just wanted to hold onto it and pull hard, it was normally me who was doing the leading. Not since my first girlfriend had I felt like this, I knew that you were about to ask me to give myself to you body and soul and I didn't even know your name. As you opened your door you pulled me towards you and kissed me so hard that my bottom lip bled, you already had my heart. You led me into the kitchen and sat me down in a chair, filled the kettle and swtiched it on busying yourself with making me tea. You asked my name "Jen, em my name is Jen". You told me yours was Leo not short for anything just Leo. You handed me a mug of tea, "So Jen are you ready to be mine?" I found myself unable to open my mouth my mind racing not sure what to say. How could I submit to someone I had only just met, yet my heart told me otherwise I knew that you were the one I had been waiting for. You walked towards me and grabbed a handful of hair pulling my face towards yours; "I don't like to be kept waiting". As I gasped out loud I said that I wasn't sure how I could when I didn't even know you. At that you took my tea from me and put it on the table and pulled me to my feet, "come with me and I will show you who I am".

As we walked down the hallway I could see nothing as all the doors were closed, at the end of these was an open door which you pulled me towards. You turned and switched the light on as we walked through the doorway. As the light came on I gasped out loud again, the room was still dark and each wall was covered in whips, paddles, canes of all types and a shelf full of dildos to the right. In the middle of the wall straight in front of us was a St Andrew's Cross....I had seen these in magazines before but never ever one up close. I could hardly hide my excitement at which you laughed and hugged me. It felt so good to have your arms around me and feel your warmth. "I knew you when I saw you in the mirror, do you want to play?" Looking at my feet knowing that we were about to begin I nodded. You gently pulled what was left of my shirt off of my shoulders and kissed me on the side of my neck so softly that I nearly cried. You then unclipped my bra and threw it aside and began unbuttoning my jeans for the second time that evening. As my jeans dropped to the floor I walked out of them and was about to bend to pick them up when you kicked them aside. "Leave them"! You took a hold of my knickers and pulled them until they were cutting into me, biting my lips you said "move". I didn't know what you meant but moved backwards hoping that was what you meant but hoping that it wasn't at the same time. As I walked backwards I tried to look around to see where we were going but you turned me back "trust me". "Trust has to be earned" I said as my heels came against the St Andrew's Cross and I nearly fell. You kissed me then and I felt lightheaded as you lifted my right arm above my head and pushed my wrist into the cuff attached to the cross and fastened it. The left was soon clasped firmly too and you bent to secure my ankles planting a light kiss on each one.

I could hear my heart beating in my ears as I watched you walk over to the wall to my right and walk up and down trying to decide which one to use, turning around to look at me you put your arm out and without looking took the nearest one off the wall, a light leather whip with several strips and knots at end of each strip. I swallowed as you walked towards me and smiled. You took my knickers in both hands and pulled until they ripped and then threw them aside. The first hit was soft almost a tickle as you grinned at me bringing your arm further back the second time this one stinging slightly I wondered when you were actually going to get going. I needn't have given it a second thought as the third stroke came down stinging me and starting that fire inside my cunt. You kept whipping until I was begging you to fuck me and I could barely breath. "Please?" I begged and begged. "Please what?". I had no idea what you wanted me to say so I said nothing but please yet again. As you pulled your arm back for another stroke you aimed for between my legs catching my clit and I felt skin breaking in the most delicious way, "I am your mistress and don't you ever forget it". "Please mistress" I said with a grin on my face knowing that you were about to fuck me if I got this right. I almost cried as you walked away at this but you walked towards the dildos on the shelf to the left of me and picked up the biggest one I had ever seen. You unzipped your jeans and dropped them to the floor and I saw that you already wore a harness. Kicking them off you walked towards me attaching the dildo to the harness. As you walked over to me on the cross you bent behind me and I heard you pull something as the whole cross began to tilt backwards putting me at an angle for you to be able to see my cunt open and wet and waiting for you. You walked past me to the right and picked up a silk tie and came over and covered my eyes. I strained my ears to try and hear where you were but I couldn't hear you moving at all. As I turned my head from side to side trying to catch a sound I felt you come towards me and felt the end of the cold dildo which reached me before you did. Before I even tried to guage how big it was you had it at my lips pushing against me. As I cried that it was too big you rammed harder feeling like you you were going to split me open and then I suddenly opened so wide that I felt it hit my cervix and I cried out loud. As you fucked me harder and harder I felt like I was going to burst and I couldn't breathe. As you fucked me though I became more and more aroused and as my climax grew the pain was so bad yet so good as there was just no room between me and the dildo and no space for my cunt to grasp being stretched to its limits. I came with a scream and passed out.

As I came to I was still on a tilt on the cross and you had removed the blindfold. You still had the dildo inside me! "I wanted you to be awake for this" you said as you slowly moved away from me pulling it out of me and watching my eyes intently. As my eyes fluttered shut you slapped my face "keep those eyes open now"! At that you pulled the dildo from me and I came yet again with an explosion that left my cum running down my legs. "Not bad for first time sweetie, wait until you see what I have for next time"!

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