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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

#Fuckmefriday - The #Wind - Part 2

I stood outside humiliated trying to hold my shirt closed with my wrists still bound. The wind blew my hair like a curtain for my face and the tear streaming down it. The door opened in the club and the sound of music pumped out, I could hear footsteps over the howl of the wind and forced my head down to avoid anyone asking me if I was alright. That would be the undoing of me, you had awakened something in me which I thought had died. My heart thudded as the footsteps stopped in front of me, I couldn’t see the shoes for the tears which made the world look like a snow globe.

I was aware of a hand reaching out and lifting my chin to draw my face level to theirs. It was you! It was you! I tried not to let my heart sing, but how could I not when you were standing there in front of me holding my heart. "Ah good girl you haven’t taken my ties off, you are very surprising now follow me." I felt my feet move of their own volition and walk behind you, no longer holding my shirt closed it flapped in the wind and my hair blew behind me as if to say goodbye to another time. I stared at the back of your head begging silently for you to turn around, but you kept walking giving no indication that you even knew if I was following. You suddenly stopped at the side of a car and pulled keys from your pocket. Never once looking around, you grabbed me by the ties and pulling me towards you pushed me roughly against the back door and held me there lightly with a hand on my chest. Didn’t you know I was going nowhere?

You opened the passenger side and pushed me gently towards it covering the top of my head as I bent down to get inside. Slamming the door you walked slowly around the front of the car the whole time holding my gaze, saying nothing you got in and started the car. I felt as if time had stopped as I realised the state of my nakedness and tried yet again to hold my shirt closed with my hands bound. "Suck" you said as I turned and realised that your shirt was open and you held your breast towards me. I gasped and sat there staring not knowing what to do. You stopped the car and turned and fixed your eyes on me and I knew then I was gone I belonged to you and there was nothing I could do but your every bidding. As the realisation hit me I leant over and put my mouth to your breast, the electricity between us sparked and I heard you utter a soft moan which sent shivers down to my clit and brought it alive. The wind howled outside the car as you held me to your breast making soft groaning noises under your breath, as your breathing got heavier I moved my hand to your jeans and you grabbed my hand stopping me and pulling me from your breast. "Only what I say and when I say! Anything else and you will suffer, do you understand me?" I nodded too scared that you would go and leave me again like before as I was too far gone now to satisfy myself and didn’t want to either.

You moved your hand towards my jeans and opened the buttons and in one swift move you were in me poking and prodding and scratching with your long nails at the same time releasing the seat to fall back flat. I sighed as you touched me deep which brought a stab inside from one of your nails. "That is the last time I tell you!" My insides clenched as the tears came to my eyes and you held me whispering "it’s alright sweetie you’ll learn and I will teach and love you and in return you will worship me. Now do you understand this time?" As I pulled away from you firing the filthiest look I could summon, "NO". You laughed "that’s my girl and exactly what I expect, you will grow to love the lessons but for now come for me." At which you forced your whole hand inside of me and opened your fist "NOW". You didn’t have to say it as I felt my whole body shudder and come like I had never before as you pulled me towards you. I sat there in your arms with my body pulsing in waves and slowing relaxing to the point of sleep despite your fist still inside me; I heard the wind howl once more and knew that it was bringing things of which I hadn’t even dreamt of before.

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