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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

#Wankwednesday #Bolt - Part 1

I saw you in the mirror manouvearing your way past the drunken women in the toilet pushing back your long black hair way from your face as you came towards me, I began to look back at my hands in the water when you saw me in the mirror and smiled. You held my gaze and I was unable to look away as I was captured by your eyes. I blinked and you were by my side saying hello. I swallowed and mumbled hello back looking down at my hands which were dripping on the floor and watched as you took one hand and placed it between your legs. I could feel the dampness there that matched my own, as I tried to pull my hand back you held tight and I could feel your pulse beat in your crotch as my heartbeat almost drowned out all the noise around us. I looked nervously around to make sure no one saw us. At that moment a woman came out of the toilet in front of us and you yanked me through the door. I almost fell over the toilet as you turned me around and pulled the bolt between us and the crowd. I could see my heart beating through my chest as you pulled me towards you and put my hand in your jeans that you had somehow opened as you bolted the door, "fuck me" you said.

I felt faint and couldn't hear a thing except for the sound of my heartbeat and was frozen to the spot unable to go, unable to stay. You opened my shirt and took my nipple between your nails and squeezed until I felt the tears coming to my eyes. "Fuck me! I wont tell you again" you whispered in my ear. Still I couldn't move and stayed exactly where I was staring into your dark brown eyes that seemed to go on forever. The next moment you were tying a leather thong around my wrists and I just couldnt figure out exactly where it had came from. As I looked at my hands you said that you never left home without it.

As you raised my tied hands above us it felt as though my head was about to explode with the sound of my heart beating. You pulled open my shirt and the buttons fell on the floor and seemed to echo through the noise despite the fact that the toilet was packed. As you placed your mouth around my nipple I gasped as the tingle went from my nipple to my clit and I felt like I had been stung. Your mouth was cold and I begged for your kiss me where I needed it. Your tongue ran from my nipple all the way to my belly button and my legs shook. Then you stopped..... "Please... dont leave me like this" I pleaded with my eyes closed trying not to drown. "I told you I wouldn't tell you again" you said and I heard the bolt being drawn back as you walked out of door leaving me tied and open and wet.

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