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Friday, 29 April 2011

#Fuckmefriday - #Dusk by Denstar65

It's Friday and of course that means another chance to read or write some delicious smut for Aisling you can find them all here 

She walked the dog every day at dusk, never once detracting from her routine. She loved this time of day when there were few people around and no one saw her, she hated people to see her. This was the only time of day when she left the house at all even doing all her shopping online. As she walked through the park she was aware of someone walking beside her but on the grass and although she could not see them properly in the dim light she wasn't afraid as Kahn hadn't growled. He would always growl if she was in danger, just like he had before. She continued walking underneath the trees deep in her own thoughts having already forgotten about the person matching her every step. Kahn stopped dead and sat down beside her and realising that the person was now standing in front of her she gasped in surprise. "Hello" the woman said softly "you have a lovely dog what's his name"?
She stood trying to focus on her but in the dim light she couldn't quite see her properly. As she moved her head from side to side trying to see she replied "Kahn". The woman moved closer to her and still she couldn't see her but the accident had taken all her night vision and most of her day so she wasn't surprised. "Yes he is lovely now I must be getting on as it's getting dark and he needs his dinner". The woman did not move and she was about to walk around her when she put her hand on her arm. electricity surged through her at the touch which reached all the way to her clit. As she gasped again the woman's other hand starting fingering her nipple through her shirt. It was the first time she had been touched since ..........well she couldn't really remember as she had lost most of her recent memories in the accident. The woman moved nearer and placed her lips over hers and breathed out into her mouth in a long sigh. She found herself gasping trying to breathe her in, she didn't know her but found herself responding to her breath for breath. She let the dog's lead fall and put her arms around the woman's waist pulling her as close as she could. Her lips were like velvet and she couldn't help but to lick inside her welcoming mouth and nibble on her tongue.
The woman's hand had found her jeans buttons and was opening them slowly one by one as if unwrapping a special present which was beautifully wrapped. Her hand was ice cold as she slipped it into her knickers and starting rubbing her clit round and round before flicking her middle finger inside her. She was taking her breath away as she sucked on her face and squeezed her nipple hard. Within minutes she found herself starting to clench around the woman's finger as she rubbed and rubbed and then put all of her fingers apart from her thumb inside her and stopped. "Do you want to come with me"? the woman asked as she nodded furiously groaning at the tension she felt holding everything together. As the woman moved her fingers inside, her thumb was rubbing her clit and making her legs weak. It was the most delicious release she had ever felt as her cunt clenched around the woman's hand and she breathed out into the woman's mouth.

The dog began to howl as the two women walked away into the dusk together and he sat guarding his mistresses' empty body as it lay on the path.


Aisling Weaver said...

now that was quite the ending! Thanks for diving into the challenge again :)

Denstar65 said...

Thank you very much the pleasure was all mine, my wife felt sorry for the dog sitting on it's own though!

Aussiescribbler said...

Wow! That took me totally by surprise. But perfect because without that ending I would have thought the story was a bit too unlikely. Good stuff!

Denstar65 said...

Thank you very much your comments are much appreciated. I hadn't a clue where I was going with it when I started so glad you like it.