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Thursday, 28 April 2011

The Birthday Present

The wind blew in through the patio doors drying the beads of sweat on her naked body as she lay on the couch. It was too damned hot to go out or even to move for that matter. She thought about her slave and what she was going to do to her later and her hand drifted down her stomach lightly, her fingers twisting in the soft down between her legs. She really should get ready but her thoughts had already turned to sex and she wouldn't be able to get ready until she released some of the pressure on her clit. As she rubbed she thought of her slave and as the wind blew through the house it felt as if her slave's hands were running down her body to join her fingers with hers. As she climaxed she smiled and closed her eyes. She wakened with a jump to find it dark and realised she had nodded off earlier, she had no idea what time it was and jumped up and ran through to the bedroom to see the time on her bedside clock. "Shit, I am already late" she exclaimed grabbing her mobile and firing off a quick text to say she was going to be at least another hour. Jumping in the shower she was glad she had already ironed clothes to go out. As she washed she thought she heard the door but then nothing so carried on washing.
Just as she was about to turn the shower off the shower door opened as her heart jumped into her mouth but it was her slave standing naked apart from a grin on her face. "I knew that you would be late so I was already on my way here to pick you up and I booked the table for a couple of hours from now too". As she collapsed into her arms they kissed with a ferocity that would rival that of animals biting and grabbing at each others tits and ass. Pushing her slave against the shower wall she rammed her fingers into her cunt and starting fucking her hard as she grunted and stood there with her legs shaking. "What a great idea, wish I wasn't so predictable but I love that your are here, it was thinking of you that made me late. I fucked myself a couple of hours ago thinking about you and nodded off in the heat." She didn't give her a chance to answer as she covered her mouth with hers fucking her hard until only her thumb was outside of her. Bending down she picked up the baby oil and poured it over her hand and her slave's clit, throwing the bottle to the shower floor she rubbed the oil onto her hand and her slave's clit and pushed gently as her thumb started to also slip into her cunt. Her slave started to protest which felt lovely through her mouth but she pushed harder ignoring her, her cunt eventually opened wider and pulled her whole hand in. As her slave moaned into her mouth she almost came as it vibrated through her body.
Closing her hand into a fist she pushed in and out furiously knowing that it was almost too much to bear for her slave and bent down to bite her nipple as her slave came with a grunt and groaned for a time that seemed to last forever. Her hand felt as if the circulation had stopped as she tried to pull her fist out, opening her hand she was finally able to take it from her slave's cunt. Her slave stood there shaking and crying as she wrapped her arms around her and kissed her tears away "happy birthday slave, now get on your knees and let me come in your mouth".

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