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Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Well it's Wednesday once more and a chance to make the Queen of Smut blush for #Wankwednesday the prompt this week being #captain.  Read the rest HERE.


It wasn’t the most inventive of passwords but it would do, she couldn’t have him seeing anything on her computer.  As the time grew near she felt her cunt dampen, she loved this time just before the hour when she became someone else that deep secret person she hid from everyone.  This had been her life for months now and he was too blind to even notice what was going on right in her room.  He spent all the time in his den and this was hers.

It was time, she smiled as she clicked on the link that would connect her to her site and logged on.  

“C.. A.. P.. T.. A.. I.. N.”  she slowly said out loud.  She hated thinking up passwords she always forgot them and had to have her passwords reset on a daily basis, but this one she remembered.  This meant something to her; the meaning behind it filled her every day just waiting for this time to become the person she really was.  She was a slut, a whore someone who could be bought, sold and told what to do.

She lay there on the bed and started to play with herself she couldn’t help it after all she was a slut.  She waited and saw him log on, she felt herself drip at the thought of his large cock in her mouth, in her cunt being used while he had his pleasure.  The words came up “dirty slut you’ve started without me”.  She looked girlish as she bit her bottom lip and bowed her head slightly looking at the laptop camera through her long fringe.  She took her hand away from her cunt and slipped her digit finger in her mouth and sucked the juices already there.  Typing with her other hand she wrote “sorry Sir I wanted to be ready for you”.

As it came up on the screen she blushed “suck this then tart!” his cock was beautiful, long and thin and the end seemed to shine a lovely blush colour the more he was aroused.  She longed for him to fuck her throat with it; she yearned to gag while he used her.  He was the other side of a computer screen though and she couldn’t even see what he looked like as the feed was one way and he only had the ability to send pictures and had never yet sent his face.  “Rub your clit cunt and squeeze your nipples real hard”. 

She did as she was told dying to see his reaction to her and whether he looked as good as his cock which he had just sent yet another picture of standing erect and pre cum glistening on the tip. “Did you get those clamps I told you to buy?” She typed yes one handed again as she couldn’t move her hand away from her clit it was too much to stop.  “Put them on then tart what are you waiting for?”

She stopped rubbing her clit long enough to open the drawer at the side of the bed and pull them out.  She didn’t really like this kind they hurt more than she thought she could handle.  They screwed on and only tightly there seemed to be no middle ground with them and she gasped as she put on first one then the other.  As she finished tightening the screws he told her to put her cuffs on.  She put them on slowly showing her wrists to the screen so that he could see them properly. She continued to rub at her clit her eyes starting to glaze.  “No coming now prick tease!” She gasped out loud dying to come yet knowing she couldn’t he was paying for his time and he would leave her if she came.

“Don’t move now just sit there for a moment and think about what a slut you are”.  She sat there the clamps so tight she felt as if there was a wire connecting her clit and her nipples and a current running along it.  “Okay put the headphones on now”.  He had told her to have these ready last week and to install text to speech so she could hear his words.  She plugged them in and switched on the text to speech. “Now put on the blindfold”, she put it on waiting for the next robotic words to come through the headphones.  It was strange she felt so cut off but so connected at the same time.  “Now clip your cuffs together and lie back and rub your clit making sure that your cunt is facing the laptop, careful now slut”.  She lay back and rubbed her clit hearing the robotic voice telling her to insert 2 fingers into her cunt and pull the juices out to soak her clit.  She did as she was told and was now starting to pant.  The only other sound she could hear was her heart beating; she hoped that he didn’t come in now as she wouldn’t hear him.

“Put one of your fingers in your arse now and start fucking it.”  She pushed her digit finger which was now soaking and dripping with her juices into her arse and pushed hard pulling it out and pushing it in again and again.  “Are you wet slut, are you ready to be fucked in your Cunt, your Arse?  Well Prick Tease nod for me?”  She nodded immediately and had the distinct feeling that someone was there and turned her head to the side to listen.  She could still hear nothing and carried on fucking herself.   “On your knees now cunt make sure your arse is facing me I want to see your juices drip.”  She got on her knees on the bed in front of the laptop sitting on the table knowing that her arse was right in the camera’s view and that he would be able to see her drip.  As she was about to start fucking herself again she stopped.   “Don’t stop now slut, stay right where you are and open your mouth.”

As she opened her mouth she felt someone in front of her and before she could move a cock forced itself into her mouth and half way down her throat.  She gagged and tried to scream as hands grabbed the back of her head and began to fuck her face.  The robotic voice was silent and she could see nothing.  Struggling to get her hands up she realised that she couldn’t as the locked cuffs were stopping her from bringing them up anywhere near her head.  Strangely she wasn’t scared she was even more turned on and although she was gagging she was enjoying every minute of it. 

As she felt his balls become hard she sucked hard and felt him start to come with a flood down her throat she was dying to taste him but it was at the back of her tongue and he held her head firmly.  As she began to think she was going to pass out he pulled out of her mouth already semi hard and turned her around holding onto her hair so that she was on her knees with her back to him.  As she tried to get her arms up he smacked her arse so hard she felt tears spring to her eyes and run down her cheeks and out of the blindfold.   She was about to scream when she had a ball pushed into her mouth and the strap around it tied tight around the back of her head. 

She started to panic as he smacked the other side of her arse and then took the headphones off of her head.  He said nothing but she could hear a strange noise coming from her own throat and the sound of a rubber being put on.  She then felt her arse being held wide open as he forced his cock into her tight arse and started to fuck her hard.  She wasn’t ready for this and tried to cry out past the ball gag but couldn’t do anything other than drool.  The only noise was his heavy breathing and the noise his balls made as they slapped on her arse as he fucked her harder and harder.

Strangely she felt her cunt clench as she became more and more turned on and her clit become so hard it felt like it was going to burst out of her skin. The nipple clamps swung backwards and forwards as he carried on fucking her arse and she fell into the rhythm which he had set.  Trying to hang onto the bed with her cuffed hands she fell forward pushing her arse further up into the air and making him fall forward deep into her arse forcing an orgasm from her that threatened to burst every blood vessel in her head.

Before she had stopped he had pulled out and the rubber was dumped on her back wet and sticky.  She felt him rub her arse softly where he had earlier slapped her so hard he had no doubt left marks.  She felt the tears begin to fall out from the blindfold and soak her face.  She was trying to get a big breath past the ball gag when she felt him force himself into her cunt at this angle banging against her g spot like a piston.  She heard animalistic noises which she realised with a start were actually coming from her mouth before she again came in a rush. 

He didn’t stop this time and kept banging away eliciting loud grunts from her at each bang against her g spot until she could feel him tense and begin to shake as he came hard his come flowing with her juices and running from her and down her legs with the pressure of him ramming in and out of her cunt.  He eventually withdrew and pushed her face down on the bed trapping her with her cuffed hands beneath her since she had no energy to move anywhere.

She felt him walk around the other side of the bed and pull the blindfold off her face as she looked up at her husband standing there he said “ ‘Cunt Arse Prick Tease Always In Need’ you really must get a better password!”


sandie said...

hey i like that - really clever n dirty! wish i'd thought of it! more!

loves2lick said...

Very nice story, love the acronym

Denstar65 said...

Thanks Sandie much appreciated!

Loves2lick I like to write acrostic poetry so that's where I started as had no ideas until I did that.

It's great to get feedback so thanks for sparing the time to get through Bloggers rubbish ability to stop you commenting! Dx

Molly said...

Clever use of the word, like the above commenter I wish I had thought of it. I loved the story too, nice switch from the online to real life which worked well.


Denstar65 said...

Thanks very much Molly that's very nice of you to say was worried about whether I could write a M/F story at all as it's not my 'normal' thing so appreciation is very welcome. Dx

Gemma Jones said...

Love the acrynom. Also love how her husband slipped into her fantasy. Great twist

Denstar65 said...

Thanks Gemma

Bonnie Bliss said...

I LOVED THIS! Awesome, creative, sexy, so very very naughty, and I even laughed at the end! What a great turn about!

For sure a new follower!

Denstar65 said...

Thanks very much Bonnie your feedback is very much appreciated. Dx