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Friday, 17 June 2011

#Smell #Fuckmefriday

Well its Friday and another day of glorious smut for the delightful @aislingweaver 's #fuckmefriday the prompt this week of #smell. Post your own or read the rest HERE

Showered and hair washed

Yet still I smell you

Your sex lingers on my hands

Nothing removes the smell of you

Shampoo and shower gel you withstand

I sit at my desk

The smell wafts to my nose

Memories of the night before

Keep me going till I’m home at last

To renew the smell I love the most


Anonymous said...

One of the most persistent reminders, and sometimes the most maddening...

Denstar65 said...

Ah so I'm not alone in that then!

Anonymous said...

Such a delicious little bite of… well, scent.

Denstar65 said...

Thanks LGS! Much appreciated Dx