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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

#Utensil #Wankwednesday (Part 4 of The Hitch see to the right)

well it's #Wankwednesday and yet another week of smut for the queen herself @eroticnotebook The rest are HERE

The next morning I again wakened early and started breakfast for us all, boiled eggs, toast and steaming hot tea.  As I was just putting the toast onto the kitchen table Lou and Annette came in naked and sat down at the table.

“Aren’t you two freezing?” I asked laughing that they would sit there naked spreading toast.  “No!” they chorused.  They both sat on their chairs with one foot up and looked like bookends sitting there chewing on toast.  Except they look opposites with Lou being auburn and Annette being blond.  I could also see both their cunts wide open and glistening.  Looking at Lou I wished we had brought our strap on with us I would’ve like to have fucked her there and then.  Having an idea I rifled through the utensil drawer and pulled out a few things.

They both inhaled sharply as they saw what I had taken out of the drawer and had laid on the table shoving the breakfast plates out of the way.  Lifting the rolling pin I swung it between my hands wondering who to fuck with it.  Lou looked positively ready to burst and did everything but scream out “pick me pick me”.  Turning to my right instead I stopped in front of Annette and walked towards her.  Her right leg was still up on the chair and she was wide open.  Her eyes were slightly closed as she sat there completely tense waiting for me to fuck her. 

The rolling pin had a long smooth handle made of rubber and apart from the end was just the same as one of our strap-ons.  As I walked up to her I could hear her sigh as the handle touched her lips.  I pushed lightly and it went sliding in and I could see her juices already running down the handle.  “Please?” she whispered “Please fuck me hard” every hair on my body stood on end as I felt my own cunt clench in response.  I looked around at Lou who winked and licked her lips enjoying the show.  Beckoning to Lou I slowly moved the rolling pin in and out of her cunt the slightly fatter middle bit pulling her lips backwards and forwards with it like a tide.

Lou came around her right side and took over the rhythm with the rolling pin and Annette didn’t notice at all with her eyes shut.  I lifted the next utensil on the table and it was a perfect thing just for fitting right here on her nipple.  As I put the bag clamp on her nipple she opened her eyes and realised that we were both in front of her and she put her left hand on Lou’s head and sighed as she knelt down and held her head against her knee all the while fucking her slowly with the rolling pin.  As she began to protest I put my finger up to my lips and whispered “shhhh” and smoothed her hair down on her left side as she began to relax into the intenseness of the clamp.  Taking the next implement off the table I leant over and bit Annette’s lips and she kissed me forcefully back.  I had picked up a lemon squeezer which made her eyes widen slightly for a second, before half closing them again in the rise to her orgasm. The lemon squeezer was one of those wooden ones with a long handle and the grooved bell end and would fit somewhere just nicely I thought as I dipped it into the jam and turned coating it with jam.

As I pushed it into her lips Lou gently pulled the rolling pin out making it even harder to push it in until she had gone past the wider part of the handle.  Looking at Lou I winked and kissed her as we knelt there at Annette’s feet.  Nodding we both pushed at once, pushing harder we both entered her at the same time as her eyes shot open and she came with a scream.


Aussiescribbler said...

Fabulous filthy fun. :o)

Annie Player said...

Just Yum!
To quote you on how I felt reading this... "I felt my own cunt clench in response" !!

Elizabeth N. Spire said...

The workings of a kinky mind will not be thwarted by a mere lack of toys to hand! ;)

Kitty said...

Lemon squeezer- eep! Hot story. :)

Molly said...

ohhh, not just me with the alternative rolling pin use then.


Anonymous said...

Sex is a dirty business and we're all dirty girls, er, wait, that didn't come out right. Nice piece, sexy and hot

Ruby said...

Oh breakfast must be fun at your house!

Denstar65 said...

Wow thanks everyone - just found all these comments as forgot I had put them on 'to be moderated' before posting - think I may have to change that!