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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

My Humble Opinion

Well it's #wankwednesday time and another chance to write for Ruby's challenge with the prompt this week of #shine and as I missed #fuckmefriday for Aisling also that prompt of #view

Read #Wankwednesday HERE or #Fuckmefriday HERE

In my very humble opinion

It’s the twinkle in your eye

As you view my naked body

And assess me as I lie

That makes my heart start beating

As you watch me lying there

That makes my juices glisten

And hairs all stand on end

It’s the shine on all the leather

That’s holds me to the bed

That makes you love me only

As you whip me til I’m red

As my face turns sparkly

With all the tears I cry

You kiss and suck my love dry

And bring me back into my head

So in my humble opinion

We two are meant to be

Both slave and mistress together

Bound forever eternally


Molly said...

Lovely poem of how a D/s relationship should be.


Laura said...

Hard to leave a comment. The window jumped around on me.

Always interesting to read from the male point of view. We know what we each want and yet can only see it from our own perspective.


Denstar65 said...

Cheers Molly, the wife was pleased with it too! Dx

Denstar65 said...

Thanks Laura blogger totally sucks for leaving comments. I am actually a woman and live with my female partner. I suppose it does sound as though it's from a male perspective now that you have said you thought it was but hadn't intentionally written it as. Wrote it for the wife.
Denise x

Denstar65 said...

It's even managed to post mine twice! Can feel a move to wordpress coming on!

Ruby said...


Denstar65 said...

Cheers Ruby much appreciated