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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Once upon a time

Well another Wednesday and that can only mean one thing another opportunity to impress the queen of smut herself @eroticnotebook for #wankwednesday the prompt this week #once.  Why not read the rest HERE or have a go yourself? (this is the first of a series read the first part (which is actually the last part) : here

Once my life was boring, I was dead inside, and then she came along.  Now I have purpose where once I had chaos, and love where once was hurt and emptiness.  I kneel here waiting for her to return, I have waited for a long time, but I have patience since she found me, and can wait knowing that she will come.

I remember every second of that day years later, and will forever.  That day it rained like the heavens had opened. It was the worst, and the best day ever. I had an interview for a job that day which I seriously needed, but it must have been meant that I be on that particular street at that particular time on that particular day so I never made it to the interview, but let me start at the beginning.

I wakened late that day and with my alarm not going off I was already running about a half hour late.  Looking out of the door I could see how heavy the rain was and went to hunt for an umbrella before I went out as I would be soaked through by the time I made it to the car without one.  As is normal when those type of days start, fate was against me, I couldn’t find an umbrella anywhere despite owning one in about every colour of the rainbow. 

Giving up I grabbed a plastic bag and held it over my head and ran for the car.  By the time I got the door open my jacket was already wet and my hair was beginning to curl at the sides.  I sat in the driver’s seat looking at what was a good look until I went out into the rain.  I just hoped that I would have time to try and rescue myself when I got there.

Driving the hour to get there I couldn’t have hit any more red lights than I did it seemed that the heavens were conspiring against me to stop me getting there.  Thinking that I could take a short cut I took a left down a side street only to find road works at the end of it with a man standing there with a stop sign for what seemed like an eternity before he turned it to go.  As I released the handbrake and drove forward another car from the other side of the road works hit me head on.  I sat there not knowing what to do for a minute; I looked in my rear mirror to see blood trickling from a small cut on my forehead and it struck me as to how white I had gone.

I sat staring at myself until I could hear knocking and then became confused as I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. Looking around there was someone standing in the rain knocking on my window.  It was her I didn’t know it then but she was going to be mine and I hers.  I wound down my window and felt the blood mix with the rain and run down my face going from red to pink and then washing away to nothing all in the blink of an eye.  She uttered two words – “Oh shit!”

She insisted I be checked over at the hospital and arranged a tow for both our cars and reported it to the police all in the time I waited for an x-ray after seeing the triage nurse.  Waiting for the doctor I was eventually seen and given the all clear and then she insisted she take me home.  Getting out of the taxi at my house I realised I had missed the interview and hung my head as I opened the door to my building.  Following me in and up the stairs to my flat I wasn’t even aware of her, thinking only of how I could get them to give me another interview and knowing that I had lost my chance.

As I turned to close the door of my flat she was there behind me closing it and I realised that she had barely spoken a word since the two she had uttered when she had seen the blood on my forehead.  I had heard her speak into her phone as she organised everything with the skills of an army general organising a mission but she hadn’t spoken to me.  She seemed confident and it sounded as if people just did her bidding without too much of a resistance by the speed with which she managed it all.  It would have taken me days to just arrange a tow never mind everything else.  I went into the bedroom and shut the door behind me and sat on the bed for a bit not sure what to do.  As I sat there the door opened and she came in.  Going into the bathroom she went in and I could hear her running a bath.  Coming back into my room she started to take my clothes off as I sat there and let her.

There was a part of me aware that this was a complete and utter stranger undressing me but I didn’t seem to mind, she made me feel safe. Pulling me to my feet she pulled my panties down to my ankles and gently tapped each foot which I lifted.  Standing up and taking my shoulders in her hands, she directed me to the bathroom and helped me into the bath where she gently washed the blood stains from my face while I watched her from a distance.  It was as if this was happening to someone else and I was watching from the sidelines.

She sat down on the chair at the side of the bath and watched me sitting there as I watched her sitting there.  After a few moments she got up and went back into my bedroom and I could hear her make a couple of calls but not hear what she was saying.  Coming back into the room she smiled softly at me, and then knelt at the side of the bath and picked up the soap and sponge and looked at me questioningly.  Not knowing what else to do I nodded and she began to wash me from my toes to the top of my legs, and then from my shoulders to my hips, then my arms all the way to the tips of my fingers one by one.  Looking at me she put the sponge down and used just her hand and the soap to wash between my legs softly rubbing my clit and lips of my vagina all the while staring at me.

Before long had passed I felt the trembling of the beginnings of an orgasm as she continued with her slow stroking and rubbing.  As I began to come I licked my lips and opened my mouth slightly which she took as an invitation and lent over and kissed me with her mouth open catching my breath as I gasped out an orgasm.  Afterwards I heard the doorbell ring and she got up and went to the intercom to answer it.  Muffled voices came from the door as I lay there in the bath and I could smell delicious smells coming from that direction.

Coming back she held a towel out and I got up, wrapping it around me and then slowly rubbed me dry and handed me my dressing gown.  Taking my hand she led me back into my living room and sat me down before the coffee table which was spread with just about every dish from the local Chinese takeaway.  Eating in silence I peeked at her from under my hair, I had never been with a woman before and I had no idea why I had let her do all she had done so far or why I felt so safe with her.

After eating I just sat there not needing to speak or do anything, just staring into space and still in shock at the day I had just had.  Sitting opposite me on the floor she stared at me until I could almost scream as I was about to say something she got up and sat beside me and took my hand and placed it on her breast which was bare under her blouse.  I could feel her heart beating fast as I slowly rubbed my hand over her nipple barely touching her and feeling it almost jump to reach my hand.

Taking my other hand she placed it between her legs under her skirt where I could feel she wore stockings and a belt.  It was unlike any belt I had ever seen as I gingerly felt my way around it and her flat stomach I could feel her soft down through her lacy pants and I wanted more than anything to plunge my fingers into her and the wetness I hoped was there.  As I was about to ease my fingers into her pants she stopped me and pulled my hand out. Still saying not a word she eased my dressing gown down over my shoulders and bent to take my nipple into her mouth it springing to attention under the light flicking of her tongue.  As I sighed she brought her mouth up to kiss mine the heat of which made me gasp.

Standing up she undid her blouse slowly releasing her chest from its confines and then slowly unbuttoning the back of her skirt and letting it fall to the floor.  I could see now that the belt was leather and didn’t actually hold her stockings up at all.  Taking a hold of the elastic which held her hair back she released it to fall on her shoulders a long blond mane of curls.  She was stunning and I was surprised at myself that I wanted to take her in my mouth and make her come.  Never had I felt attracted to a woman before, yet here was a naked one standing in my living room and we were about to fuck.

Turning around she went into her bag and when she turned around she had a dildo attached to it.  I didn’t know why I hadn’t realised that was what it was.  She walked towards me and I felt my mouth go dry and my other lips begin to moisten. Reaching the couch she took a hold of my hips and lifted me so that my arse touched the edge of it and then knelt down in the small space left and pushed the dildo into me.

Gasping as she threw her arms around me I could feel the chill of it inside me as I pulled her face down so that I could kiss her.  She slowly fucked me bringing each orgasm from me slowly throughout the rest of the afternoon again and again and again.  I had never gone so long or wanted to and she still had barely uttered a word.  Lying there as the light darkened I lay in her arms and I said even less.

That was the beginning for me, life before then no longer existed even at that point and that was before I began to know her.  Her name was Fiona and she was here for me.

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CarysCaress said...

That feels very intimate. The relationship is very real.

Denstar65 said...

Thank you very much that's the greatest compliment a writer can get! I was going for love instead of just pure smut glad I achieved it! Thanks Dx

Angel said...

That was lovely. So intimate.
Beautifully done Den.

Denstar65 said...

Thank you very much Angel your appreciation means a lot. Dx

Molly said...

I felt like I watching a scene in a movie, the descriptions really bought the whole thing alive. Sometimes fate leads us to something amazing. I very much doubt a sexy woman would end up rescuing me from a car crach though.


Victoria Blisse said...

This is a very clever idea for a story and it's written beautifully. I enjoyed it. :)

Denstar65 said...

Molly never say never! Life throws us all sorts of curved balls! Thanks very much for your comments I am pretty pleased with this one I must say and I have some ideas of where to fill in the relationship between this and my #fuckmefriday which is the same characters.

Denstar65 said...

Thanks very much Victoria, I have to say this is my most favourite story I have ever written and I wrote it in about 15 minutes while sitting chatting to the wife and watching tv! Maybe I shouldn't concentrate so hard in future! Thanks again Denise x

Anonymous said...

However you did it, it came out beautifully - nice job of making the characters come alive

Denstar65 said...

Cheers Erika much appreciated Dx