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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

#skate #wankwednesday

Well it's Wednesday again and another chance to read or write for Ruby in #Wankwednesday.  HERE
#skate is the prompt this week so here's my feeble effort

Susan felt the sun shine on her body as she lay on deck, she hated fishing and objected to even being on a boat. It wasn't natural and what if something happened and they were stuck in the middle of water, there were sharks here! As she felt her temper rising she breathed in and out slowly trying desperately to keep calm and trying to bring her meditation skills into play. Ah what was the use she thought as she sat up and looked around at her husband and another couple of men also fishing. Even the guys who were crewing the boat weren't worth amusing herself with. And even if she had he would never notice anyway, not when he was fishing.
She got up and went down into the galley to get a drink oh yes that was another thing, no alcohol on board! What a stupid rule that was, she would've at least been able to get mellow with a small glass of wine or two. As she put the kettle on and watched it move backwards and forwards with the movement of the boat she became calmer and tried to think of it as an adventure. That lasted for all of two minutes as she heard his master's voice bawling out that he had caught a skate and it was huge. She knew she should go and look and make encouraging noises but she just couldn't be bothered, why make out she was interested when she wasn't
As she began to turn around she nearly knocked someone over, as she apologised and moved backwards she banged straight back into the cooker. The woman looking at her was almost surreal looking she had never seen such skin. "Hi" she chuckled. "I was just about to make one myself. Get bored did you?" Susan nodded just because she was taken so unawares. This didn't happen often and Susan was very rarely quiet, hence the meditation classes trying to find some inner peace. The woman moved closer as Susan's face got redder until she was standing so close that Susan could feel her breathe on her face. "So.....are you going to let me at that kettle or not"? she asked. Susan laughed moving out of the way when she realised that she was just in the way. As she was about to leave the woman said "if you're bored why dont you just stay down here and we can play a game of cards."?
Susan thought about it and turned around "that would be nice but I'm not very good at many games". She laughed "neither am I, my name is Lynn". As Susan sat down at the small table her leg touched Lynn's. "Sorry there isn't much room". Lynn said nothing and just smiled at her holding her gaze. Susan felt as though she were being undressed, she had never had a woman look at her the way Lynn was now. She wondered if she was gay and smiled, she didn't know anyone who was gay she had only ever read about it. "So you still haven't told me your name"? As Susan told her she started dealing the cards, "So shall we play strip poker then to start off with"? Susan about spluttered her tea all over the table before looking at Lynn to see she was just joking.
As they sat playing Susan felt her leg resting on Lynn's and stopped even trying not too, she was lovely and attentive very unlike 'his master'. Lynn put her hand on Susan's knee holding her cards with her other hand, "this is my brother's boat, I occassionally come just for the trip as I love the rocking movement below deck". As Suan was about to reply to her he shouted out again, "Susan come quick another bloody skate you should she the size of this". Susan sighed as she excused herself and went up on deck. After she had shown enthusiasm he eventually let her go and she almost ran down the stairs to get below deck again. Lynn was gone from the table and Susan sat down with a sigh thinking that this trip was only just getting interesting. At that moment Lynn came out of the berths at the back of the galley with just a pair of shorts and a vest top on. "Ah you're back I'd given up on you". At that Lynn sat down beside her putting an arm around her and pulled her gently towards her and kissed her very softly. Susan sighed as she let herself be pulled towards the other woman she felt like she was melting and floating all at the same time.
Lynn pulled her to her feet and led her to the aft berth kissing her all the way there. Susan had never felt such a depth of emotions as she was now feeling, she didn't know if it was the swaying of the boat or the fact that she was with a woman who was about to make beautiful sweet love to her if her kissing was anything to go by. As Lynn laid her down on the bunk she pull her top off revealing small breasts that were pert with nipples that were hard. She had no tan lines and she just looked beautiful. As she lay down beside her Susan put her mouth to her one of her breasts and sucked gently feeling her insides flipping at the thrill of sucking on another woman's boob. As Lynn sighed she opened Susan's trousers and slowly pushed her hand inside her knickers softly stroking the soft down there. Susan exclaimed as Lynn softly started fucking her flicking her clit and pushing her finger gently inside her all of which seemed to be happening at the same time. She had never had anyone make love to her as if she was something worthy and not just a hole to be used. As she came she moaned softly and cried as Lynn kissed her tears away. Just as she felt herself calming down she heard him shout "Susan come and look at this bloody skate I am a god amongst men I am". She sighed deeply and rose from the bunk fastening her trousers and taking one last look at Lynn lying there as she walked back up on deck to look at another bloody skate.


Anonymous said...

Argh thats a divorce waiting to happen. Nicely done.

Denstar65 said...

Thank you very much I nearly never posted as I wasn't happy with it as much as other weeks.

Anonymous said...

Very good story. Certainly made me twitch

Denstar65 said...

Thank you ....I think! Lol

Anonymous said...

Very nice, the hidden thrill of a new partner!

Ruby said...

Oh dear, don't know who I feel sorry for most, Susan or the skates!
Thanks for taking part again this week.

Denstar65 said...

Thanks for your comments it's nice to get some feedback-Ruby the skates Susan can walk away from it! Ha ha

Kyiara said...

Really hot story! And love how Susan's "God amongst men" has no clue his wife just enjoyed a the attentions of a goddess!

Aussiescribbler said...

A fun story. :o)

Denstar65 said...

Thanks Kyiara and Aussiescribbler