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Friday, 22 April 2011

#Fuckmefriday - The #Seat

I sat on the chair waiting for you, freshly washed and in a small white vest and shorts with my hair swept back I waited. You liked to keep me waiting and never arrived at the time you said you would. My head thumped and my right eye could barely open and I prayed that you wouldn't be long. You had gone to get me something for it and the pulse in my head beat louder and harder the longer you were away. The chair I sat on wasn't normally in the living room unless I needed punished although you knew that I loved it I am sure. The seat was v shaped and padded with red leather and there was a slot in the middle of where my clit sat which could be removed and another slotted in with a dildo attachment. Exactly the attachment I now sat on with my shorts slid aside to accomodate it waiting for you; I wasn't sure if you would be mad or enthralled at me. The arms of the chair came out straight and were also padded in red leather, I loved the smell of it and I especially loved the steel cuffs which clamped shut on my wrists when I pushed onto them.

I had never sat on the chair unless you had told me to and so I took a big chance by doing so now. I hoped that you would feel sorry for me with my headache and overlook the fact that I had disobeyed you by doing so. My clit was swollen with the amount of fucking that it had took last night and my cunt throbbed with the large dildo inside it now as I sat waiting for you. There was another trick to the chair in that the back was on a hinge and could be pushed backwards effectively leaving me wide open on my back and ready for you to fuck me. As I had clamped my wrists into the cuffs there was no way I could pull the pin that stopped the back from lying flat so I sat there with my legs wide open cunt holding the dildo tight biting my lower lip waiting for you to come through the door with every muscle on edge held in position with my arms wide open.

I heard the car drive into the driveway and held my breath waiting for you to come through the door. As I thought I was going to burst you walked through the door stopping in your tracks when you saw me and grinned. As you walked towards me I wasn't so sure that you found it amusing as the grin turned into something all together different. You bent towards me and sunk your teeth into my shoulder and the next second you had pulled the pin and I was on my back as the dildo tried to stay erect and hit my g spot making me come with a loud growl. As you unclipped the cuffs from my wrists you lifted me into your arms and held me tight. "Get it cleaned now" you whispered into my ear as I began to think that I wasn't to be punished for using the chair. You gently put me on the floor and held the back of neck pushing me towards the dildo which was dripping with my juices. I knew better than to disobey you as that was your signal for me to obey you and even without my collar I instinctively obeyed and started licking the dildo.

Once it was licked clean you told me to stand up and bend myself over one of the sides of the v. As I did so you walked out of the room and I wondered how long I would have to lie over the seat. Not long as you came back almost instantly and stood behind my back making no sound I looked at your feet standing behind me and wondered just what punishment you had for my disobediance. The first hit took me by surprise and I cried out despite not being allowed to make a sound and having been whipped several times for doing so. It was the whip I hated as it made me lose control quicker and more efficiently than any other thing that you used to punish me. I roared as you laid the whip across me several more times and then stopped. As I lay over the seat pad and panted with the exertion I felt you move towards me and your cool hands trail down through the welts rising on my behind you pulled me apart gently and inserted your cock that you had put on when you had gone for the whip. Your gentleness almost made me lose myself as you slowly fucked my arse moaning softly each time you pushed it in further. You soon came whispering in my ear that I could too and without hesitation I came too cum running down my legs to my ankles. As I lay there over the seat spent and exhausted with you still on my back you whispered I could use the seat anytime I wished and I sighed with delight that I had pleased you.


Aussiescribbler said...

Raunchy and romantic. I like it. :o)

Denstar said...

Thank you very much I am really enjoying writing these!

Anonymous said...

Prrr, very nice! Thanks for sharing! ;)

Denstar said...

Thanks am glad you liked it I do aim to please!

Aisling Weaver said...

Thanks for joining the fun, D...that's quite the filthy contraption!

Denstar65 said...

Ha ha yes indeed it is, might just have to have a visit to the local DIY store for some materials!